Dilemmas, Contradictions, Feelings, and How You Treat Women

The nice guy faces many conflicting mindsets and thoughts which stops him from communicating to women in an attractive way. This is where we dig deep into your feelings so you can let it all out. How you treat women and what you’re thinking and what you feel contradict each other. Time to set it all straight.

After She Rejected You, Have You Ever Thought About Asking Her Why?

When you have a long list of women who rejected you, broke up with you, or put you in the friends zone – have you ever considered getting in touch with them later, or just asking them why on the stop? Do women actually understand their own attraction? Can they give you an honest answer? Will asking help you attract?

Why Do Some Chics Think Because She’s Hot, Guys Only Want Sex From Her

You checked her out because she was hot, you started a conversation with her because you wanted to get to know her and all you got was an attitude and were accused of only wanting to sleep with her. Explore the idea of women thinking guys only ever think about sex. From sarcasm, truth,anger to lesson on being a more a attractive guy.

Are You Staring At Other Women While Going Out With Your Girlfriend?

Were you caught by your girlfriend staring at other women? Did it end up in another fight? Here’s how to solve that checking out other girls problem. Even if you don’t have a girlfriend this information will assure you do get one by following these rules and being the attractive guy all women truly want you to be.

The Four Worst Things You Can Call Women While Still Being Nice To Them

On the outside you’re all so nice to women but inside your head, there’s something else going on. These four simple words you call women is how you probably really feel and it makes you mad because you’re supposed to be a good guy. It’s always her and never you. Losing faith in yourself and now you’re feeling numb.

Enough About Nice Guys and Bad Boys, What about Bad Girls?

You’re a nice guy who found himself a bad girl and now you might be thinking you can’t do better so you put up with her shit. Think twice about it. You can do better. She doesn’t have control over you. Stop the drama. You’re not trapped. You do have a choice to leave her. How to tell if you’re settling for a bad girl.