Exercise & Health – Better Living, Clearer Thinking – Inspiring Others

Exercise – The word exercise normally doesn’t need much of an explanation but here it goes:

Being healthy, fit, in shape, able and capable of living your life aware and energized enough to enjoy life to the fullest of all your capabilities.

It relates to natural attraction in many ways: Better sex.

Healthier living which inspires others.

Clearer thinking to accomplish goals and learn new things.

Exercise is not only for the body but for the mind too.

On the side being in shape can and does trigger a physical attraction which may not be necessary for everyone, certainly does not hurt or harm the process of triggering attraction.

Is It Your Bad Breath or Body Odor? Is This Why Women Don’t Want To Get Close To You?

Woman Repel Bad Breath Odor

Be the complete package for a woman and make her want to get and stay close to you. Don’t let bad hygiene, terrible breath, body odor, and stinky unwashed clothes ruin it for you. This could be why you’re failing with women but it’s easily fixable. If you’re repelling women and don’t know why, maybe it’s the smell.

Stop Competing With Them, One Secret To Being A More Attractive Man

He’s better looking than you, he makes more money, his list of lays is longer than yours, & apparently he has no problems getting dates. But does that mean you’re in competition with him? Are you competing with him for some girl you don’t even know. This is what you can do to stop competing and be more attractive.

Life In The Deep End & Shallow Waters – Feeling Stuck? Enjoy Both, No Fear!

It may feel like you’re stuck wading or treading in the deep end as you struggle to remove the rising water. Fighting your way back to the shallows to feel the warm sun on your body. Leaving the fears behind you. Scary and tiring as it seems, live it. Have fun. Play. Don’t choose it it away. Enjoy both. Swim and stand.

Do It For Yourself & Create Accidental Attraction – Be Healthy – Get Fit

Gluttony Skin Deep Attraction Healthy

Attraction is NOT skin deep. Attracting women starts from within you. How you feel inside and how you feel about yourself. Healthy men find it easier to attract women which is more about how he looks, it has a lot to do with how he feels about himself and his ability to communicate that a certain way to women. Starting a new fitness or health kick must be done for the right reasons if it’s to work. Do it for yourself and create “accidental attraction”.

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