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Her Tests

  • Can a Girl Use Another Guy to Test You?

    Girl Testing Guy Game Playing Using

    Girls test men all the time. If you’ve just met her, been dating for a while, or even if she’s your girlfriend, she’s still going to test you. A type of girl will use another guy for several reasons and she’ll use him or you in many different ways. Get to know when she’s playing a bad game or basic human mating ritual.

  • 4 Reasons Why You Meet A Girl, She Quickly Mentions Her Boyfriend

    Oh you have  boyfriend. Wow. What kind of man would put up with such a pain in the ass like you?

    Ever wonder why a woman will bring up her boyfriend as soon as you start talking. There are many reasons why this happens to you – Preemptive rejection, She has nothing else to talk about, she’s testing you to see how into her you really are, and the rare she’s looking for an excuse to cheat or leave her boyfriend.

  • Do Women Hide It When They Are Attracted to You?

    Woman Secret Hide Attraction

    Women do have and keep their secrets very well. But when it comes to feeling attraction, it’s impossible for any girl to hide it. Understand why you’re asking this question and how it can affect your dating life. Exceptions. Truth about attraction for her. Plus how to assure you never have to ask if she’s hiding it again.

  • Failing A Woman’s Early Test Can Leave A Nice Guy Alone And Wondering

    Bartender Make First Great First Impression Pass Test

    Today’s “lesson” is about passing a woman’s early test, when to call a woman after you got her number. BUT that’s not the real test. See HOW things are supposed to happen which guarantees you pass and gives YOU the POWER to call her whenever you want. Make a great first impression and leave her wanting more.