Interactions – Communication to Build Comfort, Connection & Attraction

Interactions – Communicating to women in a way which builds comfort, connection, and attraction.

The interacting part is often where guys fail to trigger attraction because they don’t have the right communication skills.

From flirting, sexuality, touching, teasing, and the all important conversations – this is where you convey your natural self.

She Thinks You’re A Sad Lonely Nice Guy & Couldn’t Get Laid To Save His Life

Her first impression of you means nothing if you know how to handle it. This is how it’s done and if you don’t learn it, you’re going to fail her test. She’s hitting on you. She’s testing you. This is how to pass it and have fun doing it too. Before you try to prove to her who you really are – read this or you’ll fail.

The Fearless Approach To Meeting Women With No Pressure To Perform

You’re not there to perform for her. You’re not some side act. Pre-program yourself to approach and meet any women you want. How my guitar and playing out opened a new concept of meeting women and why I failed at one and succeeding in another. This is all you have to do to fearlessly meet lots of women.

Afraid Of Making A Move On Her? Getting To And Past That First Kiss

Why not learning how to make the first move or being afraid of the first kiss is hurting your success with women. 4 simple steps nice guys must know about getting physical with a woman. Going for the first kiss is an important step and if you miss it, you’ll be left alone and wondering what went wrong.

My Secret To Not Boring Women And Communicating Excitement

If you’re boring women and feeling predictable and it feels like it’s hurting your chances with women. Here is what you need to learn to communicate. Become fascinated with yourself and the world around you. You’re only predictable if you’re like every other guy who is trying to attract her.

Attractive Sexy Life – Pub Visit – Looking for Attention & Jealousy?

My sometimes adventurous sexy life led to a story of a woman trying to make her guy jealous. A fun sex romp in the dingy old bathroom. Worn down bar always offers an interesting social perspective. This night – a guy and girl – maybe some jealousy & a girl looking for attention and validation for her looks.

Four Steps on How To Use Jerk or Bad Boy Traits to Attract Girls Nicely

You’re a nice guy who believes girls only fall for jerks, bad boys, or assholes. You feel they don’t like you because you’re nice. If you want to attract women without becoming one of them, start using these four steps immediately. Create attraction without all the negative effects and still be a good guy.

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