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  • Afraid Of Making A Move On Her? Getting To And Past That First Kiss

    Kiss Physical Transition Intimate

    Why not learning how to make the first move or being afraid of the first kiss is hurting your success with women. 4 simple steps nice guys must know about getting physical with a woman. Going for the first kiss is an important step and if you miss it, you’ll be left alone and wondering what went wrong.

  • My Secret To Not Boring Women And Communicating Excitement

    Bored Woman No Excitement Fascination

    If you’re boring women and feeling predictable and it feels like it’s hurting your chances with women. Here is what you need to learn to communicate. Become fascinated with yourself and the world around you. You’re only predictable if you’re like every other guy who is trying to attract her.

  • Attractive Sexy Life – Pub Visit – Looking for Attention & Jealousy?

    Pub Visit Social Perspective Fun Sexy

    My sometimes adventurous sexy life led to a story of a woman trying to make her guy jealous. A fun sex romp in the dingy old bathroom. Worn down bar always offers an interesting social perspective. This night – a guy and girl – maybe some jealousy & a girl looking for attention and validation for her looks.

  • Four Steps on How To Use Jerk or Bad Boy Traits to Attract Girls Nicely

    Bad Boy Jerk Attracting Woman

    You’re a nice guy who believes girls only fall for jerks, bad boys, or assholes. You feel they don’t like you because you’re nice. If you want to attract women without becoming one of them, start using these four steps immediately. Create attraction without all the negative effects and still be a good guy.

  • How To Create Attraction In 4 Minutes By Watching Ghostbusters

    How To Create Attraction In 4 Minutes By Watching Ghostbusters post image

    Pick the right movie and study a character and you will be shown how to create attraction in a woman and be seen as an attractive guy. This example break downs Ghostbusters and you’ll be shown how to attract a woman and get a date in four minutes. Body language, cocky funny, charm, wit, and conversational techniques are all covered.


  • How To Handle Your Not-So-Cool Friends & Make You An Attractive Guy

    Your Strange No Cool Friend

    All your friends may not be the coolest guys in the world but they’re probably good people. When you’re meeting a girl and things are going great, there’s a chance they could step in and make it awkward or ruin it for you. You can use these moments to show you’re an attractive cool guy. Turn a negative into a positive.