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Is She Playing

  • Can a Girl Use Another Guy to Test You?

    Girl Testing Guy Game Playing Using

    Girls test men all the time. If you’ve just met her, been dating for a while, or even if she’s your girlfriend, she’s still going to test you. A type of girl will use another guy for several reasons and she’ll use him or you in many different ways. Get to know when she’s playing a bad game or basic human mating ritual.

  • Where Following The Twitter “Hot Chics” Leads Us, Remains To Be Seen

    Follow Twitter Hot Women

    My current personal “selective sight” has driven my most recent desires to bed the most beautiful and seemingly hard to attain women and sure following the negative or positive path has led me somewhere – specifically to study the mostly mundane life of the “Twitter Hottie” BUT inevitably I can see where “that” will lead me in the future will come down to how I feel about myself doing, or following, or the belief in myself, which will ultimately determine the next step…

  • Do Women Play Hard To Get and Why? What Does It Prove?

    Hiding her face. Is she hard to get or playing hard to get?

    Three reasons why playing hard to get works for women and several types of women who use it for bad and good. As a nice guy are you hard to get?

  • Why Women Lie When They Say They Are Not Attracted To You

    When a woman says no to you, do you feel she’s lying to you about her attraction?

    This is about a woman not feeling attraction to you when she rejects you. Do you see it another way? Why would she lie to you about how she feels?

  • What NOT To Do When A Woman Flakes Out On You

    Women are NOT similar to breakfast flakes. Bit is it really possible to enjoy a flaky woman like a bowl of cereal?

    When a woman flakes out on you act like a real alpha male. Sometimes it’s easy to know what to do but you also have to know what NOT to do.

  • Why Women Play The Hard To Get Game And Why It’s A Good Thing For You

    Women do love to play hard to get. Is she teasing you for her own evil ways or is she teasing you, because she likes you?

    Women love to play hard to get and have good reasons to play this old dating game. If you’re chasing her every move read this before you make a move.