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You’re Indecisive & Can Never Make Your Mind Up About What To Do

You’re indecisive, barely make up your mind, you’re afraid she won’t like you so you never make a choice? If this sounds like you and it feels like it’s the reason women don’t like you & why you’re failing with them, you’re right. Here’s how to solve the problem. You’re ready to decide you want to be more attractive.

Did You Bore Her Because You’re A Boring Guy To Be Around?

An all too common reason to be rejected & not have women like you all that much is because she’s bored with you. She’s looking for fun, excitement, & an interesting guy all around. If you think this unfortunate thing is happening to you a lot, here’s the cure to her passive attitude towards you. How to fix it forever.

To All The Women I Loved Before Who Never Loved Me Back… Thank You!

You’ve loved lots of women over and years and they never did love you back. They have shown you this and you can use it to your advantage starting today. You have not hit rock bottom. You’re just in a different, better, stronger, more attractive place. Thank them, say goodbye, you’ve got place to go and women to meet.

Does Pre-Selection and Social Proofing Really Work to Attract Women?

Two Woman One Man Attracted

Do we, as men, believe women want a guy more who already has a woman or has lots of women in his life? Does it feel like you need a girlfriend just to be seen as more attractive? Being or looking pre-selected along with having social proof is an idea or theory used and taught by many to help a guy attract more women.

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