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Dating & Attraction For Men Who Want To Learn How To Attract Their Ideal Women Naturally


Skinny Chics With Big Ears ALWAYS Have Nice Butts

Pretty Chic Holding Chic

Excuses, fears, and reasons why certain words are attraction killer and life draining verbal abuse to ourselves. Be aware and stop limiting yourself. The two most destructive words of becoming a more attractive guy or just a happier more productive person is should or always.

Do You Have The Balls To Blow That Hot Girl Off? Should You? Dating Problems

Do you have the balls to blow this woman off?

Girls are finally seeing you as an attractive man. You’re creating lots of attraction. But now you have a new problem. This women you’ve been seeing is starting to back off. She’s calling and texting you less. Why? Should you blow her off and just let her go? Ask these questions before you decide what to do.

Happy Birthday to Me! The Moon Does Follow Me – Will Success Find You?

Happy Birthday Pete

A tribute to myself, Peter White, and Dave Matthews. The moon and life does follow me. Don’t wish me happy birthday for me, do it selfishly. Don’t be afraid to change yourself. Let success find you. Be something unique. You’re not losing yourself through change, you’re finding something new, exciting, & attractive.

Survey – Why Women Are Attracted To Jerks & Bad Boys, How Nice Guy Can Do It Too

Jerk Playing Woman Against Another Woman

Survey results of why women are attracted to jerks shows that women mistake the jerk for a bad boy. Knowing the difference can help a nice guy attract girls. A breakdown of traits and how to filter out the negative to trigger attraction while still being a good guy. The method or formula is given.

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