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Luck and Success

Why You Always Lose When You Compete Against Them – A Secret Of Success

Competition Win Lose Fail Success

Failure, success, winning, losing, competitions serve a purpose which is not always a good thing in life. It’s not you against them. What you can’t beat. How to assure you always win. Not against sports. What success really is, where it comes from, and how to succeed. The only thing you need to compete with is yourself.

Are You Positive Your Dreams Of Finding Her Will Not Become Real?

Positive Success Dream Finding Her

Not only is a positive outlook towards yourself and life an important part of your happiness, it also plays a major role in whether you find, meet, date, or even marry the woman of your dreams. Instead of asking the typical questions about what you want out of your dating life, ask these two more relevant questions first and see where the answer leads you.

How Trust And The Belief In Yourself Can Make You A More Attractive Guy

Trust Belief Make Attractive Man

Affirmations don’t make yourself a more attractive man. Trust and the trust and belief you have in your skills as a guy makes you attractive to women. Why positive affirmations don’t work the way you think they do. How you can not positive reinforce your negative beliefs with negative actions.

You ARE The Center of Attention – Your Ticket to Freedom and Attracting Women

Freedom Selfish Guy Success Women

The more you seek approval and validation, the more it will elude you. When you least expect life, it will happen. Pay full attention to yourself. It’s the one thing you have complete control of. Do what you love. Here’s your permission to be selfish. This is your ticket to freedom and success with women.

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