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Luck and Success

  • Are You Positive Your Dreams Of Finding Her Will Not Become Real?

    Positive Success Dream Finding Her

    Never leave it up to someone else in deciding whether to follow your dreams or not. Be positive and surround yourself with positive people.

    Not only is a positive outlook towards yourself and life an important part of your happiness, it also plays a major role in whether you find, meet, date, or even marry the woman of your dreams. Instead of asking the typical questions about what you want out of your dating life, ask these two more relevant questions first and see where the answer leads you.

  • How Trust And The Belief In Yourself Can Make You A More Attractive Guy

    Trust Belief Make Attractive Man

    Affirmations don’t make yourself a more attractive man. Trust and the trust and belief you have in your skills as a guy makes you attractive to women. Why positive affirmations don’t work the way you think they do. How you can not positive reinforce your negative beliefs with negative actions.

  • You ARE The Center of Attention – Your Ticket to Freedom and Attracting Women

    Freedom Selfish Guy Success Women

    The more you seek approval and validation, the more it will elude you. When you least expect life, it will happen. Pay full attention to yourself. It’s the one thing you have complete control of. Do what you love. Here’s your permission to be selfish. This is your ticket to freedom and success with women.

  • This Is NOT About Her! The Rubber Duck Theory of Attraction

    Rubber Ducks Theory Attraction You

    Really? What the hell does a rubber duck have to do with attraction? And what must you do with that duck to date lots of women. The choice is yours. What does being a mature man mean to you? You can forget about women and still create lots of attraction. Are you ready to put down your ducky and become a real man?

  • 16,000 Steps to Attract Women & Get Laid With 6 Secret Words & 3 Tools

    Women Lots Guy Got Laid

    How you can use sugar, a small furry animal, and a mobile to attract lots of women. Use these words: Divorced. Own. Million. Dollar. Home. Vacation.

  • Give Up Hoping You’re Going to Get Lucky To Meet Your Ideal Woman

    Luck Hope Woman Success Change

    From the lucky to the hopeful to the hopeless & how it’s stopping you from meeting your ideal woman. Stop being ordinary, be extraordinary. Hope won’t get you anywhere. It will delay your success with women and dating. Stop relying on luck and make something happen. Here’s the secret you’ve been looking for with women.

  • Chasing Women, Being Lonely – How To Stop and Allow Attraction to Work

    Woman Run Chase Lonely Attraction

    Being lonely does not make you different but more connected. Chasing women won’t allow attraction to work. Stop and start understanding attraction. Embrace your loneliness. Become interested in yourself as much as others. Stop chasing women by not making them tangible goals. Let your paths meet instead.

  • Happy Birthday to Me! The Moon Does Follow Me – Will Success Find You?

    Happy Birthday Pete

    A tribute to myself, Peter White, and Dave Matthews. The moon and life does follow me. Don’t wish me happy birthday for me, do it selfishly. Don’t be afraid to change yourself. Let success find you. Be something unique. You’re not losing yourself through change, you’re finding something new, exciting, & attractive.