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Mistakes – Knowing What They Are & Finding Out How To Fix Them Easily

It’s no secret we all make lots of mistakes but when it to making them with women, they can easily hurt, destroy, & stop attraction from ever happening. This section is not to put you down but make you aware of these screw ups so you can avoid making them. Here’s where you’ll find out what they are and how to fix them.

This Is Why Mentioning Your Mother On A First Date With Her Is Bad

Setting up amazing dates that are fun is tough work. Proving to women you’re a good guy who is looking for more is even harder because you don’t think she’s going to see it in you without telling her. But please – do not go there, do not bring up your Mother! Here’s why & how to make your dates amazing & attractive too.

Your Ex Girlfriend Was A Bitch & She’s Ruining Your Dating Life

Is your ex girlfriend ruining your new dates? Does it feel like you can not help yourself so you complain about her all the time? Do you blame her for all your problems and current misery? This has to stop now because you know it’s why good women don’t like you anymore. This is going to help you get past her.

Why You Keep Revealing Your Love & Feelings For Her Too Early

Are you one of those guys who feels the need to tell a woman you love her, hoping she’ll reveal her feelings for you, thinking she’ll like you more for it, wishing she’s now going to be with you – just because you said it to her first. It only leads to failure and rejection. Stop doing it! This will fix it.

She’s Your Boss & You Want To Date Her? How This Leads To Failures

An unusual situation for failing with women, or why she doesn’t like you – trying or only interested in dating your female boss. The solution to this problem is simple but effective. Covers scarcity, abundance mindset, a sense of urgency, & breaking the pattern that leads to rejection all too often.

Are You Only Trying To Date Women At Work? Don’t Do It & Here’s Why

Are you only trying to date women at work and it’s not working for you? Your job might be an easy place to meet women but it also could be one of the main reason as to why you’re failing with women. Here are the problems and solutions to fix it & the two things you need to learn to eliminate it entirely.

She Don’t Like Your Job! Are Women Into What You Do & Not Who You Are?

You don’t like your job & you think you’re failing with women because of what you do for a living. You take it personal & reject yourself in this many ways. Reality is much different, it’s not what you do, it’s who you are that women are attracted to. This excuse ends now. No more blame. Define your life, create attraction.

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