Mistakes – Knowing What They Are & Finding Out How To Fix Them Easily

It’s no secret we all make lots of mistakes but when it to making them with women, they can easily hurt, destroy, & stop attraction from ever happening. This section is not to put you down but make you aware of these screw ups so you can avoid making them. Here’s where you’ll find out what they are and how to fix them.

You Eat Like A Pig, Your Manners Are Annoying, & Show Little Respect

Don’t let bad manners, social unawareness, and your public eating habits ruin your chances dating women. If you’re failing with lots of women and don’t know the answer, these could be the reason why. Here’s the easy simple way to fix this fixable problem and leave a great attractive impression on all women.

Stop Complimenting Her So Much – You’re Not Doing Her or You Any Good!

Women do love compliments, it is a great way to start flirting with her, but if you’re not having any luck or success with women, & you’re giving away compliments too often, & you’re doing it all wrong – this is a big reason to stop doing it. Don’t let your niceness get in the way of attracting women & getting laid.

How Mistakes Can Make You More Attractive – Courage, Fear, & Recovery

Are you making a lot of mistakes with women, dating them, & entering relationships? Do you find you’re losing courage & always trying to recover from a recent failure? When fear takes over & leaves you feeling helpless, it’s hard to see yourself as an attractive man, isn’t it? Think again, use this advice & notice the change.

How You Can Negate The Halo Effect & Be More Attractive To Women

When you see an attractive & beautiful woman, something happens inside you which creates a halo effect around her. Following it blindly does many things & one of them is making you less desirable to her. Here’s where you’ll learn why it’s happening, what it means, what it does to you, & how to stop its negative effect.

This Is Why Mentioning Your Mother On A First Date With Her Is Bad

Setting up amazing dates that are fun is tough work. Proving to women you’re a good guy who is looking for more is even harder because you don’t think she’s going to see it in you without telling her. But please – do not go there, do not bring up your Mother! Here’s why & how to make your dates amazing & attractive too.

Your Ex Girlfriend Was A Bitch & She’s Ruining Your Dating Life

Is your ex girlfriend ruining your new dates? Does it feel like you can not help yourself so you complain about her all the time? Do you blame her for all your problems and current misery? This has to stop now because you know it’s why good women don’t like you anymore. This is going to help you get past her.

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