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17 Questions You Should Never Ask A Girl If You Want Her To Like You

Surprised Shocked Woman Question Statement Guy Said To Her

Men will often say the wrong things or ask the wrong inappropriate questions to girls which are considered highly unattractive. Never ask a woman, or say these things to a woman during your conversations with her if you want her like you. This list is to help you avoid common mistakes made when talking to women.

How Long Should You Wait Before You Call or Text a Girl?

Woman Getting Phone After You Meet Her

Lots of dating rules are outdated and old. Having a set time to wait before you call, text, or message a woman is one of them. Explains why they no longer apply, how to solve the problem of when to call, and why you shouldn’t let some old rule dictate your dating life.

If You’re Always Worried She Won’t Like You, Then Stop Trying So Hard

Woman Surprised Offended Not Like You

Nice guys try too hard not to be offensive to a woman hoping she’ll like them back. Stop trying to make her like you by avoiding the one thing which creates attraction. Get her to feel something Remove your fears, you will offend some women. Just because she doesn’t like something you said, does not mean she can not feel attracted to you.

Don’t Give Away Your Power To Attract Beautiful Women

Power Sexy Hot Woman Sitting Car

When you give the beautiful more power just because of their attractiveness, it’s not only unfair, but you also give up your power to attract. Don’t give in to trying to control things beyond yourself. You are the master of your own fate with women. Don’t just give away your power. Use it and keep it for yourself.

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