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  • Being A Challenge to Get More Women In Your Life – Dating With Choices

    Do you want more women just like this in your life?

    Yes, men are looking for girlfriends. But for some it’s not that easy because they offer no real challenge to women. Learn to date with choices.

  • Do You Have The Balls To Blow That Hot Girl Off and Should You?

    Do you have the balls to blow this woman off?

    You’re finally dating what you consider hotter girls but one has presented a new problem or she’s a problem herself. Do or should you blow her off?

  • Enough About Nice Guys and Bad Boys, What about Bad Girls?

    Is this bad girl controlling your life and the making of a terrible relationship?

    You’re a nice guy who found himself a bad girl and now you might be thinking you can’t do better so you put up with her shit. Think twice about it. You can do better. She doesn’t have control over you. Stop the drama. You’re not trapped. You do have a choice to leave her. How to tell if you’re settling for a bad girl.

  • Stop Disqualifying Yourself to Women and Act Like You’re Good Enough

    Eliminate those nice guy mistakes then focus on doing the right thing.

    Sometimes the best was to make sure she’s not disqualifying you, is become the selector and learn to qualify her.

    Are your nice guy ways turning off women? Disqualifying yourself to her means you’re giving her every reasons to not feel attracted to you.