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  • Are Too Many Men & Women Settling For Their Less Than Perfect Partner?

    Couple Settling No Chemistry Relationship Fail

    There are many ways to determine if men and women settling for their less than perfect partner. Let’s look at just a couple based on common assumptions made. Too many people do settle and this is not why it’s happening, just a little proof that it is happening way too much.

  • She’s Not Looking For A Relationship, Are You A Lover Or A Provider?

    Guy being rejected while going in for kiss.

    When I didn’t understand women I believed you must always prove to women you’d make a great boyfriend. I was a typical provider. Yet that did not give me any control in dating and women either rejected me, made me chase them, or held out forever saying they were not ready for a relationship. If that is happening to you – learn to be a lover first.

  • What Can You Do When Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend Is Getting Private Messages?

    Private Online Phone Dms Relationship

    Getting private messages from others outside the relationship can test your character, put a strain on the relationship, and cause hatred and jealousy. What CAN or SHOULD you do about it? Make sure you take the relationship test after and grade yourself honestly for some revealing results..

    Are you worried, upset, or unsure about what to do when your girlfriend or boyfriend is getting private messages? Test your relationship strength. Relationships are a little more complicated in the social arena these days because of our ability to connect with others on the internet. It’s ALL too easy to go online and start messaging potential people or others to entertain the idea of cheating on your partner. There are also so many circumstances which can bring about those “private” messages we wouldn’t even know where to begin to focus on just one circumstance.

  • Friendly Advice – She Has A Boyfriend and He Wants To Ask Her Out

    She’s coming to you with her boyfriend problems then you’re in her friends zone.

    She comes to you because she’s fighting with her boyfriend. She talks to you different than other guys. What does it mean and should you ask her out?

  • Do You Have a Love Hate Relationship With Valentine’s Day?

    If you’re love hate relationship with Valentine’s Day is making you bitter – I want you to let it all out so you can finally get past it.

    Feeling bitter, alone, or depressed on Valentine’s Day is not uncommon for single men or women. Here is where you can let it out and move on quicker.

  • Why Some Relationships Fail – Understanding Women and Emotional Places

    Relationships rarely work if both people involved are in two different emotional places or states of mind.

    If you do not understand women and their choice to not be in a relationship with you I have advice for you. Emotional States and Quantum Physics.

  • Do Good Girls Go Bad or Are They Just Bad For You Now? Ex-Girlfriends

    Looking at my past with a woman who I thought was perfect for me. A recent call from her made me realize more than a few points on our attractive path. It’s a love story gone bad. Or is it a complete learning experience show extreme growth and a new present to live in.

  • Attraction Plays The Blame Game – How to Attract Better Relationships

    Who do you blame for your attraction?

    Who do you blame when the relationship fails? Do you trust your intuition or fall for your attraction? Who do you blame for acting in who they are.

  • When The Relationship is Over, Do We Turn Off The Lights?

    Moving on after a “good” breakup… enjoy your life girl. IT was fun.

    Breaking up sucks and it hurts! Are we supposed to just forget about the past when it becomes a part of who we are? What choice will make it better?