Social Skills, Socializing, Getting Along & Public Communication

How you act in your social life, how you are perceived by others, what you give back and what you intend to get are a small part of your social skills.

This also includes meeting women indirectly or directly, and how you communicate yourself in an attractive way.

Get along with others – succeed with women.

Are You Uncomfortable Around Women? Afraid To Break The Touch Barrier?

It sucks when women you’re attracted to make you nervous and uncomfortable. Whether she mistakes you as being creepy or not, this fear can ruin your chances of normal dating making it a real problem which needs to be solved quickly. Here’s the plan. The steps you need to take to fix your fears & increase your comfort.

You Eat Like A Pig, Your Manners Are Annoying, & Show Little Respect

Don’t let bad manners, social unawareness, and your public eating habits ruin your chances dating women. If you’re failing with lots of women and don’t know the answer, these could be the reason why. Here’s the easy simple way to fix this fixable problem and leave a great attractive impression on all women.

How To Get Rid of Your Public Fears – No More Social Anxiety or Being Shy

It’s difficult to get by in life why you’re shy and socially awkward, & especially hard when you’re looking for a girlfriend & talking to women. You can overcome this problem by finding & eliminating your limited belief system that is holding you back. This template will you each step of the way. No more shyness again.

Can a Girl Use Another Guy to Test You?

Girl Use Another Guy Test

Girls test men all the time. If you’ve just met her, been dating for a while, or even if she’s your girlfriend, she’s still going to test you. A type of girl will use another guy for several reasons and she’ll use him or you in many different ways. Get to know when she’s playing a bad game or basic human mating ritual.

Does Pre-Selection and Social Proofing Really Work to Attract Women?

Two Woman One Man Attracted

Do we, as men, believe women want a guy more who already has a woman or has lots of women in his life? Does it feel like you need a girlfriend just to be seen as more attractive? Being or looking pre-selected along with having social proof is an idea or theory used and taught by many to help a guy attract more women.

You Want More Dating Choices, Here’s How To Get Women To Chase You

Chasing women might destroy the attraction and leave you with less choices. Follow these tips and you’ll find women will actually begin to chase you. Create a life women will want to be a part of with you. Use her competitive nature the right way. Draw her in. Extend courage. Create moments which lead her naturally.

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