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Social Skills

  • Can a Girl Use Another Guy to Test You?

    Girl Testing Guy Game Playing Using

    Girls test men all the time. If you’ve just met her, been dating for a while, or even if she’s your girlfriend, she’s still going to test you. A type of girl will use another guy for several reasons and she’ll use him or you in many different ways. Get to know when she’s playing a bad game or basic human mating ritual.

  • Does Pre-Selection and Social Proofing Really Work to Attract Women?

    Two Women One Man Pre-SelectionSocial Proof Attraction

    Do we, as men, believe women tend to want a guy more who already has a woman or has lots of women in his life? Does it feel like you need a girlfriend or a list of women wanting you just to be seen as more attractive? Being or looking pre-selected along with having social proof is an idea or theory used and taught by many to help a guy attract more women. But how does it really work? Why does it work? If so, what’s the right way to use it naturally?

  • Do You Avoid Doing? A Simple Trick To Meeting More Women You Do Want

    Don’t leave your to do list empty. The trick to meeting more women lies in that list.

    You want to know one simple thing or trick you can do to starting meeting the women you want? Start doing today what you’ve avoided in the past. There’s more to this trick and inside I reveal the how it can work.

  • How Should You Take It When A Woman Pokes Fun of You

    Sometimes when a woman pokes fun at something about you it’s a good sign she noticed you.

    When a woman pokes fun at something about you it’s a good sign she noticed you. How do you handle it? Do you blow it off or have fun with it?

  • Which Is More Attractive, Being Smart or Having Social Dating Skills?

    Social skills are just that and burying your head in theories won’t help you get them.

    When smart men are failing to attract women there are common reasons intelligence is not be a huge factor in attraction. So what are the skills.

  • Attractive Sexy Life – Pub Visit – Looking for Attention & Jealousy?

    Pub Visit Social Perspective Fun Sexy

    My sometimes adventurous sexy life led to a story of a woman trying to make her guy jealous. A fun sex romp in the dingy old bathroom. Worn down bar always offers an interesting social perspective. This night – a guy and girl – maybe some jealousy & a girl looking for attention and validation for her looks.

  • 9 Questions Reveals Why You’re A Nice Guy & Women Feel Like You’re A Creep

    Creepy Woman Creeped Out By You

    You’re not a creep, you’re just a nice guy but some of things you’re doing around women might be creeping her out and you’re not aware that it’s happening to you. These nine questions will help you determine if women are feeling strange around you. Tips and advice included to show you how to stop doing it.