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  • Where Following The Twitter “Hot Chics” Leads You, Remains To Be Seen

    Follow Twitter Hot Women

    My current personal “selective sight” has driven my most recent desires to bed the most beautiful and seemingly hard to attain women and sure following the negative or positive path has led me somewhere – specifically to study the mostly mundane life of the “Twitter Hottie” BUT inevitably I can see where “that” will lead me in the future will come down to how I feel about myself doing, or following, or the belief in myself, which will ultimately determine the next step…

  • Are Women A Problem For You Because You Think You’re An Ugly Guy?

    Sad Lonely Guy Woman Problems

    Do you think you’re an attractive guy? Do you feel ugly and think that’s why attracting women is a problem for you. Here’s how to do less work and be a more attractive guy. Women need more than just looks in a guy. The problem is you’re basing how you experiences on how women feel it, but men and women are different.

  • 10 Rules On Attracting Women – Clear Consistent Advice That Works

    How Woman Attract Her Rules Advice

    Are you tired of advice on attracting women that doesn’t work for you? Try these. Use them positively and put them to work for immediate results with girls. Tactics don’t work. Be capable of love. Attract the masses & not the one. If it’s not fun you’re doing something wrong. Know the truth about attraction.

  • How Trust And The Belief In Yourself Can Make You A More Attractive Guy

    Trust Belief Make Attractive Man

    Affirmations don’t make yourself a more attractive man. Trust and the trust and belief you have in your skills as a guy makes you attractive to women. Why positive affirmations don’t work the way you think they do. How you can not positive reinforce your negative beliefs with negative actions.

  • Do Commercials Make You Angry?

    Angry Man Commercial Banana Mad

    Tired of commercials insulting my intelligence. Hate being lied to and my greatest fears being fed off from just to sell me something. Stop doing it! Sad story of computer breaking down, losing Netflix, and being stuck watching regular television cluttered with too many commercial trying to sell me something.

  • You ARE The Center of Attention – Your Ticket to Freedom and Attracting Women

    Freedom Selfish Guy Success Women

    The more you seek approval and validation, the more it will elude you. When you least expect life, it will happen. Pay full attention to yourself. It’s the one thing you have complete control of. Do what you love. Here’s your permission to be selfish. This is your ticket to freedom and success with women.

  • Chasing Women, Being Lonely – How To Stop and Allow Attraction to Work

    Woman Run Chase Lonely Attraction

    Being lonely does not make you different but more connected. Chasing women won’t allow attraction to work. Stop and start understanding attraction. Embrace your loneliness. Become interested in yourself as much as others. Stop chasing women by not making them tangible goals. Let your paths meet instead.