Understanding Women – How To Become The Guy Who Gets Her

This section contains everything you need in order to understand women.

A woman can feel misunderstood by a guy and she’ll still feel attraction for him BUT in order to create that attraction you must get women in a way which makes that happen.

This category shows you they why so you can become a guy who does get her.

She Don’t Like Your Job! Are Women Into What You Do & Not Who You Are?

You don’t like your job & you think you’re failing with women because of what you do for a living. You take it personal & reject yourself in this many ways. Reality is much different, it’s not what you do, it’s who you are that women are attracted to. This excuse ends now. No more blame. Define your life, create attraction.

Why Women Do Like A Bad Boy & How You Can Do It & Still Be A Good Guy

It’s a fact, women do love a bad boy. What is it about him that girls go crazy for? Explore the reality behind the attraction women all agree on & what is underneath him women find so irresistible? Their desires are explained in this non-list real view of this phenomenon plus how even a good guy like you can do it too.

Are You Staring At Other Women While Going Out With Your Girlfriend?

Were you caught by your girlfriend staring at other women? Did it end up in another fight? Here’s how to solve that checking out other girls problem. Even if you don’t have a girlfriend this information will assure you do get one by following these rules and being the attractive guy all women truly want you to be.

17 Questions You Should Never Ask A Girl If You Want Her To Like You

Woman Surprised Guy Said Asked

Men will often say the wrong things or ask the wrong inappropriate questions to girls which are considered highly unattractive. Never ask a woman, or say these things to a woman during your conversations with her if you want her like you. This list is to help you avoid common mistakes made when talking to women.

How To Tell If A Female Coworker Is Attracted To You

Workplace romances do happen a lot but how do you know if your female associate is attracted to you. There are many problems and added pressure in this situation too. Here is what you’ll encounter, the signs and signals you can look for, how to tell she’s interested, and how to never have to ask this question again.

Do Women Play Hard To Get and Why? What Does It Prove?

Three reasons why playing hard to get works for women and several types of women who use it for bad and good. She needs to know you are who you say you are. She needs to protect herself from feeling like a slut. She needs to validate her need to not feel like she’s just giving it away.

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