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What Women Want From Men, Types, Preferences, Traits, & Sexual Desires

This section shows you what women say they want from men and what they really want. You’ll find articles on male alpha traits, body types, sexual desires, and types as in short – mysterious – quiet – challenging. Learn what women want and indirectly make them a part of your natural self to attract more women.

It’s Not About What Women Want, What They Need To Feel Attracted To You

You think you know what women want & you give it to them expecting them to become attracted to you but it’s not working. This is why. You’re not giving them what they need and that’s to feel something for you. Here are the two ways women will always get a feeling towards you. Communication & Confidence & How it’s done.

Did You Bore Her Because You’re A Boring Guy To Be Around?

An all too common reason to be rejected & not have women like you all that much is because she’s bored with you. She’s looking for fun, excitement, & an interesting guy all around. If you think this unfortunate thing is happening to you a lot, here’s the cure to her passive attitude towards you. How to fix it forever.

Why Women Do Like A Bad Boy & How You Can Do It & Still Be A Good Guy

It’s a fact, women do love a bad boy. What is it about him that girls go crazy for? Explore the reality behind the attraction women all agree on & what is underneath him women find so irresistible? Their desires are explained in this non-list real view of this phenomenon plus how even a good guy like you can do it too.

Do Girls Like Quiet Guys?

Are women more attracted to shy quiet guys or the mystery of what he could be? Why does it engage her curiosity? Should we become more silent? These questions are answered with the comparison between shy and good looking or just average and socially held back. Plus what else a shy guy needs to attract lots of girls.

The Seven Core Traits of the Naturally Attractive Man

There are seven core traits which make up a naturally attractive man. They are personality, character, confidence, strength, social skills and communication, sexuality, and your physical characteristics. Here are some examples on how to work on them and what it means to you in attracting women.

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