What Women Want From Men, Types, Preferences, Traits, & Sexual Desires

This section shows you what women say they want from men and what they really want.

You’ll find articles on male alpha traits, body types, sexual desires, and types as in short – mysterious – quiet – challenging.

Learn what women want and indirectly make them a part of your natural self to attract more women.

When She Knows She Can Have You Anytime She Wants, You Won’t Get Her!

You’re failing with women because of semantics. Strange reason but the truth. There’s a real difference between playing & being hard to get. A separation of pursing & chasing a woman which needs to be known, if you’re to create attraction. She knows she can have you which is not good. Learn the difference & attract.

Challenge Her Mind and Her Body Will Follow

You’re a smart guy but might be afraid to show that side of you to women out of fear and myths that women are not attracted to intelligence. You’re wrong because there is a way to create attraction. Use your wit and charm. Challenge her mentally. Get her to laugh. Here’s the formula to attract her mind and more too.

After She Rejected You, Have You Ever Thought About Asking Her Why?

When you have a long list of women who rejected you, broke up with you, or put you in the friends zone – have you ever considered getting in touch with them later, or just asking them why on the stop? Do women actually understand their own attraction? Can they give you an honest answer? Will asking help you attract?

Your Appearance Matters More To Women & You Can Fix It Easily & Should

Looks don’t matter as much as appearances do. If you’re failing with women you might not be showing her the key reasons why your appearance makes a difference to them. Do you know why women are like this? Do you know what your appearance means to them? If not, this is why, how to fix it, & how too.

Why You’re Not Relationship or Boyfriend Material & How To Be That Guy

You can attract them, get them in bed, whatever, but you’re looking for a relationship with a woman & it never seems to go that far. It’s making you feel like you’re a failure with women. The reason is simple, they’re not seeing you as boyfriend, husband, or the relationship type. You want to change that, read this!

She Felt You’re Hiding Something – You’re Afraid Of Being A Real Man

Do you think only jerks and players have something to hide from women? Do you feel you’re open & honest with women but still have no luck? It’s a common problem for nice guys because women do feel like you’re hiding something from them & they don’t like it or you because of it. Here’s why & how to solve this problem.

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