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What Women Want From Men, Types, Preferences, Traits, & Sexual Desires

Are All Women Superficial? Do They Only Choose Guys Who Are Taller?

Some men believe women are only into taller men. They reject short guys because of their height. What do you believe? Are women really that shallow? This lesson in attraction shows how the belief of being superficial is flawed. What it takes to create attraction and how being short has little to do with it.

7 Reasons Why Women Like A Quiet and Mysterious Man Plus How To Be Him

Women are attracted to men who don’t give away their secrets. What triggers her emotions and how to be mysterious challenge which creates attraction. All the reasons are revealed plus how you too can create attraction by adding these proven elements or traits of attraction to your life and personality.

What Parts Of A Man’s Body Instinctively Attracts Women?

Women notice your eyes and face first but is it enough to create attraction? How your body moves and what parts can create instant attraction. Your hips and how you move can trigger her instinctual response to your own body language. Attraction laws. The quickest easiest way to attract women.

Why She Says You’re Too Nice and Not Her Type – Sexy Guy With A Life

The only type of man you need to be is a sexy guy with a life. Women do want a nice guy so you can attract her by understanding your social life. It’s not your niceness that is not doing it for her. Stop taking this stuff so seriously. Get some social awareness. What women want and how you can do it for her.

Stop Being Rejected! Why & How The Alpha Male Doesn’t, Lead, Don’t Follow

You’re so into this how girl and she’s giving you every sign she’s into you. You wait. You feed your ego with her flirting. You finally work up the courage & ask her out but she rejects you. This is why it happens and how by being a real alpha man you can avoid being rejected. Stop following and become a leader.

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