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7 Of The Best and Cheapest Places To Meet Women When You’re Under 21

Meeting Women Cheap Places Like Beach

Not much feels worse than being between the ages of 18 and 21 and not having a clue of where to meet women.

Your funds are low and everything costs way too much but you’re smart, young, and creative so you’ll find a way.

Today’s lesson is a very basic list of where to meet girls when you’re young AND broke PLUS some tips and advice on how to do it.

#1: Local Events.

They are “local” or “nearby” so you can probably get away with even walking there if you’re that broke.

They usually last into the night but they rarely ever go too long.

Which means meeting women and inviting them to someplace after is a great way to really connect with her.

Go as a small group and pick up other small groups of women while you’re there.

We have the Tulip Fest around here.

  • Firework displays.
  • Tug Boat Parties.
  • Parades.
  • Canal Fests.
  • Carnivals.
  • Concerts that are free and full of happy people eager to meet you.

Check out your area and pick up a local guide so you can plan out a few in advance.

Remember – Planning is essential in meeting women if you want things to go smoothly and work in your favor too.

#2: The Beach.

There’s not much cheaper place to meet women than the beach.

Of course if you don’t like to meet women in bikinis or barely dressed you might not like this.

I’m sensing some of you may be intimidated by women showing lots of skin or worse yet, you’re embarrassed or even more shy when you’re half-naked.

Most people have issues with their own bodies and if you don’t let your own bother you, it won’t bother anyone else either.

This may be obvious by going alone is NOT a good idea.

It looks creepy as in some pick up dude out of the seventies going trying to sleaze his away around the beach.

With a group you can play games and have a great time.

Let women sort of get in your way and then start introducing yourself.

Trust me I have had enormous success at the beach even when my game sucked terrible.

People are in a great mood lying around and having a great time.

 (As an alternative try your local pool.)

#3: The Mall.

This one is quite obvious unless you’ve lived under a rock your entire life.

It’s included because you might be thinking,

“The Mall. Yeah right. Like I’m going to spend a few hours in a mall just to get shot down in front of everyone.”

But that’s a negative way of looking at it.

Sure women are focused on finding the best deal for their money.

Sure some walk quick and are in protective groups until they hit a certain store.

Sure you’re in complete public putting yourself out there, but look at it this way…

Women love guys who are willing to put themselves out there.

That alone gives you the edge on every other guy that gawks at her ass when she walks by and mentions to his friends how hot she is but never do anything about it.

You can easily spend a few hours in a mall without spending more than ten dollars.

Here’s what you do and here’s to make sure you’re not just there to pick up chics.

Find an out-of-the-way store that sells weird cheap but unique stuff.

Find something you can connect with. For me it’s usually a Buddha figurine or something out of Spencer’s Gifts. Make it unique to yourself.

You can even pick up a gift for someone’s birthday early.

Now you can walk around because you’re there with a purpose.

Women are focused on finding the best deal and you don’t want to distract them from that – they won’t like it or you.

The secret is to become an unpredictable event of her day.

Don’t Distract – Interact!

Be original, sincere, and make sure you get a genuine laugh out of her.

Get her contact information quickly but make sure you leave a lasting great impression so she doesn’t forget who you were and not answer your text or phone call.

#4: The Gym.

Ten dollars a month or less to get your body in shape and meet women. You can’t beat that.

Rather than include a list of what to do in this situation I’ll point you to Carlos.

He has written a great post here on just how to do it. Plus the beginning covers retail stores and malls.

“Any place that you repeatedly visit is going to have a high likelihood of you running into people you know.

Also, be aware that women are there only to get a workout in and get out quickly, so you have to avoid slowing her down. Keep in mind that she may also have a vanity complex about being seen when she’s sweating, or looking less than ladylike.

If she seems stand-offish in the gym, catch her out in the parking lot later.

Here’s your approach:”

How To Approach Women in Bookstores and Gyms

#5: Work or Your Job.

The great part of being under 21 is your job is most likely temporary so casually dating a few girls you work with, as long as she is not your boss, can be fun and not give you too many problems.

The only real problem with this, since you’re young, is having a job with a bunch of older women who are NOT cougars.

The way around it is to ditch a job like that and spend a little time finding a job which will allow you to meet lots of girls easily.

  • Amusement Parks
  • Restaurants.
  • Mall Kiosk.
  • Concert Areas.
  • Arenas.

You must have something in your area which will work for you.

These are tough jobs to get but putting in a little extra time getting one will make it worth your while.

Take advantage of being young and having a part-time job by meeting women AND making money at the same time.

#6: Parks.

The park offers relaxed women who are always open to meeting someone just like you… A young guy who is active with his friends AND is single too.

Remember single women don’t just hang out in bars when they hit 18.

Parks are great and besides being cheap, you get to bring along tools or props.

Like a Frisbee, Football, Soccer Balls, and for those of you that feel adventurous, a kite, and a young nephew, niece, brother or sister.

Approaching or meeting a woman in a park is no different from the beach.

Be social to everyone and not just the hottest girl and that alone will help your success.

Go there to meet people and walk away with the numbers of the women you want to see again.

Don’t just plan to meet one person you’re interested in.

Go there to be social and enjoy the sun and nature. Breathe deeper and slower and relax.

Here are a few “rules” for the park.

Be social with everyone.

Don’t linger around her.

Approach confidently and quickly.

Have something to say about her.

Use your props to your advantage. (“Excuse me. But my little nephew wants to meet you and possibly ask you out on a wild date… but he’s a little shy. Being the nice guy I am I felt I would introduce you to him.

Don’t plan on spending the day with her, you have others to interact with and the longer you stay around the more awkward it becomes.

Don’t turn the “park” meet up into a first date.

#7. Facebook Groups.

There are lots of groups you can find through Facebook where a free event is set up for men and women who share the same interests.

You can even host your own.

Find a local group and start interacting with EVERYONE.

It obviously helps if you care about what the group is about AND it will make it easier for you to meet up with them.

Find an interest and you’ll find lots of other people who share them with you.

The best part about these groups is that you never have to worry about approaching them and getting their number. You already have a way to contact them.

Big rule:

BEFORE you interact with them online too much – MEET them in person.

Don’t turn a group into an online pick up thing because you’ll only make it that much harder on you AND you limit yourself. PLUS if you screw up with one EVERYONE will find out about it and ruin your chances with someone else.

Just go to the event – talk to everyone – and you’ll be meeting lots of girls.

Cheap AND easy.

You can’t beat that unless you’re talking about… well you get it.

Thanks for reading the list today and hopefully you found one or all them useful so you can get out and start meeting some women without going broke.

There is also a great list in the link below which includes tips and advice on dating. They are places to go out on a date but you’ll also find you can meet girls there AND they’re not all too expensive.

32 Great Date Places Where To Go and Meet Her Plus 7 Tips On Dating

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