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The Cheapest Places To Meet Women Even If You’re Under 21

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Meeting Women Cheap Places Like Beach

Not much feels worse than being between the ages of 18 and 21 and not having a clue of where to meet women.

You have lots of energy.

A ton of sexual frustration.

You get bored easily.

Young men and women seem to be everywhere except where you are.

And on top of all that you have to live life by everybody else rules…

Those rules means you’re living in a constant state of confusion and anger for what the world is offering:

  • You have a car but it costs so much you can’t afford to go out.
  • You have to get a job to pay for your car and now you have less time to go out.
  • When you can get out you’re too tired to have fun.
  • You can’t go to bars or pubs to meet people and everybody you run into seems to be twice your age.
  • You see the same people everyday at school but they are always already seeing someone.

Frustrating… isn’t it?!!!!

Let’s stop the complaining and let’s start doing something about it.

I have some great places to get your ass out there and not many of them require much time or money.

Take some notes or definitely add your own below.

Your funds are low and everything costs way too much but you’re smart, young, and creative so I know you’ll find a way.

Cheap Places to Meet Women Even If You’re Under 21…

1. Local Events.

They are “local” or “nearby” so you can probably get away with even walking if you’re that broke. They usually last into the night but they rarely ever go too long. Which means meeting women and inviting them to someplace after is a great way to really connect with her.

I suggest going as a small group and pick up other small groups of women.

We have the Tulip Fest around here. Firework displays. Tug Boat Parties. Parades. Canal Fests. Carnivals. Concerts where are free and full of happy people eager to meet you.

Check out your area and pick up a local guide so you can plan out a few in advance.

Remember – Planning is essential in meeting women if you want things to go smoothly and work in your favor too.

2. The Beach.

There’s not much cheaper than this. Of course if you don’t like to meet women in bikinis or barely dressed you might not like this. 😉

I’m sensing some of you may be intimidated by women showing lots of skin or worse yet, you’re embarrassed or even more shy when you’re half-naked.

Attitude, confidence, leadership, persistence, strong body language, and getting those around you to feel great will overcome any physical problems you feel you have. Practically guaranteed.

Most people have issues with their own bodies and if you don’t let your own bother you, it won’t bother anyone else either.

This may be obvious by going alone is not a good idea.

It looks creepy like some pick up dude out of the seventies going trying to sleaze his away around the beach.

With a group you can play games and have a great time. Let women sort of get in your way and then start introducing yourself.

Trust me I have had enormous success at the beach even when my game sucked terrible. People are in a great mood lying around and having a great time.

 (As an alternative try your local pool.)

3. The Mall.

I know if this one wasn’t obvious you’ve lived under a rock.

I’ve included it because I know most guys think,

“The Mall. Yeah right. Like I’m going to spend a few hours in a mall just to get shot down in front of everyone.”

But that’s a negative way of looking at it. Sure women are focused on finding the best deal for their money. Sure some walk quick and walk in protective groups until they hit a certain store. Sure you’re in complete public putting yourself out there, but look at it this way…

Women love guys who are willing to put themselves out there.

That alone gives you the edge on every other guy that gawks at her ass when she walks by and mentions to his friends how hot she is but never do anything about it.

You can easily spend a few hours in a mall without spending more than ten dollars.

Here’s what you do:

Find an out-of-the-way store that sells weird cheap but unique stuff. Find something you can connect with. For me it’s usually a Buddha figurine or something out of Spencer’s Gifts. Make it unique to yourself. You can even pick up a gift for someone’s birthday early.

Now you can walk around because you’re there with a purpose and you’re not just there to pick up chics.

Women are focused on finding the best deal so it’s easy for you to not distract them as most failed attempts start but to be the unpredictable element in her day. This makes you stand out and remember you when you call her. The rule is:

Don’t Distract, Interact.

Be original, sincere, and make sure you get a genuine laugh at her. Then use David DeAngelo’s or Jeremey Soul’s approach to getting a woman’s phone number quickly.

After I’ve talked to a woman for about 3 or 4 minutes, I’ll often say something like

Well, it was nice meeting you. I’m going to get back to my friends.

They usually don’t know what to do, as they’re used to guys clinging to them. Most of the time, they say,

It was nice meeting you too…

Then, just as I’m turning to walk away, and we kind of disconnect, I turn back and say,

HEY! Do you have email?

The “HEY!” is a bit surprising, and “Do you have email” is non-threatening. In fact, I’m technically asking her if she HAS email, not if she’ll GIVE IT TO ME. If she says “yes,” I take out a pen and paper and say,

Great, write it down for me” And I have her write it down. (This is great, as I just treat the ‘yes’ that they give me as a yes to get it from them as well. And they’ve almost ALL gone along with it so far) Then AS SHE’S IN THE MIDDLE OF WRITING, I say,

Write your number down there too.

When you ask for email, it’s very low risk for a woman, so she’ll think “Fine, I’ll do that.

You can read the entire article here:

How To Get A Woman’s Phone Number And Email Address Within Three Minutes Of Meeting Her

Below is an example:

Guy: So Joanne, what are your plans the next couple days?

Girl: I have some plans with friends on Wednesday and Friday, not so sure about Thursday.

Guy: Great, let’s meet up for drinks on Thursday night. I know a great place where they serve really good wine. How do you feel about that?

Girl: Yes, sounds like fun.

Guy: Let me get your phone number and I’ll let you know about the time and place.

Girl: Ok my number is …….

It really is that simple.

If you get a lot of flakey phone numbers (meaning you’re trying to meet up with a girl through texts and phone calls, but she doesn’t want to), one of the best ways to fix this problem is by first having women committing to see you again before you get her phone number. Try it and see how you many more dates you will be getting.

From: Getting Phone Numbers from Women in Daytime Environments

4. The Gym.

Ten dollars a month to get your body in shape and meet women. You can’t beat that.

Rather than include a list of what to do in this situation I’ll point you to Carlos. He has written a great post here on just how to do it. Plus the beginning covers retail stores and malls.

How To Approach Women in Bookstores and Gyms – (Located at The Approach – dialteg.org)

5. Work or Your Job.

The great part of being under 21 is your job is most likely temporary so casually dating a few women you work with, as long as she is not your boss, can be fun.

Of course this will only work for you select the few who can benefit from it. Meaning I worked in a supermarket growing up which was perfect but if your job has you surrounded by older women and lots of men, chances are this won’t help you. (Unless you’re into that kind of thing. Haha!)

If that is the case then I want you to seriously consider spending a little extra time and putting the effort into finding a job which will allow you to meet lots of women.

  • Amusement Parks
  • Restaurant.
  • Mall Kiosk.
  • Concert Areas.
  • Arenas.

I’m sure you have something in your area which will fit you. These are tough jobs to get but putting in a little extra time getting one will make it worth your while. I spent a little time selling cleaner with a group of sales people and we got to travel to Manhattan and New Jersey and I met tons of women with that one temp job.

Take advantage of being young and having a part-time job by meeting women AND making money at the same time.

6. Parks.

Woman Park

Don’t linger around her. Approach confidently and quickly.

Like that pain in the ass commercial says which keeps ringing in my head…. “Get out. Get out. Get yourself out.

The park offers relaxed women who are always open to meeting someone just like you. A young guy who is active with his friends and is single too.

Remember single women don’t just hang out in bars when they hit 18. (Yeah I know the age is usually 21 but it’s a fact women get in bars far easier and younger than men do. Go figure huh. Haha!)

Parks are great and besides being cheap is that you get to bring along tools or props. Like a Frisbee, Football, Soccer Balls, and for those of you that feel adventurous, a kite, and a young nephew, niece, brother or sister.

Approaching or meeting a woman in a park is no different from the beach.

You need a happy attitude, confidence, leadership, persistence, strong body language, and getting those around you to feel great. Be social to everyone and not just the hottest girl and that alone will help your success.

Go there to meet people and walk away with the numbers of the women you want to see again. Don’t just plan to meet one person you’re interested in. Go there to be social and enjoy the sun and nature. Breathe deeper and slower and relax.

Here are a few “rules” for the park:

  1. Be social with everyone.
  2. Don’t linger around her. Approach confidently and quickly.
  3. Have something to say about her.
  4. Use your props to your advantage. (“Excuse me. But my little nephew wants to meet you and possibly ask you out on a wild date… but he’s a little shy. Being the nice guy I am I felt I would introduce you to him.
  5. Don’t plan on spending the day with her, you have others to interact with.

Here are a few more to finish my cheapest but best places to meet women when you’re under 21. Of course I feel no matter what your age is you can use them all.

  • Coffee Shops.
  • Busy window shopping streets. Typically the ones that are closed off to traffic.
  • Facebook or any free or low-cost social sites.

I have a full list here so you should definitely check it out: 32 Dates Which is Your Favorite

I Hope you found this more than just useful, but that it also saved you some brain energy so you can focus on better things like having fun and oh yeah, attracting all the women you’re going to meet.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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