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The formula works on practically any woman PLUS you don’t have to be good-looking, you don’t have to be rich, and you certainly (unless you do it WRONG) never ever have to be some jerk or asshole!

Here it is…

Cocky Comedy – The Difference Between Being Confident and Acting Like a Jerk


By now it should be no secret:

Women GO CRAZY for a genuinely confident, funny guy who knows how to make them laugh.

DUH, right? But now let’s go for extra credit:

Did you know that MOST women will go out of their way… practically DO ALL THE WORK… to be with a guy who can mix “Cocky & Funny” in exactly the right proportions?

Well it’s true… and MANY guys *try* to use this fact to their advantage.

After all, it’s only natural:

When a man is Cocky PLUS Funny… in the RIGHT mixture… he triggers an UNSTOPPABLE EMOTIONAL RESPONSE in a woman.

These are feelings that she’s almost HELPLESS to resist.

Once a woman feels these emotions, she can’t stop herself from wanting to be with the man who made her feel them… even if she wanted to!

And, as I studied more and more men who were HUGELY successful with women and dating, I noticed that they ALL shared 2 traits in common:

  1. They weren’t afraid to “have fun” with women.
  2. They always came across as cool, confident and assertive right out of the gate… but always in a smart, funny, sensitive way.

But, of course… whenever ONE guy stumbles on a good thing, a bunch of others will inevitably step in, take things too far and ruin it, right?

In the case of using humor and confidence with women, this means that WAY too many men are just plain coming off as obnoxious.

Or offensive.

Or arrogant.

Or worst of all… as ignorant and insensitive.

That in mind, here come the keys to acting confident and funny with women… while NEVER, EVER coming across like a “jerk”…


If you’re a guy who likes to work with his hands, I don’t have to tell you…

The most powerful tools always come with the most powerful, built-in safety mechanisms.

And when it comes to showing confidence with women (the #1 MOST powerful tool there is for creating feelings of ATTRACTION…) that safety mechanism boils down to one word:


In other words… the *RIGHT* kind of confidence NEVER makes a woman feel intimidated or uncomfortable in any way.

It’s the kind of confidence that’s about seeing your goal and pursuing it with passion and energy…

… while NEVER overstepping boundaries.

When it comes to creating ATTRACTION, that means connecting with a woman’s emotions by being ASSERTIVE —

— while ALWAYS remaining constantly AWARE of her *feelings*.

It also means paying CLOSE ATTENTION to her natural reactions… Is she the kind of woman whose natural tendency is to “put herself out there”… being the life of the party… trading
jokes… rolling with the punches in life?


Is she the kind of woman who tends to stay more introverted… taking things very seriously… more likely to get her feelings hurt when jokes start to fly?

Once you know how to be SENSITIVE to this difference, your “safety mechanism” will always be “ON.”

You’ll always be aware of never “crossing the line” (also known as being accidentally insulting a woman, making her feel self-conscious, hurt, or insecure).

Basically, to come across as confident without being a jerk, all you need to do is focus on that “awareness” above all else:

  • Communicate that you’re comfortable in your own skin.
  • That you can roll with any situation.
  • That you can have fun on a date or anywhere else.
  • That you can enjoy yourself without trying to impress her.
  • Take charge by asking to meet some of her friends before she ever suggests it.
  • Make all the arrangements for your next date.

All of this shows you have CONFIDENCE… while being SENSITIVE to the dangers of coming across like a JERK.

Another GREAT way to show confidence with sensitivity is to take the time to listen to a woman in a GENUINE, patient way when she’s frustrated about something small…

… then make a gentle joke to lighten her mood.

For instance, if she breaks a heel, say something like, “That’s why I always choose to wear flats.”

All in all, it comes down to showing a woman in every way possible that you’re confident in your own skin… in EVERY situation… REGARDLESS of how things turn out.

That in mind, if you’d like to discover the full, sure-fire “secret formula” for using humor to project confidence in any situation — I can show it to you here: Cocky Comedy

But for now, let’s move on to the OTHER critical way that ANY man can come across as CONFIDENT without acting like a JERK…


There’s just no way around it…

The most powerful rule that I share with men about coming across as confident without being a jerk is this:

It’s okay, even HUGELY ATTRACTIVE, to act cocky around a great woman…

… that is, IF you mix in EXACTLY the right amount of HUMOR.

Basically, “cocky” without “funny” equals pure ARROGANCE — and there’s no faster way to KILL ATTRACTION (and instantly come off like a jerk).

To make sure you totally “get” this, I’m going to give you a quick quiz:

Acting “cocky” WITHOUT being funny is a blaring warning sign to women that you are which of these things:

  • Insecure
  • Unstable
  • Immature

Okay, you see where I’m going with this…

OBVIOUSLY, being “cocky” without being funny instantly tells a woman that you’re ALL OF THE ABOVE.

This is why I say that being Cocky AND Funny in the right proportion is pure GOLD…

… while getting that “mixture” even slightly wrong is pure POISON.


Sometimes a woman that you’re getting to know might say something like, “I don’t give out my phone number to guys I just met.”

When it happens, be ready with a joke that gets the Cocky / Funny mixture just right…

One of my favorites is to say something like: “Come on, just write it down. I’ll only call you, like, every five minutes for the next month.”

Comments like this have “the balance” just right…

You’re letting a woman know that you’re interested in her — but you’re coming from a place of CONFIDENCE.

Meanwhile, you’re ALSO making fun of typical “creep” behavior, letting her know that you have an iron-clad grip on the concepts of respect and personal boundaries.

But of course, like I said…

WAY too many guys don’t get this and end up taking things WAY too far.

They say and do obnoxious or outright offensive things, all because they desperately want to come across as cool and confident (or they fear rejection so much).

This is the definition of being a jerk…

… and jerks ALWAYS fail with women in the end.

But okay, I think you get the point.

Let me leave it at this…

The true “magic secret” of acting Cocky & Funny is creating what the experts call “personality triggered attraction.”

It’s basically the key to EVERYTHING that my buddy David D teaches… and the whole reason that it JUST DOESN’T MATTER how “good looking” you are, or how much money you have…

These have NOTHING to do with your long-term success with women!

It’s REALLY about developing your communication skills so that you can — on-demand and at will — trigger intense biological responses in any woman that you want…


That in mind:

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Cocky ComedyHow To Use Cocky Comedy To Make Women Feel Instant Attraction And Literally Addicted To Being Around You.

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I can’t wait to hear how it goes, so drop me a line and let me know.

Meantime, we’ll talk again VERY soon…