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Connections of Security, Confidence, and Masculinity – Elements of Attraction

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She’s looking for something and it’s a man who connects all the elements of attraction.

Life is full of connections!

I’m not exactly sure why I notice them so much.

Maybe I just pay attention to that sort of thing.

Maybe I’m guilty of thinking way too much.

This “paying attention” problem of mine led me to make certain connections from which we ALL might be able to learn from because after all, this has been a blog about attraction.

Those connections have to do with security or making women feel safe.

Confidence or our ability to be the best at who we are.

And lastly masculinity – our manhood, being a man, and how it’s all connecting to attracting women.

It all started when I reviewed a very important product which I have a lot in common with –> Secrets to Success for Shorter Men.

I stand at a robust five foot five and my shortness was a major problem in my past dating life.

Scot McKay brings up an important part of attracting with women… Security.

If you’re short like me you must find it somewhat difficult or even impossible to make a women feel more secure than a man who is much taller than him. Scot dispels this myth and he does a great job of it.

Keep that in mind for a second.

After finishing his work I sent out a newsletter related to a trait nice guys have that women find VERY unattractive.

How some “nice guys” have this grudge against change because they fear becoming like everyone else. They refuse to conform to society but in reality by not changing they make no effort to stand out and actually become part of a statistical norm.

In the end of the letter I added an article by Scot which was related to the nice guy attracting women.

The article kicked ass and I thought everyone could learn something valuable from it.

I swear within a few hours a letter comes to me from a woman and she was upset!

It appears some women have a soft spot for this kind of thing.

She was ready to lash out and speak her peace.

It touched a nerve inside her about how and why so many “nice guys” have failed with her.

She was frustrated because she would get so excited about meeting a new guy only to find out he lacked every trait she was looking for.

The connections were starting to come together….

Scot told me about how women want to feel secure and how us short guys can easily do this.

I sent a letter explaining to men how learning this material you become part of a small percentile of men who get it and women too.

In the letter I included  “The Big Four Factors That Attract Women To A Certain Man” which was written by Scot. Here’s the exceprt:

It’s like this:  Women want SAFETY.

Unfortunately, the man women most need to be protected from is the ONE THEY’RE WITH.

If you drive like a maniac when she’s riding shotgun, openly flirt with other women in her presence, waffle over decisions, have absolutely zero ambition and have no clue what to do with her when you pick her up (let alone when it’s TIME TO KISS HER), guess what?  She’ll have no sense of stability around you.

When you have successfully caused a woman to believe in you the way you believe in yourself-no matter what the situation-then you have succeeded at INSPIRING CONFIDENCE.

She can rest in your presence.

The Big Four Factors That Attract Women To A Certain Man

Then a woman friend and subscriber sends me this letter helping me make the connection:

Women, even the strongest women like myself, LOVES a take charge type of guy. Oh sure alot of us are capable of taking care of ourselves, but the one thing every women needs, wants, and desires is to feel secure.

Yes we love you to fight for our honor and protect us from harms way and all that bullshit. But what’s more important and really makes our thighs moist, is when we know we have a take the bull by the horns type of man.

A man who can speak for himself.

A man who is always 10 steps ahead of the game.

A man who shouldn’t have to ask you shit, cause he  already knows.

A man who knows when shit is about to hit the fan, he is an act first ask  questions later type of guy. A man who will do it with or with out you, it don’t matter to him. He just gets the job done.

A man who will always tell us the truth about ourselves, not what they think we want to hear. Cause we know when you’re lying anyways and that just hurts us more. And when all is said and done, he should be rewarded and rewarded he shall be.

That to me is a MAN!!!!

These connections I’ve been making are not really coincidences on a higher level, it’s just me paying attention and trying to stay in the present.

A skill I’ve found we can ALL benefit from in our dating and the relationships we find ourselves in.

Here are some of those “connections” I made from her comments to Scot’s article which will hopefully bring this article together:

  • Inspiring Confidence –> “The one thing every women needs, wants, and desires is to feel secure.”
  • Character –> “A man who will always tell us the truth.”
  • Masculinity –> “But what’s more important and really makes our thighs moist, is when we know we have a take the bull by the horns type of man. A man who can speak for himself.  A man who is always 10 steps ahead of the game.”
  • Confidence –> “A man who shouldn’t have to ask you shit, cause he already knows.”

Take notice nice guys because neither one of them mentions our height, looks, or money in this “game of attraction.”

They’re about you taking charge of our life despite her. It’s about making her feel secure because WE are secure in our masculinity.




They ( in part ) represent a package women can NOT resist and since none of it has anything to do with games, being nice, or treating her like she’s an object I’d say that’s a good thing for ALL of us.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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