How To Handle Your Not-So-Cool Friends & Make You An Attractive Guy

We all have friends we don’t consider to be cool. Underneath their unsociable persona they are good people.

They just don’t seem to get, or care, to take part on the so called “cool level” of social interactions.

Today’s lesson is going to make you a more attractive man because you’re going to be shown how to deal with friends like this in a way that women will definitely look up to you.

Have you ever thought about how this could or does affect your dating life?

Do they get in the way when you’re trying to talk to a girl?

Do they hover real close when you’re talking to a girl knowing eventually they’re going to say something really stupid and quite possibly make you look like a fool?

Imagine this scenario…

You approach this girl and things are going great. She’s definitely into you and just as you’re about to get her phone number or something your “friend”  jumps in and interrupts.

He hounds the girl, eyeing her, gives her compliments that make you sick…

All the while she is looking over his shoulder at YOU. Giving you the “Please … Help me!” look.

When he turns to you and she realizes you know him, the look on her face suddenly a different shade of something other than approval.

You can tell she is disappointed that you know this guy and she is definitely wondering if this is the type of people you hang out with.


When a situation like this arises… use them to your advantage!

These are great opportunities to show women how really cool, calm, and collected you are. How you excel at making solid conscious decisions in a moment’s notice.

How good you are at taking a potential negative experience and making it a positive experience for everyone.

This ability or skill is a highly attractive trait.

Just because that not so cool friend (who’s probably just a good guy anyways) seems to be ruining your chances with women does not have to mean you have to act in a way that makes it worse.

Remember, that friend is just another guy is only acting from his own reality. If he’s a decent person who just lacks social skills, try to keep that in mind and never let him upset you or dictate your mood negatively.

It’s not worth it and it will make you less attractive to any and all the women around you.

Stay positive and react in a positive masculine manner and use every advantage you can even if it may appear to be bad luck ruining your chance again.

The truth is, women “dig” men who can handle those situations maturely and with ease.

Not all “wingman” have to be good at attracting women for you to succeed.

Make light of the situation. Introduce him to her.

Don’t defend him to her and definitely do NOT put him down just because you think she won’t like that you’re associated with him.

She probably has friends like this too and she will understand. If she doesn’t then just maybe she’s not that nice or cool of a person as you are.

The point here it to play it off and pass it off as something you can deal with and how situations like this – are not a problem.

It’s the mark of an attractive guy and women love when a guy has these type of social skills and doesn’t let the little things get to him.


…Jason Bourne and James Bond aside, what exactly does it mean to “be cool” in the REAL world?

Well, despite what TV and movies have us believe, the only “cool” that really matters to women isn’t about swagger, looks or money.

Genuine COOL is all about one thing only:

A man’s INNER STRENGTH. Also know as the kind of strength that translates into personal confidence, control, and leadership.

It basically means being unaffected by the opinions of others.

It means seeing situations for what they really are without bitterness or paranoia.

It means being able to evaluate challenging situations in life, and then being quick to take mature, decisive action.

It means having the strength to do your own thing while encouraging others to do theirs as well.

But okay… how do you go about getting this kind of cool for YOURSELF?

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Thanks for reading today’s short lesson and I do hope the next time something like this happens, you remember this post and take it easy.

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Any comments, stories, or experiences of your own – share them below. Everyone would be happy to read about them and how YOU handled something negative and turned it into a positive attractive moment.

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