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Creating Attraction With Passion and Giving to Something Greater

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You have a fiery heart, find a cause and follow it passionately.

If you’re not hanging outside my bathroom door then you probably wouldn’t know I listen to very random music while I’m in the shower.

My day is just not the same without using every available drop of hot water before I leave my apartment and a little music energizes me, no matter what is playing.

Anyways a song came on which reminded of an ex-girlfriend. I remember her mentioning it one day and how it was from a movie but at the time, I didn’t think too much about it.

When the song began I laughed a little because I “tried” to sing along but since I don’t get too bothered with the actual lyrics I make up about eighty percent of them,

I quickly dried myself off and ran to the computer. Utube seemed like the right search. Little did I know it’s been out for years with something like 88 million hits.

Funny how you get older you get behind the times. Not because you don’t care but really, who has the time?

In my time (my private time) when no one else is looking ( insert odd story later) this sometimes “not-so-nice” guy can get a little emotional.

I know…. tell me about it but hey I DO have a reason. At least it helps me to save face. My masculine side and that pesky little Ego guy would never forgive me otherwise.

The reason a movie can get to me, or how those freaken’ tug-at-your-heart commercials about abused animals makes me want to pull out my hair with disgust, or why a song has me wondering how I could ever feel sad about life, or how sometimes I feel like an idiot with some of the crap I let leave my mouth…


My brother says I let it out. The good and the bad. Keeps me more sane than most.

My mother would call it my creative side. How I’ve always been that way – thinking, dreaming, believing… Just plain “excitable boy they all said” would be my best assessment.

Now I understand how passion can have a huge effect on those around you and me and how sometimes when it’s directed badly, or misinterpreted, can destroy relationships of any kind and often make them irreconcilable.

Like how having too much passion for women in general can lead a nice guy down a road of despair and loneliness. Clouding the differences between attraction, passion, emotions, and cause trying to direct or contain the fire instead of learning how to use it. ( Which is a thought all its own. )

  • Attraction is an instant chemical reaction to an outward source.
  • Passion is an outward expression or the effort it takes to make an emotional connection to everything around you.
  • Emotions are responses to stimuli and culminate or build under our time-specific mental and physical state.
  • Cause is giving to something greater than ourselves. Something for the better well-being of others under any method known or available. Be it selfish or selfless.

Okay… so I listened to this man sing.

I thought about how if some men carried his weight they would believe it’s limiting their attractiveness. How he appeared gentle and nice and to some men, these are traits which turn off most woman sexually.

And I thought about it some more… this man HAS cause.

His passions are directed to this cause.

His emotions are gentle, happy, leading me to believe his mental and physical state are calm and serene with understanding.

His outward expressions DO make an emotional connection with me and lots of other people too.

How he’s not trying to direct or sway or manipulate my energy, how he’s not trying to control my being, but how he’s using his own fire to create an amazing warmth around him.

Listen to him sing.

Don’t listen to the lyrics.

Feel his passion.

Then consider this…

Passion, when directed towards an emotional cause beyond just attracting women, and then shared with those around you, can ultimately stir those chemical ingredients of attraction in anyone caught up in that energy.

Give it a try – find a cause – be passionate about what you do – and see how many women begin to look over your shoulder hoping you’re going to notice them – checking YOU out. 🙂

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