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He Made No Mistakes On The First Date – Will She See Him Again?

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If you really want a first date to transition to a second one, don’t just avoid mistakes, DO something different.

Tfirst date is over and done with…

She was feeling nervous and on the way to dinner called me up for a bit of advice. You can read about that here: Nervous Before Your First Date? So Is She But This Advice Will Help.

Today I won’t to propose some very important questions,

Will she see again? Will there be more than just a second date?

Here was my guess before I get to reveal what actually happened.

She will definitely go out on a second date but the only reason is…

He avoided making too many little mistakes and not one huge mistake which most of the time destroys our chances of a second.

Pick from this list of what NOT to do on a first date from a hot woman herself. 11 Ways To Screw Up Your First Date

He closed the evening with the classic,

“I enjoyed it and we should do this again sometime.”

She mentioned how that left her guessing and she liked the mystery of it.

Here is what she told me about him specifically:

  • He was nice.
  • He paid for the meal.
  • He mentioned he enjoyed the evening.
  • He kept the topics moving along so there would be no uncomfortable silences.
  • She knew he was nervous too.

Now since he avoided typical mistakes the second date is assured BUT he did a lot of things wrong and I believe if they’re not taken care the next time that is all she’ll ever accept.

Here is what I mean.

He took a risk free easy way out evening in the most typical way a guy courting could do… dinner.

He made a typical evening, even more typical.

He left her nothing that stood out in her mind.

He gave her no reason to call me up to tell me how amazing it was or felt.

Emotionally… it was bland, straightforward, an not exciting.

Her peak of excitement was the nervousness she felt driving there to meet her.

She is an attractive woman and guys ask her out ALL the time. There’s a great chance, by the time they have a second date, she will go out several times.

What if the next guy DOES it for her? DOES the things he didn’t.

What if he creates a real moment and leaves her wanting more?

Well then I believe you know… that “nice guy” she met on Facebook will get blown off and he didn’t even really do anything THAT wrong.

He just didn’t do a few things right.

Look at it from her point of view and what she “remembered” about it.

She told me he was nervous. Which is fine and all but that nervousness was dealt with by avoiding ALL uncomfortable silences. He was definitely trying way too hard to make the evening pleasant for her.

I used to hate the “uncomfortable moments” myself and would avoid them at all costs but have since learned how to use them to actually amplify the attraction and build a little chemistry.

It’s a bit much to cover today but trust me – THOSE are pivotal moments when handled the right way and not just try to skip past them and her attraction goes up.

I probably wouldn’t use this on some women but maybe it’ll give you an idea of what to do: Avoid Any “Awkward Silence” With This 1 Bizarre Trick

Here’s a tip on How to Avoid Awkward Silences with Women – Conversation Techniques

My tip is to let her feel the tension just a little too much and tease her about it or better yet, over something not related to it at all. Allow the tension to dispel naturally and never try to force it away. Live in those moments. Imagine a first kiss and what happens just before your lips first meet. All the sexual tension and mystery and high emotions. Women love it! So learn to revel in it because it can give you an unbelievable advantage.

The thing to remember is, if you appear or feel or act like you’re comfortable in any situations and are unbearable comfortable “in your own skin” women DO notice.

If you don’t give it all away, keep her guessing a little, not act like a stoic freak, interact with her on an emotional level… and then finish it off with something very open-ended and a little ambiguous she WILL think about you enough to almost insist on a second date.

Of course by throwing out all these clever little hints women like to throw at you – just to see if you know how to read them.

Okay now… Drum roll please…

Did she see him again?


She did.

Because like I said, he didn’t do anything wrong.


That was it.

No third date because some “other” guy came along, who didn’t take her on a “typical” risk-free night of trying too hard NOT to screw up.

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