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Dating – Where, When, How – From The First Fun Date Experience And On

Dates must be fun experiences you feel passionate doing.

The simplest definition of dating is… A chance or the best opportunity to connect, re-connect, get to know each other better, qualify each other, and explore any and all compatibility options.

I feel within that definition you can find many of your answers on dating to explain the where and the when. Hopefully below you’ll find all you need on those, and of course the “how to date” also.

My ideas about dating are not terribly unique although for some reason I’ve found way too many men and women who still fall into the same trap believing “Dinner and a movie” is the only, easiest place to take a date.

I guess it’s just the easiest thing to do so it becomes a fall-back for those of us who may not feel comfortable or secure enough to date differently.

I’m trying to understand that some men don’t feel creative enough to create an experience she’ll never forget. But that’s what any man’s dating question must be if he wants to leave her wanting and yes sometimes, begging for more.

The Rules of Dating…

  • Screw the most of the rules and follow your passions as far as you can take them and risk sharing them with a woman you’re interested in getting to know more.
  • Stack and stagger as many dates as your social life can handle with one more woman than you, your pocket, and your life can handle.
  • Any length of  time you can share with her that is at least fifteen minutes long AND you can connect or qualify each other can be considered a date.
  • Use longer dates to explore incompatibility issues which may not be overcome therefore ruling out a future relationship.
  • Since we’re in the “modern” world – first dates from the internet are to be kept short, sweet, and simple.
  • Avoid at all costs common first date mistakes by not opting for typical first date meetings.
  • Think ahead and prepare. Be ready but not like it was all planned and predictable.
  • Search for emotional fun experiences where they will happen naturally.
  • Explore your local area every day and take notice to unique places, yearly events, and public parties you and your date can visit.

Okay – there’s a lot more to this dating thing like not talking yourself out of attraction, or not boring her to death, when to go for a kiss, how long it must last, etc…

But in the very least please follow this advice and you’ll avoid many of the common pitfalls which ruin it for too many men, which inevitably lead to rejection or her not calling back:

Dating is not an excuse to try to ever impress a woman. Never believe it’s your job to make the chemistry happen. Never believe it’s your job to court a woman into liking you enough for a second date.

On her end – she’s there looking for chemistry or a connection and will test you above and beyond to seek the real truth about you.

You’re there to qualify her, how she acts around you, how easy it is to talk with her, how easy she gets you to open up and feel comfortable around her, and to decide whether another date is worth going on or not.

Nothing more and sometimes nothing less.

That also includes a first date is NOT an opportunity to find a future wife or girlfriend. Even if you feel within fifteen minutes you’re totally in love with her do NOT tell her, predict her reaction, or show her in any shape or form.

Below you’ll find some great idea on were to take a date, how to act on the first date, concepts of nervousness, who should pay, how much money you can spend, and some other great dating ideas to help you along the way:

Dating – Where, When, How and more:

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The Nice Guys Approach to Dating is…Create unique simple experiences to share with her and nothing more. Look to qualify and not impress.

Yes, of course if you’re terrible at making great first impression than you must take an objective look at how to get past that – but just keep dating simple and fun.

My definition of dating, as I mentioned above is…A chance or the best opportunity to connect, re-connect, get to know each other better, qualify each other, and explore any and all compatibility options.

This means if you’re able to connect in person with a woman on a personal level – consider it a date. If you’re on a second or re-connecting with a past dating partner that’s a date.

I just feel if you lose the “typical” idea of what a date is you’ll open up a world of options to further your education and experiences in the area.

The Nice Guys Approach best advice to dating is to create fun, often exciting experiences which will naturally not have you trying to impress her.

Yes – she’ll be deciding whether or not she wants to see you again, but if you make it impossible for her not to reject because of your ability to stir the right emotions you won’t have to worry about impressing her at all.

But it must not be forgotten you’re there to decide also. Just because she looks good and knows how to chew with her mouth closed, does not mean she’s worth seeing again.

Keep your standards above how attractive she is and learn to qualify her in many ways. Challenge her to step up her “game.” And remember to have fun with it. Don’t just ask her a bunch of questions trying to figure out how good of a person she is.

When you’re in a “conversational” position engage, make sure she’s contributing to the conversation, and she’ll knowingly or unknowingly give you all you need to decide whether a future date is worth it.

The nice guy’s approach to dating is NOT about dating one girl. Being “nice” does not mean you are limiting your options in any way. Date lots of women. Keep your options open and varied.

The “being nice” part means you’re not using her for sex or attempting to get her jealous, and it’s not about bragging about how many women you are dating. Trust me – if you’re a “great catch” in her eyes, (unless she has serious issues) she will assume you’re dating other women too.

And guess what? She’s dating other guys too.

Here is a simple step-by-step procedure for getting lots of ideas on where to date:

  1. Explore your local area indefinitely.
  2. Search for things you love doing or are willing to try at least once.
  3. Go do them and enrich or build a solid dependable social life.
  4. Invite your dates to come along to share those same experiences.

You can learn by following the links above on how to act or not acting to impress, or how day dates differ from night dates, or how some dates lead to better one night stands or long term relationships, or how to create better fun experiences for both of you.

I can not possibly cover it all here nor will I attempt to say this is all there is to dating. Yes, dating alone when confined into a specific category is quite simple and easy to do, but it’s the stuff in the middle that makes or breaks any date.

Please get that handled along the way and you’ll enjoy dating so much more – and so will she.

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