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I Choose To Date Younger Women, What About You? Tips and Warnings

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My views on dating younger women.

I was around eleven years old. My babysitter was roughly seventeen and I thought she was the hottest girl I had ever seen.

I was just entering puberty and nothing was on my mind more than getting a girlfriend. My mother owned a bar and worked a day time job too. So for countless nights I would have a babysitter and luckily I was a good boy…

Or was I?

I remember having a crush on my sitter even though she was much older than me. It even appeared she liked me a little because we saw each other when she wasn’t getting paid to see me.

At least until I got caught.

I remember walking up the street with her one night and it was the same street my mom’s bar was on. When I reached the location I ducked behind some parked cars to make sure I wouldn’t be seen. After all it was well past my curfew.

Well, you know that mothers alway have a sixth sense about their children, she saw me and screamed from the doorway,

Peter! Get your ass in here!!!

My heart stopped!


Caught out well past my bedtime hanging out with my, now ex, seventeen year old babysitter.

I know I may not look it but this year I will be turning forty years old and to top it all off my last two girlfriends were nineteen and twenty years old.

So let me put this in perspective…

In twenty-eight years since the start of puberty I went from a crush on a Seventeen year old to  Twenty year old women.

Three years of difference between my twenty-eight eligible years of dating and relationships. Some call me sick. Some call me crazy. Some women call me a player, a cradle robber, or an immature man suffering from a midlife crisis.

Some guys shake my hand. Some don’t. An old friend of mine says I’m pathetic.

Oh and my mom just shakes her head.

As you’re reading this I’m sure you have already formed your own opinion.

If you don’t think you can attract younger women despite your age – remember this… 

Ten years ago I was constantly told by every woman I wanted between the ages of 18 and 25 that they just don’t date men over thirty. And now that I’m pushing forty, rarely, if at any time, do I hear those words. So it’s either women are beginning to date even older men or I have learned to develop a part of me that knows how to attract them. 

It’s my choice to date younger women and by making it a reality I’ve come to many conclusion, hints, tips, warnings along the way.

If you too are interested in those youthful women I suggest you continue reading to avoid common mistakes and to help you better attract them.

I choose to date them because they are incredibly fun and exciting. 

I suggest you enjoy it but don’t expect much more. I learned that the hard way. Maybe you should too but I’m warning you.

Don’t expect her to be your future wife because that may never happen. If it happens, great! I’m happy for you. But if it doesn’t don’t allow yourself to get depressed or let it affect your overall livelihood.

What you want to do to avoid the depression is to make sure you enjoy her youthful excitement and let it stick to your personality. Use it in your future interactions with women.

Trust women – if you date more than one younger women she will tell you almost everything you need to know to attract and date lots of other women too.

Some of them are not mature enough. I suggest you  avoid them.

You do NOT want extra drama or stupid bullshit to deal with.

I personally have chosen the ones who feel they have an old soul. They’re mature enough to handle dating an older man and often prefer it.

I have found the highly intelligent women seem to be highly attracted to older men.

They love the older man’s maturity.

If you have intelligence, humor, a modest cocky style (you can overdo this easily so use it sparingly or else she will assume you have an extreme lack of confidence), and a playful sexy attitude you can attract them easily.

Make sure you Do things, get out more often especially if you’re just not ready to settle down.

Trust me on this one.

If you manage to attract a younger woman who enjoys not going out often or doing things exciting there’s a great chance you will be entering a long-term relationship which will lead quickly to a new member in your family.

Yes. Children. I have found those types of women go for older men for mainly security reasons. They tend to want a family quickly.

If that’s what you want go for it. Otherwise look out for those types and learn to stay away. It’s not fair to lead her in the wrong direction.

Play it safe. Be safe. And understand what your actions could lead to. In other words – respect her age and respect the fact she’s a real person and you could easily affect her entire future in one night.

How to attract the extremely hotter younger women…

I’m talking about model types or the highly intelligent upwardly mobile types that put up very strong protective barriers. These are other guy’s dream girlfriends and guess what, these women know it and they hate it!

Don’t be that guy or you will instantly lose her respect and your status will drop quickly.

  • Be a little ballsy with her.
  • Be upfront but don’t give out too much information about yourself. Be a mystery. These women crave figuring things out and if you can get her to want to figure you out you’re on the right track.
  • Don’t ever brag about anything. Be as modest as possible and have confidence doing it.
  • Never interfere with her life. When she wants your opinion she will ask and remember to just give it.
  • Be decisive and secure in who you are. First sign of jealousy and she’s “poof” gone.
  • Never put up with her bullshit so never be afraid to walk away from her.

If none of that seems to working for you than you need to look closer into who you are and ask yourself some serious questions about where you are in life and where you are going.

Remember these women can date movie stars, rock stars, CEOs, and athletic stars, oh and yes, dating gurus.

  • They don’t want bums. They don’t want cowards. They don’t want jealousy.
  • They want a strong masculine man.
  • They DO want  to be seen and treated as more than just a hot body.
  • They want you to be into them and they want to eventually prove to you they can turn you on.
This means, I don’t care how hot she is ALL women want to prove to YOU their ability to attract you with more than just their looks or body. Give her that opportunity and you’ll be surprised how while every other guy is begging for her approval she’s trying to get in YOUR pants.
  • If all you do is sit around and hope, she won’t want you.
  • If you’re afraid she will hurt your ego during those not so pleasant turn downs, she won’t want you.
  • If you’re not “somebody” she won’t want you. Being “somebody” to her is not what you think it is. Just excel at what you do and take the time to develop a passionate career.
  • Status is very important to these women and I’m even going to suggest you must always maintain higher status and never let it equalize for long periods of time. Having higher status doesn’t always mean a high paying job or a in the spotlight career either.

I have given you options, advice, and a much clearer understanding about dating younger women and what is you must do to date them.

Again my perspective is probably not in the norm. If you wish to know why I believe I still have not begun to be attracted to women my own age go ahead and ask in my comment box.

Otherwise I may do so in a later post.

Whether you are Sixty looking for that hot Fifty year old or you’re just turning Thirty and that cute Twenty Year Old is looking exciting to you, I believe you can make it your choice, regardless of what others believe.

Every man has attractive urges and if you play them off as not important you’re not doing yourself any good at all. And you’ll probably struggle attracting the ones you’re supposed to date.

I choose to date younger women…what about you?

What type of women do YOU want to date – because that’s what really matters in the world of attraction – knowing what you want – and then learning to get what you want – despite what others may think of you.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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