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Dating is a big deal.

If you’re “out there” it can make for a nervous evening filled with doubt or it can become a memorable experience which lead all the way to marriage.

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Calling, Texting, or Setting Up Dates – Essential Phone Game Skills

Dating – Where, When, How – From The First Fun Date Experience And On

How Ditching The Rules Can Get You More Dates

32 Great Date Places – Where To Go and Meet Up With Her

Do THIS When You First Meet A Woman

Pretty Woman Meet

99% of guys make a huge mistake when they first meet a woman. Do you know what that is? If not, sign in and watch this immediately!

Are you feeling hopeless about succeeding with women and dating… like women won’t give you the time of day, so why should you even try?

  • A few simple changes in your thoughts & behaviors can ignite new success with women you never dreamed possible.
  • 2 additional “mindsets” you MUST bring to every interaction with a woman.
  • The BIG MISTAKE you’re making when you first meet a woman which makes her instantly REJECT you.
  • Master this skill and great women will be asking YOU out!
  • How to pass a woman’s “tests” so that she won’t leave you hanging or reject you.

Show me What Skills I Need When I First Meet A Woman Now! (and the valuable PDF download to help me do it).

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2 comments… add one
  • Andrew

    What if I find the high quality woman of my dreams BUT I am currently broke. However, I am on my way to remedy that substantially (working on my CPA license). Will she give me a chance? Or do they usually demand a guy who is ALREADY rich?

    • Andrew,

      Some women are into how much a guy makes, I won’t deny that but, attraction, real pure and deep attraction has absolutely nothing to do with how much money you make or have.

      I’d say focus on creating attraction and don’t worry or wait until you think you have enough money for her.

      Think of it this way – do you want a woman who will only date you based on how much money you make or have? What is that really saying about her?

      Look around and notice how many men in this world are actually rich. Not that many at all. And yet, men find, date, and marry women all the time despite their average or below average assets.

      Focus on creating attraction. Get it out of your head that women “give” you a chance. It doesn’t work that way.

      Also, define your idea of a “high quality” woman because as far as I’m concerned – a high quality woman has nothing to do with how much she makes or how much she expects a guy to make to date or get her.

      Most women respect guys who are working to something in their lives because it says a lot about the guy and his drive and passion in life. The “end game” is not as important. For real women, that’s all that is needed. Drive, confidence, wanting to make something of themselves monetarily or spiritual.

      Hope that helps you,


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