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32 Great Date Places – Where To Go and Meet Up With Her

Where are you going to meet her for a date?

Dating can tough enough as it is but when you add trying to figure out where to meet it can quite a pain in the ass.

This list of 32 places to meet up should help everyone out and I highly suggest if you make it here and you have one of your own, to add it below.

32 Places To Meet Her For A Date :

1. Museums or Art Museums

I would suggest to check out these places before hand and learning a little about what you’re going to see.

2. Roller Blading or Roller Skating

Obviously this is not for everyone but if you’re athletic it can be a refreshing break from the typical dinner and a movie.

3. Amusement Park

This is not something I would suggest on a first date. They are terrific for spending the day getting to know someone. You also may want to make sure your date is okay with thrill rides. I doubt you’ll want them to be puking the entire day or burning bright red from the sun.

4. Concerts

Rock concerts are better than Symphonies because you can interact with others and talk. Save the symphonies for intimacy and/or third/fourth dates. This way you can plan out the evening properly.

Please skip the dinner in this case. Imagine you’re at dinner and after you head to the symphony and sit for an hour at a time with your stomach doing cartwheels. Or worse yet, digesting your food and putting you both to sleep.

5. Getting ice cream

Quick fun date. Who doesn’t love ice cream except for the occasional lactose intolerant. You can enjoy each other’s company and spend a short time getting to know each other.

I would say this is an alternative to a coffee lunch for a first date. Simple but effective and if you find one which is outside even better.

6. Pool – The Pool Hall or Billiards

I enjoy playing it myself. You can get a little healthy competition going and even make a few bets. As long as the winner is not getting tons of money so have fun with it. They are not usually too bright or loud and they allow you to interact in a close setting.

I have found quiet pool halls have space limitations so it’s easy to get close. Don’t worry if both of you suck at it, just have fun. Try not to spend too much time here because it can get boring so think of this as part of a full date.

7. The Zoo

This one, believe it or not, if you can pull it off, is always lots of fun. Stay away from the cheap smelly animal farms and you should have a ton to talk about and lots of memories to take home with each of you.

8. Tennis

If you’re athletic but never played make sure your date is not too good or you probably won’t have much fun. If you’re both average and in shape, Tennis is a great workout and a simple afternoon.

Seeing how you’re both going to need a shower after this date can be made short. You won’t be able to talk much but it still leaves plenty of room for teasing in a competitive environment.

9. Tour

Have you ever heard someone say they have live somewhere for so long but never noticed the sights tourists often visit. Well… become a tourist with your date. If your date is into it you could both dress up as tourists and role play a little. Of course probably a better 4th or 5th date.

10. Walking

Most people overlook this one. A walk in the park at dusk kicks ass. You get outdoors, great sights, beautiful sky. It really sets a romantic mood. If you go early bring a frisbee or even leave a blanket in the car to sit down and talk. This date leaves a ton of options if you are prepared for it.

I wouldn’t suggest it for someone who is struggling with conversations or comfort but once you have that down, I think you’ll find this date is great for building attraction.

11. Flea Market

Strange place as far as I’m concerned but women love to shop for unusual and unique items. (Actually if you promise not to tell, I like to shop this way too. But Shhhh!!!! I say strange place because technically I have never been to a flea market!!! Haha! ) I know you don’t have to buy something and that works out great.

All you need to do is talk about all the different items you see while you walk around. I imagine this date is a filler when you’re really pressed for time and just want to meet up someplace with alcohol or coffee involved.

12. Apple Picking – Strawberry Picking

This could be unusual as a first date but you’re outdoors picking fresh fruit in the warm sun. What more could you want? As a later date this is so cool. So if you really want to turn up the heat, plan ahead. Use this as a start and finish at your place by actually preparing a meal with what you picked.

Have some recipes and the ingredients ready or keep the picking short and stop at a market on the way to your house or apartment with your date.That could also add some fun.

13. Boat Ride

If you’re near water and you have the money, a boat ride can feel like several dates in one night. You can enjoy drinks, dancing, a band, intimacy, Karaoke, and even some gambling. The fresh air, bright moon and the soothing waves are a great romantic setting. You also might want to know how your date is on water. Some people just can not handle a boat ride no matter how smooth.

14. Ball Game or sporting event

Basketball. Baseball. Hockey. Football. It’s up to you and where you live. Don’t be afraid to attend events that are not professional either. I’ve had way more fun at small events on a date.

Easier to get in and out of. Easier to talk. Easier to focus on each other and not the game. And let’s face it, the people playing may not be getting paid millions but they’re having fun enjoying a passion of theirs. Thrive on the energy and allow you and your date to really get into.

15. Charity Event – Give a little

If you do this in your everyday life, invite your date to join you. If this is not typically you, explain to your date it’s something you’ve considered. You could say how cool it would be to share this new experience with someone new.

16. Barbecue – Yummmmm!!!!!

Messier the better. I talking Ribs, Chicken, and Corn on the Cobb. Anything where you going to need a bib, a ton of napkins, and your hands. Ask yourself this…

Do you want to date someone who is willing to get down and dirty with you once in a while and who is willing to throw out the looks of others and just have fun with it?

Or would you rather get stuck into trying to keep everything neat and tidy and always say the right things? Can you see how this date may bring out people from their “Dating Persona?” and allow them to relax? Granted more than one date of this in a row is not smart but once just once, take them out for any hand fed food you both can enjoy to get messy with.

17. A Hike – Hiking

Walking. Outdoors. Getting in shape. Great views and awesome backdrops. What more could you want for a cool setting on a date? You will also remember this is a date and pick a spot which is not too physically draining.

Again…prepare for the worst like rain storms and cold weather and prepare for the best like stopping for a while.

18. Bonfire

You might find it difficult to find one of these but if you do they can be fun. Lots of people having a good time. Sometimes there is alcohol involved and sometimes there is not.

Either way, a warm fire on a cool night can be a great ending or an alternative to a typical date.

19. Picnic

I know, sounds a little cheesy, but don’t let the name fool you into believing you this can not be a cool date. Choose your food wisely and make sure your date brings something also. Surprise each other and if you happen to bring the same item enjoy the connection.

There will be insects bugging you and some people can not relax lying on the ground. I say don’t be afraid to make it modern and bring some lounge chairs. A cool idea would be to set up close to dusk and if you can find a spot where night-time fireworks are going to be set off make sure you have a great view.

20. Show

The more unusual the better. It’s unfortunate most people get in the habit of only going to see popular shows, or shows they believe their date already knows and enjoys. I like the unique shows put on by people who are just there because enjoy doing it. It may not even be their careers. And sometimes the show is awful, and sometimes the show ends up being a cult classic.

Look for themes that are enjoyable and fun. Stay away from dramatic shows. It’s okay if it makes you think, but you won’t find it enjoyable if it’s too dramatic. If you’re really want to be different find a show which may require participation.

21. Fair

These things kick ass as far as I’m concerned. Sure they’re corny, the prizes are lame, but if you allow yourself to get caught up in the moment you’ve got it all here. Stupid fun food and games. You get the opportunity to talk and compete with your date.  Some even have mechanical bull rides.

If you’re able and have never tried it I think you’ll enjoy doing it just once. This is another one of those ‘let yourself  be young’  dates and if who you are with is struggling to enjoy themselves you’ll know quickly the type of person you are dealing. If you good at making others feel great no matter where they are then the fair is your opportunity to show off this great asset in your personality.

22. Dancing

Loud clubs may not be great for everyone. Some of you may want to try country dancing or if you’re really adventurous Latin dance is the best. I’ve even know someone buying a dance lesson for two and bring their date to enjoy the lesson.

23. Laser Tagging

Competition. Running around like kids playing kick the can. Some of you may not do this often and it may take some convincing but I’ve found once you’re there and getting into it, it really does bring out your childhood just a little.

Run with it and let yourself enjoy it. This is a cleaner alternative to the Pain Ball date below.

24. Paint Ball

My girlfriend pointed this one out to me. Definitely lots of fun. Just remember you’re going to get dirty so plan around that. Like Laser tagging if you let yourself have fun the child in you will want to come out and play.

If you’re not sure or if your evening won’t allow getting dirty and sometimes sweaty look around and choose Laser Tagging instead. Keep in mind both of these dates are not long so plan around it. They are also not great for conversations, obviously, so I would recommend structuring a date around this event.

25. Shooting Skeet. Shooting Range

Again in lieu of my girlfriend who loves to pop off guns. Obviously this is not for everyone and not a suggestion for most first dates. This depends on where you live and how your grew up.

Again this is not a long date and there will not be much conversation so plan around it and add it another event to attend.

26. Beach

Ahhhhh the beach. Show off that body and let your date show off theirs. This is not just for the beautiful. Sure I remember being young and busting on those who were willing to bare most of themselves despite their physical attributes but don’t let that stop you. Stay sensible and have fun with it. If you’re both hot better yet but please don’t avoid this date because you’re not a supermodel.

You’ll have to again keep in mind your dates body, how easily they burn, if they can swim, little things like that, but this date can last as long as want or just be an afternoon catching some rays.

I have found conversation are tough in these situations. Don’t expect deep intimate moments when you are both greased up and relaxing. In other words this is not a first or second date recommendation.

27. Local Events

Lots of medium to large cities will have publications of the local events. Pick one up and take it seriously. You’ll be surprised by what is going on right underneath your nose. You can surprise your date with a unique experience from throwing together a lame clay pot (Haha!)  to participating in a fun pot luck dinner.

Don’t overlook this one. Local events show off your passion about your community and can make your date feel they are contributing to something different and rewarding.

28. Private Party

This one is quite obvious so there is not much to say about it. I feel most people avoid this date, especially as a first one, because it can get awkward if you know everyone and your date does not know anyone.

If you have a large social group and you want to avoid that, make it a double a triple date so both of you have a more comfortable niche to start from.

29. Karaoke

Bad, bad, bad…Hahahaha!!! But hey, if you are both into it. Go for it. It sucks if you and your date have to be half drunk to perform but why not. Use the alcohol sparingly and lower your inhibitions just a little. I don’t see it written where the singer needs to be trashed and told the next morning what they sang. And I understand getting in front of an audience is tough for some but that’s why I say use just enough alcohol.

One item about this one is nobody seems to prepare for it.

I feel it’s best to know where you are going but also what you’re going to sing. You might want to visit this bar ahead of time and do some research. Remember dating is about having fun and you can be spontaneous but researching ahead and preparing the details leaves more room for doing it.

However have an agenda but still be flexible.

30. Water Parks

This is a full date and it can tire both of you out. Depending on the stage of your dating this can be a fun afternoon where both of you bring other friends, or a full day in which you know your date well so you go it alone. Some places have hotels close by and you can wash off the sun and relax for a while before heading back out.

Or even staying in your room to fully relax.

31. Go Karts – Four Wheeling – Snow Mobiles -Jet Skiing – Wind Surfing

Anything where you both get to drive around and/or get real dirty or wet.  Every area may be different but I bet within an hour of where you live, you’ll find one place to go where you both will enjoy it.

32. Shopping – Antiques – boardwalk – Malls – Stores

I understand this is not a typical place to take a date. You can think of this one as just a stop along the way. But if you have to pick something up and if you want to take someone to several places in the same outing, you can add this one to the list of things to do.

A Few More Helpful Tips…

If you can get yourself out of the using the words,

“Where can I take a date?”

And start asking yourself a different set of questions, you’ll find more places most would overlook.

Here are those questions I would recommend you to ask yourself:

  • Where can we both go which will be lots of fun?
  • We’re seeing each other a second time, where can we go which will stimulate our conversations and allow us to get to know each other better?
  • We’re seeing each other for the “nth” time, what would be the perfect place to get intimate and enjoy a little romance?
  • What would be a second place to go if we don’t want the night to end?

I believe you’ll find a little play on words can be helpful. There’s a stigma attached to the word ‘dating.’ and it’s usually attached to ‘work’, ‘nervous’, ‘anxiety’ … and so on. However if you stop thinking of them as dates and start using refreshing words to describe them, you will notice a change in your attitude and a change in your possible future partners attitude.

Notice how I avoided using the word date there easily.

Keep This List Close By:

You can add or subtract from it and make notes for yourself. A big reason I developed this list was to take some of the anxiety out of thinking of places to go and to spend more time doing something else.

Travel Close and Take Notes:

I mentioned above about taking some time to notice the details of your area. I can not emphasize how important this is.

Spend a little time researching your area and all the places you would normally overlook on a typical drive. Take notes if you have to. I know it sounds corny but I’m serious. Learn all those little known secrets.

Mix and Match:

Some places go together better with other places. If you really want to plan better experiences, (again I avoided that word date) put two or more of them together and you and your possible future partner will feel like they have been on several dates in one. This is a time saver and believe it or not, a quicker way to become intimate.

Always Plan Ahead:

You don’t have to stick with it exactly but take the few minutes to think about what may or may not happen within the experience and be ready when it does. Try not to get locked down and be so strict with your agenda but when you take care of the little things you will find it easier to enjoy more.

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3 comments… add one
  • Great stuff here, Peter, thanks. Many I’ve tried, (including a first date at an amusement park which was magical, but agree – it’s got to be something both of you enjoy) and many I hadn’t thought of. Thanks for the fantastic ideas!

    • You’re welcome Mark. And as always, thanks for the feedback. Nice to hear from an avid reader of mine.

  • A dedicated reader of mine wanted me to post a few more date places:

    Bowling – Sounds great. I have done this myself a few times even though I totally suck at it. Yeah I average around a 53. But I always managed to have fun doing it. I remember dating a young bartender once and we ordered a few Long Island Ice Teas but the bartender working did not know how to make one. Weird huh?

    I got my girlfriend involved and although he overcharged us, Haha!, we had a great time teaching him and managed to have fun with him about it.

    I don’t personally recommend this date. No talking. Crappy expensive food. Puts me in sleep mode if the movie sucks. If you can find a movie like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in other words one that you both can get involved in, then go for it and let yourself have fun with it. Other than that I go on dates to socialize and not sit in a chair and look up for an hour and a half.

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