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The Difference Between Attraction and A Moment of Sexual Attraction

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Is this attractive woman sexually fantasizing about you while she’s checking you out?

My whole approach to attraction is a blend of inner and outer game work…

So where does “sexual attraction” fit in and is there a difference between a standard “attraction” and one with a sexual edge to it?

There is definitely a difference.

Attraction being a somewhat broad feeling which can happen long-term and short-term and seems to follow distinct patterns we can easily create.

“Sexual attraction” in its purest form falls into moments of excitement which does not always have the same source or predictable pattern.

I recently read a very long and detailed explanation of what makes a woman want to sleep with a guy. You can read it here: What Really Makes A Woman Want to Sleep With A Man

Although it was informative it left nothing tangible I could put my mind to.

It talked about the many ways women seek partners for long-term involvement or just a casual affair.

The description may have also brought up more questions than it answered like…

One – the intangible or how and why that moment of excitement happens, and two – its claim that genetics will always predetermine whether how attractive you are deemed to be.

Such as your v-shape, voice, the unique pheromones you produce and so on.

All of which seemed to be set in motion from how we develop early on. Testosterone levels and all.

The “intangible” area of “sexual attraction” becomes a special mix or blend we can not put our fingers on.

It’s not something we can necessarily hold, touch, or describe entirely based on aesthetics alone.

If ( the article ) it gets you down because you’re not physically capable or genetically predisposed to attract women then I suggest you keep reading because “sexual attraction” as far as I’m concerned may have less to do with your genes than you might first believe. (Although I will agree they play a big role.)

You see these “picture” experiments to show attractiveness never show the whole real “picture” because as I mentioned before we are not static images.

We are moving creatures.

We are thinking creatures with the ability to choose, rationalize, and in the case of sexual attraction have the ability to imagine beyond any ordinary test.

I just may not believe science can fully gather our human art of attraction. Feel free to convince me otherwise.

And when it comes to women it’s a well-known fact their ability or even an emotional need to “fantasize” about you and plays its part in sexual attraction.

Not only does it have its say, I believe it’s the biggest separator between how sexually attractive you are to her or how little effect you have on her physical and metal reaction to your presence.

The fantasies I’m talking about are not the ones we dream of while laying awake in bed. The are not contrived. They are not real events she places in her mind to masturbate from.

They are an integral part of what makes a woman… a woman.

And very few men have experienced this imagination the way she does. ( Scientifically speaking our brains are wired a little different. )

During my research (in the written word area) I found an incredible description of these fleeting fantasies a woman experiences and picked this one in particular for obvious reasons:

Ultimately creative imagining of the person always occurs for me. Just brief moments, glimpses. And they don’t happen for every attractive male I encounter (relatively few, in fact). Sometimes a guy will move, stand, sit with a certain self-assuredness I’m drawn to and an incredibly inappropriate image of doing something to/with him will pop into my head. Anyone paying close attention will know when this happens; I impulsively bite my lip and glance at his crotch when doing it. It’s so quick I can only hope it’s all but imperceptible, but I’ve been doing it caught in the past.

Doesn’t mean I’m gonna sleep with the guy, for the record. Sometimes just the thought is nice.

What is Sexual Attraction?

She clearly describes glimpses and being drawn to her imagination which quite literally takes over her body.

For those few seconds she’s practically unaware of her surroundings and will display a few “tells” of what she is experiencing.

That moment she is enjoying can come many times a day at any time and maybe fortunately for you, any place.

The most common and specific attractive traits women look for in a man are listed in my Perfect Man survey and what women look for to be more likely to sleep with a guy is listed in my What Women Prefer For You To Be A Good Lover post.

If you follow them along and sort of “work’ on those traits, skills, or elements, you will definitely attract more women.

Now I do hope you’re asking…

How can you easily create those moments hoping that the more you trigger the more likely she’ll feel sexually attracted to you?

How can you use what you now know to “magically” create this experience and get more women to either sleep with you or become a potential girlfriend?

Is there a way to put everything together in a logical progression so you’re more likely to create this random intangible event?

And as I pointed out in the beginning…

What if you’re not predisposed to be sexually attractive because your genes only represent a small percentage of what she is looking for, how is it even possible to overcome a problem you’ve been born with?

I do intend to get into all those details and more but…you must admit that kind of information in its movie like dream of snapping your fingers and having women beg for your body are typically bought and sold in the attraction market for more money than a “just curious” guy is willing to spend.

You must admit you don’t want to fall for the quick-lay promises you see in ads but you’re curious.

What if they do work?

Are they really worth it?

And how ethical is it to “trick” a woman because we found the secret to control her sexual urges?

The fact you don’t trust those empty promises is a good thing because believe it or not, the feeling you are experiencing is your intuition questioning a moral dilemma you face.

You don’t want to be tricked and you don’t want to trick women. But your genes have given you a so-called scientific disadvantage with women.

And that’s just not fair is it?

Fair or not I want to keep a level playing field… and honestly if I can formulate this kind of advice perfectly for you it will be only available to paid members.

I want to hear from you and perhaps (hint hint) we can get a few women to comment an experience they found to be one of a purely sexually attractive moment.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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  • Nicole

    It was finally a quiet day at the office and I was able to focus on the ever-growing pile on my desk without interruption until a song came on the radio. Right away all I could think about was him and how dark his hair was and the way he styled it, his neck and his sex appeal…I could go on haha!! In the matter of seconds it went straight to imagining his hands grabbing and tugging my hair while I take all of him in my mouth to squeezing the back of his neck as I gasp when he enters me for the first time. It did go on for a few more seconds and it only got naughtier…maybe a little too naughty to share? The intense throbbing made me realize I had been staring at nothing and at that point decided I needed a different distraction haha!! Wow. All of that because of some guy I barely know but definitely a guy who I’m very sexually attracted to.

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