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It’s no secret to me, my family, and my friends than I’m not getting younger which supposedly means the fat is starting to build up and I find myself worrying a little more about my health.

Truth be told I’m not that worried about this whole dying thing (it’s bound to happen) as much as feeling like shit along the way. Sure my past (somewhat bad eating habits) may cause me to leave a little earlier which is not all too concerning, but it’s the aches, the constant pains, the lowered physical endurance, the scare of one day not being able to “get it up which” annoys me and stays more on my mind.

Once again, as has become quite the reoccurring event over my last decade, I find myself on a health kick.

Not totally though because that’s just not me, I still have a few bad habits which remain unbroken and not surprisingly, the worst one is always the toughest to give up or let go. (Yes, dare I say it, I’m a smoker!)

Something rang in my head which led me to write about our health and attraction and how closely they are related.

The idea is lightly based on the classic saying that “attraction is not skin deep” but not fully because the point today is beyond an attractive personality and more about how we feel about ourselves which in turn makes a more attractive dude.

In my old (some say wise age) I’m learning that my aging body is getting harder to maintain which of course means – less testosterone, quicker fading muscles, and a not-so-sharp mind.

Okay, I’m working on it and believe it or not, a sort of health nut when it comes to learning the real science behind our bodies and how they work.

I can not stand, actually hate how modern society tends to lie to us and feed us shit we just shouldn’t put in out bodies…. ever!

Their confusing commercials and blatant lies piss me off without fail everyday.

Everything aside, while deciding if something (pre-packaged) is good I study the label.

The more ingredients and the harder they are to pronounce, I put it back. Unfortunately food manufacturers are getting good a hiding the “shit”.

By the way, the “natural food” label makes me laugh in disgust every time.

Thousands of chemicals are used to make our food taste better, look better, and last longer, but most of these food additives, preservatives, and colorings are synthetic. Even the term “natural food” – once used to describe whole fruits and vegetables and unrefined grains – has now been expanded to include packaged, processed foods, many of which contain a wide array of chemicals.”

7 Scary Food Additives to Avoid

These chemicals which in turn destroy our health and leave us in a constant state of inflammation definitely have an effect on our “attractiveness” because when we feel down all the time, it’s hard to be happy.

Thus, attraction is not just skin deep but ALWAYS starts from the inside out.

Don’t get me wrong or quote me on something I don’t believe in, physical attractiveness, especially for the younger in-fit crowd, plays a role.

However – I don’t think ANY guy should work on his physical appearance just to attract a woman or believe that he needs a perfect body to create attraction.

He should NEVER start a workout/diet regiment just to get laid or attract women.

Not only is a total waste of time because he’s doing it for the wrong reasons, but it might not work AND when you’re not doing something for yourself, you’re less likely to succeed or maintain the regiment.

Attracting women is something YOU do internally and communicate externally.

Take care of yourself as best you can (for yourself) and you’ll soon see how attraction is not just skin deep.

Women find men who TRY sexy. Women find men who COOK sexy. Women find men who are POSITIVE and HAPPY… SEXY!

But again, don’t do it for them. Do it for yourself and you’ll give yourself the energy and drive to succeed in many areas of your life which in turn will make you happy and healthy.

Healthy = emotionally stable = clearer thinking = more energy = stronger confidence = higher libido = sexier body language = relaxed & lowered heart rates = calm, cool, collected = positive attitude AND a better ability to communicate THAT to women.

I might be going off on a limb here – but despite your physical attractiveness,

I’m going to say without a doubt that when a woman meets a guy with those kind of attributes, she can not help but to feel something for him.

Yet there’s absolutely no point in doing it for them.

That tends to lead to frustration and anger and you’re less likely to follow through with your plan AND you will in turn suffer trying to control something you have absolutely no control over (realistically) and that’s how a woman feels about you.

Do it for yourself and women will notice.

I prefer the term “accidental attraction” and is by far is the most effective way to have it happen more consistently.

It’s like this, “Opps. I built myself into a real man, healthy as I can be for who I am at this point in life, I’m trying, and look at that, those women are attracted to me.”

Here’s an old but intelligent look at nutrition which gets much deeper: (.pdf) Training and Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean Body.

I’m hoping it will kick start you into starting something new or bringing back something you once did or forgot about.

Attraction is NOT skin deep.

Attracting women starts from within you. How you feel inside and how you feel about yourself. 

However you start your journey into tapping your internal or accidental I’m right here with you. Best of luck to you.

Your friend and fellow aging man,

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