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Do Good Girls Go Bad or Are They Just Bad For You Now? Ex-Girlfriends

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I have a sad story about a woman. She started off good, ended up being bad, and when she started to appear okay, turned out to be even worse than before.

I am telling you because it’s important for you as a man to understand the implications of your desire to be more attractive.

In this case being more attractive includes your specific goals such as getting more dates, finding a girlfriend, or enjoying a sex life. It goes without saying but to achieve those goals having a solid attractive personality is essential.

You should care because I want to dispel a myth…

Achieving your success with women does not mean, imply, infer, or even guarantee:

  • You will suddenly be happy.
  • Your problems will disappear.
  • Life will be all fun and games.

I’m not writing this to put you down or make you feel it’s useless to pursue these kind of goals. I still encourage it highly. I want all men to understand with each new level on your climb to becoming the “Alpha Male” you want to be, a new level of tests will be sure to meet you there. Handle them quickly and efficiently and handle them with the understanding:

When you hit your new level of testing from an outside source or your own internal self, you’ve just reached another goal. So after you’ve dealt with the new problem, please, by all means give yourself a pat on the back and congratulate yourself. You deserve it.

Here’s the sad story:

I received a call yesterday from an old ‘girlfriend‘ of mine. A young, highly intelligent, tall blonde with a sense of humor like you wouldn’t believe.

She sounds great, doesn’t she?

Well at the time I thought so too. She was my next level. She represented to me a woman I could never have dreamed of getting when I was her age, or even ten years older. But no one told me just because a woman possesses so many great qualities does not mean she’s going to be all fun and games.

I was out when she called me up. Not a big deal we talked several times a day. Except over the last 30 days before that day she appeared to grow distant. She was upset and almost to the point of a breakdown.

Here is what she said,

“Oh my god. I can’t believe what I did. I got drunk last night and screwed some guy. I was so drunk I don’t even know if he used a condom or not. Peter I’m so scared. And the worst part of it all was, earlier that day me and (some other guy!!) agreed to be exclusive. Peter I don’t know what to do.”


You see at the time I believed we were together. I believed we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I believed she was committed to me and I had no clue there was even another guy.

Apparently over the last month leading up to that night, you know the time where I felt she was growing distant, she began seeing the ‘other guy.

I’m sure lots of guys can relate to what I was feeling during that phone call.




Well obviously I did not pursue any more actions with her. We have kept in touch and I’m happy to tell you I got over her quick. (If that same terrible event happened over ten years ago I’m sure it would have taken months to get over her…but that’s a whole different story.)

Skip to the present day.

We still keep in touch. We text each other. She calls randomly and I do mean randomly. We’re still “decent” friends.

However a famous man once told me how when we are constantly seeking new paradigms and we’re seeking to surround ourselves only with positive minded people, sometimes it’s necessary to cut ties completely with some people.

Granted I haven’t initiated many conversations with her and her impact in my life has been minimal, (Because I do excommunicate negative people.)  A recent action by her part has caused me to consider no contact whatsoever.

The end of this story involves a simple favor I asked of her. I texted her to mention how I finally released my first video and I wanted her to check it out. I wanted her to look at it and not to criticize me, I don’t actually care what she thinks of it, I wanted exposure. If she liked it or found it amusing she might pass it along to her friends to help me out.

My phone finally rang the next day and I was excited to hear her laughing. Since I believed she was laughing at my video. Well guess what????

Three minutes into the conversation I asked her about it and she replied,

“What!!! I don’t have the time for that. I’ve got this and that to do and I don’t have the time to watch some stupid video of you.”

Trust me that’s not paraphrased much at all.

So there I was requesting a simple thing from an old friend and was rudely turned down because she was too busy.

It was in that moment I decided to write this post up and believe it or not it was not to put her down. I wanted you to understand several points on your path to attraction:

  1. The people around you don’t change their core selves just because you have changed. That work is up to them and if they don’t feel the need, want, drive or desire, they won’t ever change so don’t expect it.
  2. At each new level you’ll find when one woman looked perfect for you, there’s a huge possibility you’ll look back and realize how she was not even close.
  3. Just because a woman is smart, funny, and beautiful does not mean she will be perfect for you. There are no guarantees in relationships.
  4. It’s one thing to hope someone will give you a boost but it’s another thing to expect it to happen. Don’t look for pats on the back from people who have hurt you in the past because you might find yourself disappointed.
  5. With each new level, new tests on yourself will appear. Don’t let you get it down because it means you’ve reached a new level.
  6. Enjoy your present as much as you can because you’re as perfect as you’re going to be that day. When tomorrow becomes the present you can use it as a marker to gauge how far you’ve gone. You’re building a map of your life and each outlying road contains any and all relationships. Some will be dead ends. Some will intertwine forever in your life. But that road only stretches forward. You can never go back and 99.9999% of the time…that’s a good thing.

There’s so much more to this little story and what I’ve learned from writing it , and how much I’ve grown since the first words we uttered to each other.

I do hope you can imagine what they are and plug in your own experience and growth to help you out.

My only job today was to allow your mind or inspire you to find your own truths about where you’re going, where you’ve been, the people you have affected and how they affected you, the good and the bad.


About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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