Do Women Think You’re Too Predictable? Here’s How To Change Her Mind

We often see boring and predictable as being unattractive to women. The reasons are obvious to most. Boredom is something we try to avoid. Predictable generally means a lack of excitement.

It’s easy to see how a woman would not be attracted to either one. Combined them together in the personality of some guy and you’ve got yourself a practically guaranteed non-sexual vibe devoid of any attraction.

So what if you believe you are a little boring and predictable?

What if you know a girl who believes it too and you want to change her mind?

How would you go about doing it in a way which is not so obvious? You can’t just tell her. That won’t work and will make you look a little strange.

Good news – there IS a way to get ANY woman to start seeing you in a different more exciting way (hence changing her mind or first impression about you) and it doesn’t require you to start living a lavish lifestyle, buying and riding a motorcycle, inking yourself up, climbing a mountain, jumping from a plane – nope.

You don’t have to start living on the edge for this to happen.

The great news is that you can start using this on any new woman you meet that way you don’t have to worry about changing her mind about you.

Start using it immediately with EVERY woman you can come in contact with because truth be told – how ever possible it IS to change a woman’s mind or get her to feel attracted to you AFTER you already know her – it bar far much more powerful when used right away and so much easier. Never forget that.

Here’s how…

Women aren’t attracted to the same old, boring, predictable conversation.

Attraction happens when there is energy, spice, humor, mystery…

COCKY AND FUNNY… and saucy.

So if you want to create ATTRACTION instead of BOREDOM, you’re going to have to learn a new way.

How To Act With A Woman On The First Date – What and How to Say It

The secret is in the quote… women are not attracted to the same old…

Boring and predictable conversations!

Here’s a secret about women most guys just don’t get or believe or whatever – Most real non-overly-superficial women do NOT care that you’re not living some extravagant lifestyle.

They don’t give a shit and it’s not required at all to create attraction IF… two things are in place.

Your conversations are exciting AND you’re living your life with purpose and a hint of passion.

That’s all is ever needed to attract some of the most amazing women on the planet!

Here’s another secret about women most guys don’t get or believe either – women who are looking for a relationship with a guy actually find “being predictable” a good thing.

It means you’ll be there for her and/or the family. Sure it might mean a routine, a consistent work schedule, or living a fairly predictable life, but it won’t stop you from getting a girlfriend. It will actually help you.

Again IF… two things are in place…

Your conversations are exciting AND you’re living your life with purpose and a hint of passion.

Obviously after you’re in a relationship or working up to one, you definitely want to throw in some romance and spice and mix things up a bit, but you don’t have to rearrange your whole life thinking that’s what it takes to create attraction because it’s just not true.

Okay yes it’s true. Women DO find themselves attracted to men who are a little illusive.

They like the challenge.

They can get hooked on the mystery and excitement of it all.

BUT they still want from that guy whose “predictability” simply means consistency in who he is. She WANTS the same guy to show up every time.

(The exception being if you drop everything you’re doing whenever she wants something, calls, texts, or whatever – then it’s time you STOP doing it immediately because you’re not helping your case. That’s the type of predictable easy you’re not a challenge thing which will assure you NEVER change how she sees you.)

How do you make your conversations with women less boring and more exciting?

#1. Start flirting a lot more and if you’re not flirting at all, start doing it immediately. 

Flirting sets a real tone with a sexual edge to it. It’s a form of communication that women get and when done correctly, makes a real exciting statement about you.

It say you’re smart, cunning, witty, and charming. It’s an indirect of showing confidence and courage. It also says to any women that you get it. You’re on her level of communication.

There’s not much real help for guys on flirting but I did find this: The Flirting Formula. (The known start up price is $47) It is what it is so I won’t say much. You do get a little help with your confidence and esteem and a little on approaching women too.

Here’s what I have at DiaLteG TM: How to Flirt with Women – Skills, Definition, and Practice Makes Perfect.

#2. If you don’t know want cocky/funny is, learn it and start doing in ALL your conversations with women.

The formula for how to do RIGHT it is actually very simple:

  1. Speak in a highly confident way.
  2. Add humor to make it funny instead of just arrogant and obnoxious.

5 Fail Proof Tests For Getting A Girlfriend FAST

There are a few examples on that page but it won’t be enough. The concept of cocky funny is easy for some and extremely difficult for others to get right. BUT it’s worth learning how to do it because you’ll demonstrate so many things to women which is as far from boring and predictable as you can get.

What women instantly get from you is confidence, smart, humor, wit, clever and more. It’s exactly how you communicate on a level very few guys get so when you do it, she automatically knows you’re different, unique, and exciting too.

You can try it a little or go full out and learn it 100%. Trust me this is THE BEST investment you can make to assure no woman ever finds your boring and predictable again:

Cocky Funny“How To Use Cocky Comedy To Make Women Feel Instant Attraction And Literally Addicted To Being Around You.”

For a great introduction on how to use the cock funny routine – read this page: Cocky Comedy – The Difference Between Being Confident & Acting Like a Jerk.

#3. Avoid asking close-ended questions. 

These are questions which only require a yes or no answer or only gets her to give out information that leads to a dead-ended conversation. They are boring and lead nowhere and no woman wants to feel like she’s being interviewed.

There’s not much specific help out there on this subject alone. It generally deals with sales tactics and is rarely related to dating and attraction.

But it is a skill you must know IF you want your conversations to exciting.

What I will tell you is to think about what kind of questions these are and avoid them at all costs. Opt for something different and you’ll soon notice a shift in the dynamics of your interactions with women.

Some examples are: “What do you do for a living?”,  “How old are you?”, “Do you have any children?”, etc..  Avoid anything and everything like that. They’re just pain BAD.

You’ll find this mistake and many more in this article. Give it a read:

“By utilizing the following conversation topics, you’ll be able to attract women by turning good conversations into great conversations.”

Conversation Topics That Keep Her Attention, Charm Her and Attract Her

#4. Avoid giving her a direct answer when at all possible.

This also includes not allowing her to give you a close-ended question. When she does it – call her out on it in a funny way. Make sure she’s laughing or else you will only come off as an ass!

Trust when I say – if a woman is interested in you enough to ask you personal questions, the LAST thing you want to do is just hand them over to her without making it interested and fun. You’ll blow it quickly and of course be seen as quite the boring guy.

Besides, she’s probably testing you and if you want to create and amplify her attraction – make sure you pass them.

“Common questions include what we do for a living, how old we are, if we’ve ever been married, do we have kids, what do we do for fun, and lots of yes or no questions.

Avoid boring answers. Make her wonder if you’re telling the truth or not. Play with your answers. Make them fun. This also works great to begin linking a “fake” life with her in a flirtatious way.”

Top Ten Ways to Challenge Women to be Attracted to You

The key here is to ALLOW her to enjoy the experience of GETTING TO KNOW YOU. That’s it. Make it interesting and keep it fun.

Build some anticipation. Tease her a little. Get her to want to know more about you.

Challenge her to up her game and start attracting YOU. That’s an entirely different mindset which sets you up as the least boring guy she’s ever met. So say it again…

Challenge her to up her game and start attracting YOU!

That alone will change the direction and the whole “feel” of ALL your conversations. for the better.

Next up…

#5. Talk about things she’s emotionally attached to and fires her up. 

Rock the boat a little and don’t be afraid to be the guy that’s got the balls to go there. Find something quickly which she’s really into and emotionally invested in. (Only good stuff please stay away from negative bullshit or things like death and destruction.)

What are her passions, he hopes, her dreams, her first kiss, her first sexual experience, etc…

Anything which she experienced which will heighten her emotional mood and get her sitting at the edge of her seat. Open her up in a way most guys are too afraid to go.

Just a warning, do not go here during any of your conversations with her: 17 Questions You Should Never Ask A Girl If You Want Her To Like You.

For some great emotional topics read these:

You’ll find lots of useful topics to discuss plus how and when to talk about them too.

#6. Learn to tell some more engaging stories about you, your life, and things in general.

Even an old mundane boring events can be made into a great story IF you tell them in a way which captures your listener. I’ve seen guys turn a simple walk down the street into a “sit on the edge of your seat” adventure where you’re hoping it will never end.

Granted this is a MAJOR skill and not all men will get it fully.

But it is possible to just tell some that are little more interesting than just stating facts or circumstances. You don’t have to be a prolific writer or novelist.

You only have to know what elements to add, what makes a great story, and how to tell it in a way that enhances your vocal inflections and captures her eyes onto you.

Eye contact and vocal inflections are a big part of story telling in your conversations with women that don’t require much skill at all. Just takes a little practice and a good eye to notice how she’s physically or mentally responding to your words.

Try it and you just might find you’re better at it than you thought.

Watch some movies written by Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino. They’re great story tellers. Watch some comedians like Jim Jefferies or some old stuff from Richard Prior or Eddie Murphy. All are great story tellers.

My point is to watch and pay attention to HOW the tell them. It shouldn’t be too tough – they’re all very interesting and fun to watch anyways. The more you see – the more you’ll see it integrated into how you talk to women.

No need to invest your money in anything more when it comes to telling a great story. Just learn from the best through osmosis. Let it all sink in and you’ll not only be surprised how much of it rubs off on you, but you’ll see it come out next time you’re talking to the woman you want to start seeing you in a more attractive light.

A ton has been covered today on making you a less predictable or boring person through your conversations alone. Sure we skipped the part on living your life with purpose and passion but that’s an entirely different subject.

I know how all this may sound trivial. You might have heard it before, tried it, and it didn’t work for you. Who knows maybe you made more women friends than bed partners and girlfriends so you gave up trying.

But let’s not get stuck on thinking something does not work because you couldn’t make it work for you. If I did that I’d still playing “one on one” with myself – and I’m not! That I guarantee.

The biggest obstacle I’ve found men have in learning to attract women through conversations alone is they get stuck in their head.

They try to logically dictate their next move, sentence, or question. And if you do that with any woman – no lie – you’re going to struggle with the process above.

This advice will become trivial and you WILL become just her friend.

Believe me when I tell you that “before my shift” I could talk for hours with any woman on the planet and none of it got me any closer to an intimate relationship.

That was because I assumed certain logic which proved to be false because as David always say… women are NOT logical…

If I say this she will do this. If I ask the right question I’ll turn her on. If I talk about this subject I can become the subject of her desires.

And it was these “logical” connections which will kill attraction faster than just grunting across a dinner table which will actually work better because at least she’ll get angry with you, right?

So the process is not really learning how to talk with her the right way. Yes we can learn tips to help us out but really they’re just blueprints and examples. Something our “logical” mind can grasp and understand.

The process is learning and then knowing how to communicate with any woman on a deeper level.

That’s the secret to eliminating the hurtful stigma of women finding you boring and predictable.

Change HOW you communicate with women. Start doing it on a deeper level. Change how you communicate YOURSELF to women so they can connect with you on that deeper level.

And believe me they WILL keep coming back for more. They will start calling you. They will text you more. They will do things just to be around you more because they will feel like they can not get enough of you.

And if you can do that you’ll suddenly find yourself meeting more and more women who will never see you as being too predictable or too boring.

One important warning before we move on…

The HOW is lightly covered above but you must understand or change the WHY… let me explain.

You must get far away from doing things just like this (conversations) because you expect something in return. You’re not trying to “trick” a woman into wanting you because you won’t give her a straight answer.

That’s you getting stuck in your own head. That’s you trying to get something for it or out of her.

Enjoy the moment! Get out of your head. Get out of your own way. Do it because you like to see that fake pouty look on her face. Do it because it’s fun to tease her a little and even more enjoyable to watch her become a little frustrated.

Do it because when those moments settle you get to see her real genuine smile that many other men who or will ever see.  Do it because you’ll engage her emotional side and have her wanting to playfully fight you back.

Do it because you’re both having fun with it.

Those are the real results.

Attraction is NOT about winning some game – it’s about playing it the right way and if you can do that… women will be far from ever calling you predictable and boring ever again.

You can’t be doing all this hoping to get laid, hoping to create attraction, hoping it will get you  girlfriend. Sure, that might be your end goal but you will not easily succeed  in getting there unless you learn to love the process and forget about the result. The results will come so let them.

That’s your only warning. Do it, change how you communication for every little thing you see or feel happening for her in THAT moment.

Enjoy every second of it and she will enjoy it right along with you.

Countless books have already been written on this subject. Hundreds of programs are already out there this very second you can buy which will show you EXACTLY how it’s done. I am going to suggest you pick one up and don’t waste any time getting right to it.

Here are the best:

How To Talk To Women!

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to start or keep a conversation going with a woman, you know how frustrating it can be. You want to say the right things at the right time to keep her interested, and get her number – or a kiss – or more.

In this program, Carlos Xuma explains all the core elements of conversation, how they work, along with examples of cocky humor, texting, and his complete bag of tricks to keep her talking to you for as long as you want…

BUY How To Talk To Women – Conversational Attraction!

Conversation Escalation – Make Small Talk Sexy!

Conversation Escalation is all about talking to women in the exact way which is written – Make Small Talk Sexy. Bobby Rio will you take your conversations to a whole new level.

There are six main traits that good topics possess:

  1. A good topic should build rapport.
  2. A good topic should create an emotional state
  3. A good topic should make you three dimensional.
  4. A good topic provides hooks to keep a conversation going.
  5. A good topic allows you to display your attractive qualities.
  6. A good topic leads to sexuality

Based on the six criteria listed above I’ve uncovered 12 “almost magical” topics that will lead you towards your objective of creating attraction.

Bobby Rio Interview – Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy

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Sexual Communication!

Want To Succeed With Women Like Most Men Can Only Dream About?

David DeAngelo adds a little something to the way in which you communicate to women which goes beyond just talking to her. I’ve added this amazing program because it’s billed as a secret language women understand. Learn it and you’ll be amazed by no woman will ever call you boring and predictable – in person – or in bed.

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