Do You Have To Be Very Popular To Get A Hot Girlfriend?

Look around and I'm sure you've made the connection... You see a popular guy with an extremely hot girlfriend by his side.

You might be wondering if it's at all possible for let's say an average, popularity speaking guy, to get one too despite him being much less known.

I'm with you there and when a reader sent me this question in I could not help but to give my opinion and the answer too.

Being popular is NOT required to getting a hot girlfriend BUT it sure does help.

I'm not going to make false promises or tell you being popular has nothing to do with it. That's not really fair to you.

We can narrow it down by defining popular but I feel that will only confuse the issue.

Let's just assume, good or bad...

Being popular means you're very well-known in any social area be it media, work, friends, and large families.


Attracting beautiful higher-quality women requires exceptional social competence, skills, and status. They make all the difference between failure and success.

You're not going to have much success through your looks alone. It's just not going to happen, generally speaking of course.

Another fact:

Having and using exceptional social skills gives you higher status and will automatically make you popular among those who are involved in it.

Now of course you can be popular and not liked at the same time. People can love to hate you which in turn can make you even more well-known.

Loved, revered, or hated, when you have the right social skills and use them publicly, you WILL become popular.

I hope by now you're questioning what I said earlier because I do not want you to take everything I say as an absolute truth...

It's not required to get a hot girlfriend (popularity) but it sure does help... a lot!

Another question remains with regards to DiaLteG™ and attracting women:

Is it possible to attract "exceptionally cute" women without being the most well-known person in your community?

Let's explore this issue on at a time because I believe the answer is a definite yes as long as other things are in place.


Friends - have lots of them and act respectfully.

You don't have to be well-known by everybody but if there's one thing I know in the world of being an attractive man, your friends (when made the right way)  their friends, and their friends of their friends are capable of turning even an "average" lonely guy into a well sought out man by single beautiful women.

Wow that was a mouthful.

I have thought hard about it and yes it does seem like when you have lots of good friends you're considered popular.

Yet there is a distinct difference between people seeking you out - popularity - and just being a great enough guy you make lots of cool friends.

You see when you're out and about living your life there's a vast amount of opportunity to meet lots of women.

When you're "pre-selected" and introduced to the more attractive ones by your friends you're going to find she's probably going to trust you more.

She's more likely to accept you as a real person because so many others do.

BUT, and I'm going to warn you, pre-selection by friends can and does land way too many men in the friends zone.

You'll have to learn how to avoid that trap so for those of you who always end up there - please I insist you take care of that issue as quickly as you can or else meeting friends of friends may not help you at all.


Attract a hot girlfriend by getting women to chase you and to compete over you.

You can learn all about how it's done in my last post:

You Want More Dating Choices, Then Learn How To Get Women To Chase You.

I give you several ways on how it's done:

  • Create a life for yourself that women will want to be a part of so badly that you trigger her urge to feel compelled to chase you without giving up her feminine side which she needs.
  • You must possess and/or develop a very real and natural indifference.

Something I cover for members only. Here's the preview page you can check out:

How To Be Indifferent & How Indifference Attracts Women When Done Right

  • Your lifestyle must draw her in with as little effort as possible on your part.
  • Extend to women the courage she needs to pursue you and allow others to show her it's okay. This will she will feel it's just the "right" thing to do - if she wants to have you for herself.
  • Make yourself in every way possible... THE PRIZE. Something she can not resist to get, have, and to keep.

Obviously all the details are on the page and I believe it will definitely help you get a hot girlfriend minus the popularity:

How To Get Women To Chase You


The  third way to make it happen is a no-brainer but probably much harder.

I mean seriously, you might have to do a lot of work so ask yourself if it's worth it to you before you proceed.

I talked a little about branching out your friendships to meet more women.

So you got that going for you.

I talked about getting the women you meet to chase you and possibly compete over you.

And you've got that going for you too...


Increase your odds of success by using every possible means to connect with ALL women you find attractive.

Use the internet.

Use several online dating sites and maximize the social ones where it's appropriate.

If you're out to dinner and your waitress is hot, well you better get her name and her phone number.

Utilize every meeting to further expand how many women you meet.

If you're walking somewhere, anywhere, and you see an attractive women - don't fall back - say something.

Preferable "Hello" even if it goes nowhere.

Visit bookstores, malls, get a membership to a gym, go skiing, play volleyball on a beach...

The point  is that beautiful women live every available life and if you only look for them where they're more likely to hook up with Mister Popularity - then yes...

You're going to have to be popular to get them to be your girlfriend.

I have known so many attractive women who live such boring sheltered lives it pains me to talk about it.

They don't do very much at all.

They rarely go to parties.

You'll never find them at a bar or a club.

Yet they're so incredibly good-looking they'll make your knees buckle to see them.

And THOSE are the ones who couldn't care less how popular you are.

They couldn't care less how big your bank account is or what you drive.

They refuse to be someone's eye candy and the last thing they want from you is to drag them to places they don't want to go - because YOU'RE intent on being popular.

For more advice on meeting hotter women please read through the preview post. The full one is only available to members of DiaLteG™:

Start Meeting Hotter Women – Find and Remove Your Fears Around Them


Look the part you plan on living and playing in too.

If you're going to be with an attractive women, and no you don't have to great looking, you must take care of yourself down to every last detail.

You can get a pretty good list with some great tips on my page:

Refine Your Look, Style – How To Take Care Of The Details Women Notice

Truthfully speaking people, and in this case women, do assume certain things about you based on how you look.

I can not help that nor can I get in her head to change her belief structure.

Now if you believe it's all about how good-looking you are, I'm going to disagree with you almost entirely. You must understand though your image is something she's going to see first, you don't want to have to work so hard to overcome that challenge.

Especially when so many things about yourself are in your control.

I feel it's just best to suck up any notions you have that looks mean nothing or everything and learn to make yourself feel exceptionally good about yourself by taking care of those details.

FIVE and lastly:

Talk your way into making her your girlfriend.

You might have heard successful business owners talk about "location location location" when it comes to opening up a successful business because it used to be that important, before the internet of course.

Well when it comes to attracting ANY woman on the planet it's all about these two things because without them, you will not have much success at all.

They are:

Conversation, Conversation, Conversation!


Communication, Communication, Communication!

I hate to use these words but they're so powerful and can be very motivating...

Since you can literally TALK your way, and most of the time "have to" into a woman's pants:

You can also TALK your way into getting a hot girlfriend too.

Now obviously you won't be begging or pleading women or doing all the stupid stuff I trust you know to avoid, and you're not on this list too much then CONVERSATIONAL ATTRACTION backed up with LEADERSHIP and ACTION will land you a hot girlfriend.

Get that down and you won't have to be very popular at all.

This would be a very large area to cover so I'll get you headed in the right direction and you can take it from there.


The conclusion...

Yes. It definitely does help to "get" a hot girlfriend if you're popular.

Certainly doesn't hurt your chances too.

We can all admit that and I believe you feel the same way but, based on what I've shown you today it IS possible for any perceived "average" known guy to land a hot girlfriend:

Expand your social circle and utilize your respectful friendships - respectfully of course.

Get women to chase you and encourage them to compete over you. Use pre-selection as best as you can.

Increase your opportunities and use every available means to meet the kind of women who couldn't care less about your popularity.

Look the part you plan on playing and living in too.

Talk, talk, talk your way into creating attraction and communicate to part of women which makes them FEEL and act on those feelings too.

I believe all those above along with some fair leadership skills and the drive to take action when it's called for, you'll find yourself with an amazing girlfriend in no time and you can forget all about having to be popular to make it happen.

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  • jeff

    I think you do have to be popular to get a hot girlfriend. Women tend to be superficial and use men t o make themselves look better in front of their friends. If she cant show him off or make her friends jealous, she’s not going to bother with the guy.

    • Can’t argue with some of your points Jeff. Some women can be superficial. Some women are into showing their man off to their friends. Some women DO use their boyfriend or date to make themselves look better and feel better about themselves. Some women are likely to make someone else jealous by who they decide to date.

      However… Generalizing women (as in saying or implying they are all superficial) tends to be a failed limited belief statement which will only prove to YOURSELF that you’re correct and can forever put you in a negative feedback look where the truth may never be seen by you.

      And I can tell you from direct personal experience, is HIGHLY unattractive to the women who are NOT like the generalized women you claim are like that.

      So by thinking this way, your mindset will not only bring more of those superficial women into your life, will repel the ones who are not because of one, your negative attitude towards women, and two you won’t recognize or allow yourself to see those better women.

      If you go out looking for something, you will find it. Look for good, you’ll find it. Look for bad, you’ll find it.

      Both exist. We know that.

      Thanks for sharing Jeff.