Survey – Why Women Are Attracted To Jerks & Bad Boys, How Nice Guy Can Do It Too

It's no secret the combination of all the bad boys and jerks in the world  have had and will have their "not-so-fair" share of women.

Except there seems to be some confusion between these two types of men and knowing the difference can  help you attract women and take your fair share of women back to your "nice" or good side.

In a short sampled survey I gave you'll notice something strange. See if you can spot it:

Why Are Women Attracted To Jerks - Survey Results

85 different women responded - they were allowed to choose several answers.

  • 48 said it was: Their bad boy attitude.
  • 38 : They don't care what others think of them.
  • 37 It was because: They live exciting adventurous lives.
  • 38 Their mysterious attitude was intriguing.
  • 34 women preferred the emotional roller coaster with them.
  • 33 wanted to: Change or Tame him.
  • 33 believed: He offered the special protection.
  • 17 said her family and friends did not approve of him.
  • 17 times he was the ultimate challenge and she wanted to make him like or love her.
  • 16 actually claimed, "I am NOT attracted to jerks!"
  • 13 admitted she had father figure issues.
  • 10 couldn't explain why or I didn't give them a reasonable choice.

Did you notice the first answer?

Their BAD BOY attitude.

When asked directly why she was attracted to a jerk - the number one answer was oddly enough a statement which had very little to do with what a real JERK or asshole actually is.

This confusion or misinterpretation often goes unnoticed but there's a remarkable difference between the two types.

The REAL differences between the bad boy and the jerk.

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