Survey – Why Women Are Attracted To Jerks & Bad Boys, How Nice Guy Can Do It Too

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It’s no secret the combination of all the bad boys and jerks in the world  have had and will have their “not-so-fair” share of women.

Except there seems to be some confusion between these two types of men and knowing the difference can  help you attract women and take your fair share of women back to your “nice” or good side.

In a short sampled survey I gave you’ll notice something strange. See if you can spot it:

Why Are Women Attracted To Jerks – Survey Results

85 different women responded – they were allowed to choose several answers.

  • 48 said it was: Their bad boy attitude.
  • 38 : They don’t care what others think of them.
  • 37 It was because: They live exciting adventurous lives.
  • 38 Their mysterious attitude was intriguing.
  • 34 women preferred the emotional roller coaster with them.
  • 33 wanted to: Change or Tame him.
  • 33 believed: He offered the special protection.
  • 17 said her family and friends did not approve of him.
  • 17 times he was the ultimate challenge and she wanted to make him like or love her.
  • 16 actually claimed, “I am NOT attracted to jerks!”
  • 13 admitted she had father figure issues.
  • 10 couldn’t explain why or I didn’t give them a reasonable choice.

Did you notice the first answer?

Their BAD BOY attitude.

When asked directly why she was attracted to a jerk – the number one answer was oddly enough a statement which had very little to do with what a real JERK or asshole actually is.

This confusion or misinterpretation often goes unnoticed but there’s a remarkable difference between the two types.

The REAL differences between the bad boy and the jerk.

The bad boy type being the “seemingly” careless guy who lives on the edge. The unattainable. The dare devil. A rebel who fights authority at every turn.

He typically represents an “ultimate” challenge to women.

He has a sexy sultry side. He’s deep private thinker but is often misunderstood. (At least that’s what he might believe.)

Give him a certain look and you won’t find many women who haven’t fantasized about their own or have enjoyed a few casual nights with one of them.

As seen in the survey above.

The jerk is easier to understand with an another word – he’s an asshole. His confidence is built on hurting or harming others emotionally or physically.

It’s either his way or nothing.

His self-esteem is shit or if at all possible, less than that; although he would never admit it publicly unless some other stronger dude shoves his face in the same shit he shells out.

He generally but very frequently treats people (including women of course) like shit. He shows very little empathy. He takes more than he’ll ever give.

For him to succeed in his world – someone else must suffer.

I can go on by why bother because the difference is now very clear.

The BAD BOY is out to hurt himself or die trying while the JERK is out to hurt others for any type of his ill-gotten gain be it money, women, or emotional.

Another MAJOR difference between the two MUST be pointed out to help you understand why knowing the real separation between the two can actually help you attract more women.  (And that’s what you really want, right?)

Generally speaking – A jerk often NEEDS something to get his women. Usually it’s money, looks, famous career or something substantial or superficial.

The bad boy NEEDS nothing and often doesn’t want anything.

He doesn’t need to be at all that good-looking although a certain look about him might help. But since his “ways” might keep him from gaining looks, a sometimes a high-paying career (minus the famous edge often seen), and anything superficial he must rely on “other” things to get his women.

How can knowing these differences help you attract women.

Jerk Bad Boy Woman Attraction Cheating
Okay, granted, knowing the differences in itself is probably not much of a help BUT…

There’s definitely something going on which when noted – can be a major use to you in the “game” of attraction.

First – becoming a jerk or thinking you must be one to attract women- or believing or thinking that women are more attracted to jerks than nice guys is utterly FALSE.

Since the jerk NEEDS something else, when he’s removed from his “gotten gains”, whether it’s physical or emotional, he has barely nothing left to attract women.

Therefore – becoming a jerk without the necessary added stuff in no way guarantees you’ll become the asshole chic-magnet you might think they are.

However – take a nice guy and give him some edge, preferably an attractive one, or give him a few bad boy traits or qualities and you’re almost guaranteed success in attracting women.

Knowing what separates the jerk and the bad boy, or their real differences then becomes very important.

Second, since it’s clear the bad boy isn’t a jerk – this means you don’t have to add negative or outer destructive traits to your probably already wonderful personality to attract women just as much as the bad boy does.

I’ll explain.

Take a second look at the list above.

A bad boy attitude.

Give yourself a slightly different attitude. One that is not harmful to others but not necessarily harmful to you.

This NEW attitude can be developed or formed through more items on the list very easily and will come out from them too.

Stop caring what others think of you.

The nice guy “problem” often starts with his own self-conscious thoughts centered around being a people-pleaser.

He seems more concerned about being liked rather than just being like for who he is.

When you simply STOP caring or setting your life up just to please other people or to look good in their eyes – you take on a new attitude which is very similar and has the same affect on women that the bad boy does.

No where does it state you must piss people off in this not-caring frame of mind. It simply means your personality is not centered around what others think of you.

You’re a good guy and if others don’t see it OR try to use it to their advantage then so be it.

STOP them from taking advantage of your niceness and STOP giving to others just for the feelings that you like to be liked.

Start living an exciting and adventurous life.

I’ve found for most “nice” guys the “exciting or adventure” part scares them BUT you know what – all you really have to do is START LIVING YOUR LIFE.

Adding to it certainly helpful and recommended but in attracting women or just becoming a more attractive man – just start LIVING may be all you need.

You can add exciting – that’s easy.

Just do things you like and communicate that passion and desire to others and you’ll automatically make it appear that you’re living an exciting life

. It is really just that simple.

The adventure part – well – take some risks. Visit new places.

Explore your area more

. Just get off your ass and start seeing the parts of the world you’ve avoided and you WILL be living an adventurous life.

Add some mystery and intrigue to your personality.

Granted this one is a little tougher but with some new conversational skills you’ll already be more than half way there.

For your complete education on this subject you can read one of my most popular and beneficial to all nice guys in learning this new style of communication:

“A mystery is something which is difficult or impossible to understand or explain, therefore a mysterious man is often a guy who is difficult or hard to understand or explain.”

7 Reasons Why Women Like A Quiet and Mysterious Man Plus How To Be Him

ADD to that this one and you’ll be more than prepared to start attracting lots of women:

“Your attitude towards life, yourself, and those around you including women is an integral part in landing a girlfriend. You don’t need a girlfriend by your side BUT having a personality that ATTRACTS women naturally is the one practically guaranteed way you’ll find, meet, and date ANY woman you want.”

How You Can Develop Your Personality & Be A Real Mysterious Alpha Male

Give her a real but genuine emotional roller coaster ride.

Why in the world most guys think they have to treat a woman like shit (or be a jerk) to make a woman feel all sorts of emotions or where this faulty knowledge came about is beyond me; and I don’t care to explore why it’s there.

Women are literally FILLED with hundreds of emotions everyday of their life. What they experience in a day normally takes you a decade to go through.

This means giving her the “ride” of her life is not at all that difficult (honestly she’s going to take care of most if herself anyways) AND who’s to say they must be negative because they don’t!

Don’t think negative. Think POSITIVE.

Make her laugh. Boom!

There’s one emotion.

Make her cry over a sad story or something you can both empathize together over.

There you go.

That’s another emotion you can check off.

My point is to get her to FEEL SOMETHING when she’s with you.

Excitement. Happiness. Inspiration. Thoughtfulness. SEXUALITY. ANYTHING!

And then allow her to live out that experience by your side and that’s all you’ll ever need to give her a great ride.

There are thousands of way to do this.

The only trick to remember here is to LET IT HAPPEN. Don’t try to fix it, change it, settle it for her – let her wade through all her emotions until they completely conclude or subside in her only cute little feminine way.

Never forget that last paragraph because it’s very important and it’s a mistake too many nice guys make which can all too easily destroy what started off as a wonderful interaction between you and her.


I’m not going to cover any more on the list because you’ve definitely understood my point by now.

You’re now probably a lot more interested in adding a little edge to your nice ways and to be shown how to become one of those “nice” bad boys…

Read The Bad Boy Formula Special Report Right Now!

(40 page direct link special report – no sign ups – just right to the good stuff!)

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From there you can decide if it’s for you.

It was developed by Carlos Xuma

In conclusion…

Women (sorry to say but minus the really fucked up ones) are NOT attracted to jerks.

They might end up with a guy who happens to be or turn into a jerk after they’ve date for a while but that’s something entirely different. That’s relationship stuff and has little to do with attraction.

The confusion or mix up (probably because a lack of a real definition) between the bad boy or jerk often makes seeing how real attraction is created misguided or wrong.

In reality there’s nothing outwardly wrong with the bad boy.

The harm he normally inflicts is directed upon himself. When he crosses that line and uses other negatively or purpose to inflate his own Ego or to get ahead in life, that’s when he becomes the JERK.

Knowing these differences and how each type attract women CAN and WILL help you attract women without becoming a jerk.

It’s highly suggestible (and easy) for any nice guy who is struggling attracting women and/or believes only jerks and assholes get all the women, to integrate many of the bad boy qualities or traits onto himself without all the negative side effects to him or the woman he chooses to date, marry, or sleep with.

The plan or method is simple:

Get to the root of how the bad boy creates attraction or how he does it.

Filter out or remove the negative edge or the parts which may be self-destructive.

Understand or make sure you see where the line is between the jerk and the bad boy so you don’t cross it knowingly.

Add the certain traits or qualities to your life along with the everyday actions which trigger attraction in a woman the same way the bad boy does as in communication skills and everyday habits you do.

For a complete course on HOW you can do that, read this first:

The Bad Boy Formula Special Report.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I do hope I’ve enlightened you on thie jerk/bad boy subject AND that you feel more confident, aware, and competent to start attracting women better than them – you know – to get your so-called fair share of great women.

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