Does She Like You? 22 Signs & Signals Of Interest & Attraction Women Show Men

Have you ever asked yourself, “I wonder if she likes me...” , only to create even more doubt inside your head? Feeling even more unsure and pissed off about an answer you don't seem to have as you try to figure it (her) out?

AND... This probably wasn't a one time thing either, was it?

You DO IT ALL THE TIME with EVERY woman you "think" might be into you!

It's not getting any better too because you've been wrong before, she didn't like you, and you know you'll be wrong again.

Harshly rejected and forever banished to her friends zone as you scurry away in yet another uncomfortable moment...

Confused, broken, dejected, numb, and pissed off!

The really shitty part is that you've been thoroughly convinced many times some woman gave you all the signs and signals that she was attracted to you, yet you still managed to misread the situation.

Almost like nature and women are playing some cruel "keep away" game with your head just for a few laughs at your expense.

Well... finally...

I have some GREAT news for you man, TODAY IS the day it all changes for you!

I'm going to reveal to you the many signs a woman is feeling attracted and interested in you so you're never left guessing again.

But wait! You have to read this first...

Do You Have This Crippling Fear That Most Women You Interact With Do Not Like You Sexually?

I'm not going to ask you to imagine what it does to you and your interactions with them because you know it's not good.

But it's okay, it happens and you can get past it.

First – You start to act differently.

You become desperate to do everything within your power to eliminate how you're feeling and an incessant NEED to try and change their, (the women who would never like you sexually) minds.

Well, despite the advice given that everyone has heard and hated too about,

“You just have to be yourself and she'll like you.”

Women actually DO feel more attraction to guys who ARE themselves IF that self has attractive qualities which go beyond money and looks, and are more in line with intangible traits like personality, confidence, self-esteem, and strength of character.

Women are very intuitive in this area. Much better than us guys are.

They know without a doubt  when you're acting different or not being your true self, and because of it will not feel attracted to you.

So being yourself IS important after all, even IF you don't like hearing it!

When you're in this desperate and needy (acting differently) stage it unfortunately becomes pointless to look for any signs or signals from a woman because, even if you think you're getting them... you're not.

Second – You literally become her bitch... Ouch!

She senses she's in control of your emotions and she doesn't like it at all!

You become her "follower" which might as well be one of the hundreds or millions she has on Twitter or Instagram because that's all you are to her.

Someone she uses for her personal social gain or doesn't even know exists anyways.

Women are constantly (and some desperately) looking for a real leader.

I'm not talking about the head of a corporation or a famous athletic coach either.  (Although you could be one of those and won't hurt your chances.)

A leader is anyone who LEADS themselves first (somewhat successfully) in their own life and, for attraction dating purposes knows the steps of courtship starting from hello to intercourse, and can lead a woman the entire way if he so chooses to do so.

When he wants something – he goes after it with persistence minus the arrogance or forcefulness often seen from someone who is not a real leader but more of a bully.

Strong resilient leaders can never be or become someone's bitch. It's impossible.

Third – You get stuck inside your head.

While you're trying to process everything "she" does or says, seeking signs and signals from her, and you're constantly trying to win her over...

You filter terribly, tweak your ever move badly, and fuck up even worse, because you're not in the moment with her.

You're someplace else.

One key to triggering attraction in any woman is to BE in the present as often as possible, make sure it's a great place to be, and take her there with you.

It's amazing how well it works and since women rarely experience a guy who can do that, the tend to fall for them easily.

Go to a great place mentally, and TAKE (or LEAD) her there with you.

Once your learn how it's done and practice it, you won't get stuck inside your head anymore.

Problem solved!

Fourth – NOBODY likes to be manipulated and sold.

When you come across as you do in the first three items, it makes women feel like you have an agenda.

You come off as a pushy salesman desperate for a sale.

They get a sneaky suspicious that you're trying to get something from them, and that's why (they assume and feel) is the reason you're acting strange and unattractive.

I like the way it's put in this interview I once did,

"In other words, don't make your interaction seem like, it's a give and take.  Like you're giving her compliments so you can get her phone number Or you're giving her flattery so that she will like you.

It's another form of approval seeking right there in a lot of ways but it also comes across as like a blatant transaction. It's transactional approval. It's a transactional kind of approach from a guy when he goes in like this.

And women can really sense it. They really can.

They can kind of sense that there's a deal going down here. She's going to start to wonder. She's going to start to feel like you're a salesman. Like she's being sold.

It's a creepy slimy feeling for anybody to go through."

Peter White Interviews Carlos Xuma – Nice Guys Tips To Attract Women

Fifth – Your confidence gets lowered and you lack a true belief in yourself.

Confidence or a lack there of  is not to be taken lightly in any part of life which certainly includes attraction and success with women.

Being unsure of yourself and holding to the belief that women just don't like you very much, becomes a self-fulfilled prophecy very quickly.

If you held yourself higher and believed in yourself and your ability to attract women, the same holds true.

It goes both ways.

Believe it,  support it, reinforce it constantly by living your life a certain way and THINKING you deserve it...

Makes THAT self-fulfilled prophecy come true also.

Sixth – You display weak and tentative body language.

The mind controls the body, the body controls the mind. They work together making one functional unit.

One is always affecting the other.

  • Think tall.
  • Think proud.
  • Think attractive.

And your body follows.

The opposite is also true:

Think small, weak, and unattractive, and your body language will follow along making you appear that way to others.

So... From now on:

  • Stand tall.
  • Stand proud.
  • Relax all your muscles and breath in and out slowly and your mind follows along as you start to believe it.

You'll find yourself quickly having more positive thoughts.

You'll be in THAT relaxing and freeing calm PRESENT moment more, and you and your body will believe it...

And that's how others will see you.

Your Fears - The Cause and Effect Of A Desperate Need to Know.

You can now see how your negative thoughts actually do cripple you and your ability to create attraction.

They take over your mind and body to produce negative actions, reactions, which then transfers over to many other areas of your life too.

A pattern of negativity develops and that's when something equally bad happens more often as you circle and cycle through it all.

You find yourself not only looking for signs and signals looking for permission from her to move forward and make your move, you also look to her for PERMISSION BE A MAN and LEADER which defeats the purpose of being a leader in the first place...

Lastly, you start looking for signs from her as your brain needs the know if it's RIGHT or WRONG.

This causes a faulty web of CAUSE and EFFECT and it becomes ingrained and often hidden into your subconscious mind, making it difficult to unwind.

You then start acting out based on these subjective and presumptuous thoughts:

  • "She's doing this so she must like me."
  • "She's saying that, so she must like me."
  • "She's NOT doing this, or that, therefore she must NOT like me."

ALL your actions just become reactions making you far from the leader she is looking for and unfortunately these thoughts will forever keep you from living in the present and taking her there with you.

ALL this coming from a desperate unattractive NEED to know the answer to the question of "if you're liked or not" , BEFORE you're willing to give yourself permission to move forward through a natural mating process you were designed from birth to do!

Keep all this in mind as you go through this book and use what you read responsibly.

Keep everything she does or says in context.

I cover that a little more later to keep you on track.

AND LASTLY before we go on...

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Removing and Erasing Your Crippling Fears.

This little trick or TEMPLATE I'm going to share with you worked wonders for me so I know it's going to help you too.

It comes from the master of attraction David DeAngelo himself and changed my life with women forever.

It's brilliant, simple, and works amazingly well to erase your fears, doubts, and all those thoughts you experience with women IF you're open to letting it work for you.

Here it is in all it's glory:

You engage her and she engages you back.
Man Woman Smiling Engaging Interest

From: How To Tell If She’s Interested – Stop Looking for Signals!

I know that this sounds a little “Duh-ish“, but stay with me here.

If you walk into a restaurant, and the hostess asks you how many are in my party, and you answer with

“Well, there are three of us. I guess there will be FOUR if YOU join us…”

And she laughs at your joke, then IT’S ON!

If you're standing at the bar, and the woman next to you bumps into your arm, and you turn and say,

“Hey, watch it, OK? Keep some space here, I need at least a foot of room…”

In a serious tone of voice…

And she starts playing along by smiling and moving away from you then back again playfully, then IT’S ON!

If you're talking to a woman that you met at the magazine rack, and you ask her,

“What’s with that huge purse of yours? You got a dog in there or something?”

And she starts laughing and making excuses, then IT’S ON!

In a nutshell, what I’m trying to say is:

Stop looking around for signals from women that they’re “interested” in you.

Stop CARING whether or not a particular woman is interested in you.

Instead, start TRIGGERING the interest and watching to see if women ENGAGE.

If they do, then assume that IT’S ON!

As long as you use how she’s responding to what YOU do as your gauge, then you’ll have a MUCH easier time spotting the “she wants me” clues because YOU ARE THE ONE CAUSING THEM.

Once again:

Focus on triggering her interest and if she engages back in a playful manner because of what you're doing, assume it's on because YOU are the one causing them.

Never forget it:

You engage her and she engages you back.

You'll find many more simple ideas to guarantee you're engaging her (the right way) in the package below:

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How To Interpret All of Her Signs and Signals of Attraction and Interest.

This short secret was given to us by a friend (Carlos Xuma) who takes things to an even deeper level to assure you get her signals right.

The three ways her signals come to you are through her:

1. Actions - What she does that indicates her interest obviously.

2. Words - What she says to you.

3. Body language - What she does that indicates her interest subtly.

They are also in order.

The rules to follow are simple:

You trust her actions first, her words next, and her body language after that.

If you're getting clear buying signals in her actions, ignore her words.

If you get interest from her words, ignore her body movements.

Your last resort is to interpret her body language.


  • Action first.
  • Words second.
  • Body language third.

Ignore most of her words IF her actions are proving interest and/or sexual attraction.

Ignore most of her body movements IF you're getting clear signs from her words – women get nervous, fidgety, and often display unsure body language when they're close to a guy they really like.

When and only IF you're not getting any clear signals from her – then you can study her body language.

Obviously if you're getting a YES in all three areas – you're in!

Next up Carlos is going to be talking about escalation with a woman and how it really works.

It's on this page to give you confidence through information which basically means...

When you know how escalating works, you can confidently and fearlessly:

  • LEAD a woman through all the necessary steps
  • Know when to push forward and when to hold back.
  • Move forward without having to wait or look for more signs.
  • Remove any doubt and fears you might be having about when and if you should make the first move.

Here's Carlos...

Wikipedia says it like this:

“Escalation is the phenomenon of something getting more intense – step by step.”

Which is a really great definition of the process of getting a woman attracted to you, connected to you, and eventually sexually involved with you.

So to help you on this path to better “escalation” with women, I want to show you:

What 99 out of 100 men don't know about escalation.


6 Escalation Secrets To Avoid The Dreaded Failure To Launch Syndrome.

From Carlos Xuma:

I want you to remember these secrets because you can avoid some EPIC failures with women just by following the principles.

They will also help you get past some of your own inner game hurdles so you can build your sexual POWER with women.

Secret #1: Escalation is an intimacy ladder.

It's all a gradually increasing level of emotional interest from a woman.

She should be digging you more and more as you go.

As you increase the intimacy with her, she feels more attracted and connected to you.

And intimacy is not (always) physical touch and sexual contact.

Secret #2: Escalation is all about attraction and connection.

These are the two key ingredients in the build up of intensity between you and her.

ATTRACTION is her gut-level sexual desire for you.

CONNECTION is her feeling of rapport and... well, connection to you.

One of the big mistakes men make is to think that connection is the same as “commitment.”

They are NOT the same!

This mistake of ten has guys saying crazy things (usually not-true things!) like:

“I love you!” and other devotional stuff they really don't mean.

Secret #3: Escalation has a rhythm.

Building a woman's attraction and connection is not a simple straight line.

It's more like a shark fin.

There's a build up of energy and then a slight release, so you don't fry her circuits.

So you don't get hung up if you feel a slight dip in the energy from time to time.

This is NATURAL – and as it happens, necessary to create the right kind of build up and payoff.

Secret #4: Escalation is a process of rising risk.

The reality with women is that the more you try to avoid loss – the more likely you will actually lose her.

A lot of guys get very attached to the amount of effort and energy they invest in a woman.

And then they get more and more reluctant to lose that work they've put in.

So what happens next is a BIG mistake:

They back off when it comes time to “bust a move.”

After all, they don't want to take a chance on ruining things with her and losing it all.

As a result, they fail to escalate – or move things forward, and she feels his hesitation.

HESITATION in a man is very UN-sexy.

In fact, it's a deal killer for most women.

Secret #5: ESCALATION – uhmm - doesn't really exist.

The truth is, escalation feels natural – IF it's done right.

Again, the concept of escalation is really an artificial idea to explain the natural sexual buildup between men and women.

It doesn't really exist until you start looking at at what is going on under a magnifying glass. When you to break things down to analyze it.

If you've ever had a heated romance with a girl, chances are you never stopped to say:

“Hey, I need to escalate to the next level with this girl.”

No. It just happened.


It's just like your home computer. You just turn it on and assume it will startup and run.

But when it starts slowing down, or crashing on you – you have to start looking at the process and troubleshoot a little to fix it.

Defrag you hard drive. Empty the files from the trash folder.

Uninstall the crappy games you don't play...

So even though we're pulling back for a second to look at this thing called escalation with men and women, remember that when the machine is working well, you won't have to think about this.

It should be one continuous chain of “warm fuzzy fun and good time” for her.

And for you too! “Escalation” just HAPPENS.

Secret #6: Escalation is never “pushing” – IF it's done right.

This ties with the last point....

If you feel like you're pushing a woman into sex, or forcing things to move forwards, chances are there was a mistake made somewhere.

Women are all too happy to take your hand and follow you into the bedroom if you're SEXUALLY CONFIDENT.

All of the sexually successful men I've studied (as well as from my personal experience) never need to manipulate or play games to get women into bed.

There are no issues with “last minute resistance” or any of those things.

In fact women will literally PULL you into bed when you've internalized the rules of escalation.


Women are more sexually energized than men. And there are only about 10% of guys who know how to awaken this primal desire in women.

Women KNOW this – and they know which guys there are on sight.

It's like a secret society you see in movies, where a guy is wearing a ring with a symbol on it.

Well, that's what women are watching for – only it's not a secret ring...

It's a sexual ATTITUDE that tells her you are one of THEM.

If you've ever had a friend who had this "way" with women, you know what I'm talking about.

It's not about the clever lines or scripts.

Its ALWAYS about how he communicates his attitude – his ALPHA-TUDE – to them.

If the thought of making a move and escalating with a woman, based on what you've read and the signs and signals you're going to read below AND...

You feel a little ill or nervous, don't worry!

I'm going to show you how to conquer thus and escalate with women NATURALLY.

So you won't have to think about it.

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Her Attraction Signals – All The Signs Of Interest A Woman Will Show You.

This list has been extensively compiled from many years of research and from many of men who furiously tested, scientifically experimented, and watched closely as others hooked up based on what they saw.

The first part is mainly about her words and what happens in your conversations with you.

The second part are more action-orientated which segues into body language and sexual indicators of interest so you can know exactly when to make your first or second move confidently if all goes well...

Without hesitation or fear of her pulling away in disgust.

#1 - She teases you in a funny way.

When a woman is very playful with you, it's a very good sign she's into you.

She'll make fun of you, give you a nickname you may or may not like, and she'll treat you as if she's downplaying her attraction, but most of the time, if she's doing it because of the way you're interacting with her, it certainly means she's feeling it.

#2 - She compliments you in a unique way beyond just a casual niceness.

Women can be very nice and will say good things about others but, when it's done in a way which feels different, you can assume it's because she's into you.

For example,  when she says, “I really like that shirt.” it's good but it means more when she reaches out to touch it too.

Compliments can be tough to gauge her interest so be careful.

Obviously if she's staring into your eyes and says something about them, that's a clear indicator of interest.

The key here to remember so you get it right is that her compliment is always accompanied with something else and is unique to something she personally knows about you.

#3 – She calls you a player or accuses you of being a "ladies man".

I can not tell you how many women who were hitting on my playfully and sometimes even seriously, called me a player.

It would've been offensive in my younger (terrible with women) years but it never happened anyways.

Once I learned the skills of triggering attraction, suddenly it started happening a lot.

When you become good at creating attraction quickly, women will be more likely to question your ability and some will call you out on it as in calling you a player.

This is a test and a clear sign she's feeling attracted to you.

#4 – She tries many different ways to get ANY kind of reaction from you.

As in the last one, sometimes this is also a test but that's a good thing because no woman tests a man she's not attracted to, or else why would she even bother doing it.

The reaction she's looking for depends on the woman and the circumstance and it's all unfortunately not good so watch out for it.

She could just as easily try to make you jealous as turn you on physically to note your reaction.

She's trying to figure you out if you like her and this is her womanly way of doing it.

Again, good news because it's a clear sign she's into you and doesn't want to reveal her hand before you.

#5 – She fills in the breaks or lulls in your conversation with her.

You'll find the UN-interested woman will use the quietness or strange awkward moments in your conversations to politely remove herself from talking to you, making the opposite true...

She doesn't want to go. She doesn't want you to leave.

She's looking for any way possible to stick around because she's enjoying your time together.

She'll say things like, “So...” - “Well...” - or ask a very random questions which to you may seem out of the blue but to her, she's doing whatever she can to stay  little longer.

#6 – She hits you playfully or acts childishly mad at something you said or did.

Anger and attraction are closely related emotions where one can easily lead to another and vice versa.

Because of this, a form a flirting has developed over the years and this is it.

Hitting you playfully across the arm, shoulder or back as she "pretends" to act upset over something you did or said is her way of saying, "I like you dummy!"

She may ever go as far as getting unreasonably upset at something you did which would normally be underserved or over the top but because she's into you, her emotions get the better of her.

This is a GOOD sign.

And also another test.

You've connected with her on an emotional level but be careful, you can do things to entice her or play with her a little to bring this out of her but it's a fine line between just pissing her off and teasing her in a funny way.

Cross the line and you fail the test and you're most likely done.

Small disagreements are perfectly okay here, playful banter, heater up her minor frustrations... all good but dial it back without giving in.

#7 – She's agreeing with practically everything you say.

When a woman is unsure of herself and unsure how you feel about her, the last thing she wants is to push you away unless she really has issues.

You'll find certain women when they're into you and not so much unto themselves will tend to agree with you a lot just the same as some lass-ass dude trying to kiss some hot chic's ass.

It's kind of cute to watch and funny at the same time.

If her opinions are always changing to match yours it's a clear sign she likes you.

If a woman has zero interest in you sexually she couldn't care less about disagreeing with you on practically any subject, especially if it's not in her nature to do it.

Again, ANY sign that a woman is trying to get you to like by agreeing with you often can be seen as a strong signal of interest.

#8 – She's trying to build rapport or connect your lives together.

As one author wrote,

“When a woman is actively trying to deepen your connection to her and at the same fill in the blanks of your life, she's subconsciously wondering what it would be like to be a part of it.”

She'll look for common interests and connections which bring you closer together almost as if you were "meant" to be together.

This could be anything from some guy you both know to a shop down the street where you both order your groceries.

The definition of RAPPORT explains it a little further:

"A relationship characterized by agreement, mutual understanding, or empathy that makes communication possible or easy."

Notice the mutual understanding which is the connection part and the empathy, which puts your emotions on the same level, and then making the communication possible or easy....

Because altogether means she's trying to form a deeper connection because of the attraction.

#9 – She asks about you.

This is normally done in the comfort and/or rapport building stage of attraction.

Here's a cool little "flow chart" in a pfd developed by Josh Pellicer to explain it further: Play by Play Attraction Guide

She'll ask seemingly random questions, depending on her level of ability in attractive communication, all to engage you deeper and get some background info on you.

In one way – she's doing it to qualify you, in another way she's doing to disqualify you, and on top of all that she's digging deeper because women who are feeling attracted to a guy have a NEED and desire to learn EVERYTHING about you.

They love and hate the mystery at the same time.

They'll ask about your job, your background, your age, your hobbies, etc...

AND they'll do it in a way to paint a picture of your life in their head and if you answer correctly, will have her fantasizing about you two together.

She may even ask about your girlfriend and past relationships as a blatant attempt to get you to reveal if you're single and available.

No matter how you put it or what she's asking - if the questions keep coming, it's a clear sign she's liking you and wants to know as much information about you as you're willing to give away to her.

Answer her correctly and build the attraction which means, do NOT give it all away... make her WORK for it a little in a fun way.

#10 – She laughs a little too easily at your stories or jokes.

Partner this one with a playful tap on the shoulder as she laughs or a flip of the hair or any weird action on her part...

And she's into you!

If you're normally a funny guy, this one can get easily misread so to make sure it's really happening, throw in some lame humor and look for her (laughing a little too much or forcibly) response.

Never forget this: When most women are into you, they will start doing and saying things so you'll like them back and this one is it.

So if you're not much of a funny guy and she seems to be laughing at your jokes a little too much, it's a BIG sign of attraction.

#11 – She asks you to teach or show her something she may or may not be capable of doing herself.

This one needs a fair warning so keep it all in context.

When some "hottie" wants something done, she'll use this to get it done for her and there's always some dude willing to kiss her ass and do it for her.

She'll act all sweet and feminine and flirt a little to get the guy to do her bidding.


When she is clearly interested in learning something for herself and you're the one she continually goes to, AND she's throwing a lot of the other signs out there too, it means she's trying to make you feel like a man.

She's wants you to feel like you are her hero and her "go to" guy.

Which is a good sign she's not playing with you.

When she's digging into your life, your special talents, and your unique abilities in ANY way to learn more about your “private” life – it's a sign of interest.

Otherwise she's using her "beauty" to be a lazy ass and to bathe in her power she has over men.

Time for a much needed break...

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Why Wait For HER Signs When You Can Create Them Inside Her Towards You?

Signs Woman Flirt Like

Most of the signs or signals you just read about happen in your hopefully everyday conversations when a woman is into you.

So you can keep your eyes and ears out for them.


Why wait?

BE the leader I talked about earlier and CREATE them yourself.

It's much easier, a lot more fun, and it puts you in complete control of the situation.

PLUS it puts you in charge of where, when, and how far you want to take things with a woman.

It's a skill EVERY guy can learn and all you have to do is objectify your life, be willing and ready to change your mindset about you and women, and put your new skills into practice everyday.

You can lead a woman to give you one sign or signal to the next based on the questions you ask her, the answers you give her, the ones she gives back, and then you can tweak your responses to match the flow of the interaction each step of the way.

And within a very short time frame you will trigger her curiosity, her female desires, her instincts to test you, and amplify her attraction towards you and she'll actually enjoy that you doing it to her.

Women WANT you to engage them in this way because it makes them FEEL good.

Just like you they ENJOY feeling attracted to a woman can't get enough of it, that's how she'll feel about you when you learn this skill.

Think about that for a second.

Think about what happens to you when you're checking out a woman, whether you're watching a porno, some chick on a show you like, an old friend in a bikini on Facebook, that cute cashier who was showing a little too much cleavage, that hot sweet ass that just walked by you yesterday...

It feels GOOD, doesn't it?

Almost like you can and never will get enough of it and if someone were to take it away from you, you'd get pretty pissed off.

This happens because "attraction isn't a choice".

It's "nature's way of taking over our minds and bodies long enough to make sure that we mate with someone with the best possible genes".

It's also part of YOUR mating ritual or "map" as a man and women experience the same thing with a HUGE "you must know the difference" shift or what I call her PROCESS as a female:

"Attraction law #2:

Men and women have different attraction maps. For men, the map is:

We look at a woman and then we notice if we FEEL attracted to her.

For women, it goes like this:

Feelings and THEN looks.

A woman meets a man, notices how she FEELS about him and then notices his looks.

Men live in MIND land. Women live in FEELINGS land."

Video Thumb Advanced Dating

The above quote was originally from this series of 3 free videos which has been replaced and updated which you can watch right now:

  • Video One: 2 Key Mindsets For Attracting Women
  • Video Two: The “Magic Secrets” Of Meeting Women And Triggering Instant Attraction
  • Video Three: Make Her Want You: How To Pass Her Tests And Avoid Rejection

Some of what you're going to learn in them:

  • How to use the power of body language to get instant RESULTS with women.
  • How to do everything RIGHT to avoid rejection.
  • How to pass all of a woman tests.

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Getting back to the female "process" ...

Her process begins with a feeling you create when you first interact with her and when you do it right and not interrupt it from happening, the same instinctive rules applies to her...

She can never get enough of it!

That is...

Feeling good PLUS attracted to you!

And I imagine if someone were to take it away from her, she'd get pretty pissed off too.

Luckily for us "average or whatever" looking guys those feelings are created through how we interact with a woman which again, is...

A Skill of communication which can be learned, practiced, and mastered too.

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Her Process , The Skill Of Attractive Conversations, and Flirting.

If you're unsure of her process and how it all happens then definitely make sure you read my preview lesson on it. That way you don't accidentally interrupt it and stop it from progressing naturally.

The Real Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid No One Knows But Me!

How you interact with women or "communicate yourself" with this learned skill will typically be about your body language and your ability to hold an attractive conversation.

Below I've given you some great material to learn and practice from which includes the all-popular cocky/comedy and flirting techniques too:

Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy

How To Make Small Talk Sexy To Her & Use It To Create Attraction

How To Flirt With Women Using These Teasing & Banter Lines Cheat Sheets

Conversation Topics That Keep Her Attention, Charm Her and Attract Her

How to Avoid Awkward Silences with Women – Conversation Techniques

Avoid Any “Awkward Silence” With This 1 Bizarre Conversational Trick

How to Have Better Conversations with Women

The Six Deadliest Conversation Mistakes You Make With Women

Four Steps - How To Build Sexual Chemistry With Women In Your Conversations

Secrets to Flirting For Men – A Real Definition With Tips

4 Step Formula On Flirting With Women & The Rules You Must Follow

How to Flirt With Women & Create Sexual Attraction

Learn How To Flirt & Start Flirting With Every Women You Meet - Essential Skill Of Attraction

Cocky Comedy - The Difference  Being Confident & Acting Like a Jerk

17 Questions You Should Never Ask A Girl If You Want Her To Like You

Don't get overloaded. Start small and work your way through them at a reasonable pace.

Eventually it will all come together for you IF you get out and PRACTICE them. too.

(go to top - table of contents)

Moving on...

Action, Body Language, and Sexual Indicators Of Interest.

Cute Woman Showing Interest

The next ones on the list are very strong signals that a woman likes you and is also giving you many signs that wants you to take things to a more physical level.

Make sure you read the warnings below and keep everything in context.

#12 – She'll draw or get closer to you.

Her body will lean in as she attempts to create less space between you and her.

When you notice she begins to hang on your every word or she's positions herself within close touching range, it's a clear sign touching can be initiated.

This is generally a great opportunity to start small such as hand holding, wiping something off her face, sliding your arm along the small of her back for a second, touching her elbow very briefly, etc...

Breaking the touch barrier is very important BEFORE you can escalate further.

#13 – She'll initiate physical contact or won't let it stop.

Getting closer to you is one thing but you'll find some women to actually initiate the physical contact herself to show you and give you a clear sign.

Instead of you breaking the touch barrier, she'll begin to do small often subtle things to let you know it's okay to touch back.

As in wiping something off your shoulder. Touching your hand for a moment. Fixing your hair even though it doesn't need it.

She'll even go so far as making a seeming random request to move to another area because she wants an excuse to lightly tug on your arm.

#14 – Holding an extensive lengthy eye contact with you.

Women who are not interested in you will look around more often always searching for an opportunity to leave and so the opposite is true.

If she's holding her gaze on to yours and her eyes are not darting all over the place, it means you have her attention beyond just being interested in you.

The more she stares into your eyes, the more the outside stimulus fades away, the more in tune she becomes with you, the more attraction she is experiencing.

#15 – She gives up hanging out with others when they leave.

This is more of a first meeting, bar, club, or party thing. Her friends will leave and she'll stick around to be with you.

When a woman is willing to forgo her immediate friends for you, it's an obvious sign she wants to spend more time with you and get to know you better.

#16 – She follows or waits for you.

This is another social event sign and it's an easy one to catch.

When you decide to move on or change places and she either waits, says she'll be there motioning for you to come back, or she follows you along – then like above, it means she's not done getting to know you better.

#17 – She comes back to you.

A woman who is really into a guy will find lots of excuses to see you again.

As the social event goes on, when you see her again after you've both went on to socialize, it's a good sign she's feeling something for you.

You'll find the most probable time this happens is if and when she leaves before you and she goes out of her way to say goodbye.

#18 – She acts a little jealous or apprehensive.

Nobody gets jealous over someone they don't like.

Take note to how she acts when you interact with another woman or even a guy.

When your attention goes elsewhere and she feels like she's going to lose you or lose time spent with you, she may begin to feel jealous which also means, she feeling attracted to you.

#19 – Her legs will touch yours.

This can happen accidentally but depending on the circumstance, it's not always a coincidence.

Look for context, how often it happens, and her reaction after to see if it's a small subtle sign or just an accident.

#20 – Open body language.

The more she starts to like you the more she'll open her arms, expose her neck, wrists, and even her inner thigh.

Some women become naturally nervous around a guy they're attracted to but a few subconscious thoughts about you and she will slowly open up – even if she isn't aware she's doing it.

#21 – Slight pauses in the conversation to stare at you.

When attraction is building in a woman, you might see her stop in mid-sentence as she processes it all – if this happens and she begins to stare into your eyes and your lips, it typically means she's thinking about what it would be like to kiss you.

# 22 - Signals of sexual attraction which may include physical arousal.

A word of warning:

It's easy to mistake what you're about to read and see something that is not there unless you're extremely good at reading them.

However, when they come along with many of the other signs you read today, and they're in context to the situation, they can be clear signs a woman is feeling sexually attracted and possibly aroused by you.

  • Her eyes soften, open up, they may sparkle or shine a little more, and her pupils become dilated or large.
  • She moistens her lips not only for you to take notice of them, but also because her anxiousness and arousal may cause her mouth to become suddenly dry.
  • Her skin will become flushed as her blood flow is being redirected to her more sensual parts.
  • She may stroke her body, fiddle with her hair and clothes, tuck in her blouse, quickly touch her ear lobe, play with her earrings, rubs her wrists and her bracelets, and this typically happens while she's looking at you specifically and possibly in your eyes.
  • She will begin to mirror your posture, lean in as you do, lean back as you do, tilt her head with yours and even match the tempo of your blinking.
  • This mimicking or mirroring may also include adjusting the volume of her voice to yours, changing the rate of her voice to yours, and breath according to how you're breathing.
  • Her voice can become slightly lower, softer, and more sensual as her mood begins to turn more sexual.
  • Some will begin to stroke a cylindrical object like a wine glass, pen, your wrist, her wrist, anything that suggests sexual foreplay. She will slightly raise her eyebrows at times, casually show her tongue by touching it to the front of her teeth and lips.
  • Her palms may open up to you as she begins to feel more comfortable and at ease with you.
  • You may see her attempt to sit up straight and tense her muscles as she pushes her breasts outwards and towards you.

(go to top - table of contents)

The Reality Behind A Woman's Attraction To You.

The majority of women may confuse you as you look for all these signs of interest and attraction.

This happens because as they begin to feel a deep attraction they become more aware of themselves, their own faults, and try to censor their words, actions, and movement all in a cute attempt to hide what they feel you would not like about them because they want you to feel attracted to them.

While all this is going on they will often become nervous and even extremely anxious around you, so expect it.

Her anxiety may cause you to doubt what is happening and make you feel uneasy and unsure about what to do next but stay the course.

It could also make you feel like you have to release the tension or "pop the bubble" ... do not... let it ride out and remain:

Calm, focused, relaxed, and extremely comfortable in your own skin. 

Let her see you can handle her emotions, yourself, how you're humbly experienced in this area, and that you (without actually saying it) find it adorable.

Here is a real comment which explains it from a female's perspective which will explain it further,

“The author is correct in saying women are generally less relaxed and chatty towards men they are attracted to.

We are awkward as hell around men we really like.

If she treats you like a best mate, she likely just wants to be a best mate.

If she has a ton of nervous energy, babbles, knocks stuff over, blushes, etc around you, then she wants more and hormones are screwing with her brain (same as men do around women they like).

If she goes from that to suddenly cold and distant 99% of the time, she’s still attracted but has given up on ever being with you and is trying to protect herself.

If you reach that point, still like her, are available, and don’t understand why her behavior has changed, then ask her out before she moves on entirely.”

Expect her to act this way and don't let it confuse you and cause you to give up your leadership role.

Also, all of which was shown to you in the beginning of this book (what happens to you when you're caught up in looking for signs rather than creating them) pertains to women too, except with a few minor changes only WHEN and IF they're feeling attracted to you:

  • Start to act differently.
  • Begin to be more willing follow your lead.
  • Get stuck inside their head.
  • Attempt to protect themselves from being manipulated.
  • Experience a lowering of confidence, self-esteem and doubt themselves.
  • Display weak and tentative body language.

You'll see it happening in a vast majority of women but there is a small percentage of them who are highly experienced with men.

They are in a fair amount of control of themselves, their confidence is unshakable, their self-esteem is rock solid, and they posses ALL the necessary conversational skills to attract a man while not giving it all away upfront.

They WILL make it difficult for you to tell how they're feeling but often, it's because they want what's best for them, just like you.

They have extensive testing skills to weed out the less confident, bull-shitters  or players from their life and they use their skills to make it happen for them.

For some, it's a learned skills, for others, it's just their natural state of being. How they got there doesn't really matter.

The point of all this is to show you once again:

If you're always on the defensive, searching for signs, looking for go ahead clues – you will NEVER get a woman of that high caliber, and lots of them are incredible in every sense of the word.



  • Take the lead.
  • Make the attraction happen.
  • Don't interrupt the process.
  • Stay calm, focused, relaxed, and extremely comfortable in your own skin


As long as she's responding and engaging back to what you're doing and saying:

Assume it's on.

Take the strong masculine role and LEAD her in the direction YOU want things to go.

Done right they WILL gladly, happily, and attractively follow you because a man who can do that without slight of hand or trickery, is the most rarest type of man and ALL women are well aware of that fact.

Some VERY Important Final Thoughts On Body Language and The Friends Zone.

Friends Hanging Out

What you've learned today will help to quiet your mind, assist you in recognizing ALL the signs of attraction, and you don't have to memorize the list for it to happen.

Go through the page a few times and you'll absorb it. Let it sink in to your subconscious mind and it will.

Your natural human ability to read and react to another person's body language and mating cues are already there. They just need to be reminded and awakened from time to time.

Which means you must learn to LET or ALLOW your mind and body to see it naturally by getting out of your own way and staying out of your head too much.

You'll be more than pleasantly surprised how it's like opening a whole new world of un-spoken communication most others miss, because they're not open to seeing it.

You can train yourself in this area to assure your body language isn't getting you rejected before you even open your mouth:

Master your body language signals and women will follow your lead. It's an expensive endeavor but well-worth the effort because...

If you know how to project the right “signals,” you can make women feel powerful sexual attraction for you from clear across the room.


If you know how to do this in a way that makes women feel comfortable with the idea of approaching you, you can literally walk into a room and physically draw women to you...

Check it Out - Body Language Mastery - How To Get Women To Notice You, Feel Attracted To You Without Saying A Word!

Body Language Video Thumbnail David DeAngelo

There are certainly many more signals not looked at today, but they are way too similar and will only confuse you anyways.

The signs you were shown today can be easily triggered, as covered lightly above, by HOW and WHAT you communicate to women – which again means, it's a SKILL YOU CAN EASILY LEARN.

A little practice on your part, some reworking your style and matching it to your unique personality, and these results will happen quickly.

When done right can actually happen the NEXT time you interact with a woman.


Before we end this thing we MUST go down this rabbit hole.

I realize that you might have come to DialTeG™ today because you have ONE woman in mind and you're not sure if she likes you.

Maybe you feel she's sending mixed signals and/or you don't have much success with women and so you're not entirely convinced if you should proceed with her further or start doing something different or just move on.

Hopefully I've uncovered something for you that will clear it all up so you can get on with your dating life and the next woman on your list.

You might even be confused as to whether you're “just a friend” to her or if she's hiding her attraction to you, and that's what you hoped to find out by reading all this signs and signals stuff.

The simplest answer to both those questions are not easily liked but, take it from a guy who spent half his life in some woman's friend's zone, I'm more than experienced to give you a straight answer – like it or not!

The friend's zone.

IF you think she only wants to be friends with you, it's there's no sexual chemistry, if you failed to show her early on that "just a friendship with you" is NOT an option you're going to choose...

IF she's treating you like a friend and the women before you did too...

You ARE clearly – just a friend.

Get over it and move on QUICKLY!

If you want more on that – read this:

10 Clear Signs She Has Put You In Her Friends Zone & Does She Really Like You?

Is she hiding her attraction from you?

Women may not want to lay all her cards on the table right away, they have every reason to protect their feelings and to spare the pain of being hurt and rejected by a guy.

BUT – It's nearly IMPOSSIBE for them to HIDE their deep feelings of attraction for a guy.

It just does NOT happen.

It IS in a woman's best interest to not chase a guy but that is very far from hiding attraction or being secretly in love with someone and not letting it show.

Here is what you can read if you're not thoroughly convinced yet or if you're looking for a few circumstances where she might be hiding it from you and lying to you about it but I will warn you...

It's rare so don't get your hopes up:

Do Women Hide It When They Are Attracted to You?

(go to top - table of contents)

The Inevitable Conclusion and Much More...

I've gone through hundreds of web pages and spent long countless hours online researching everything I could find on this subject.

I also did all the really fun HANDS ON (pun definitely intended) real-world research studying these signs of attraction and the subtle signals women give men when they're feeling it.

My conclusion...  YOUR solution.

Go out and spend some time watching others.

Since you're in this for attracting women, it would be best to pay very close attention to guys who are actually good with women.

Look for the often hidden subtleties coming from their body language, facial mannerisms, vocal inflections, and close interactions they have with others  and then watch how women respond to it.

You'll be amazed by what you see and, over time, you'll actually find yourself repeating what they do. It's a really cool process.

Let their easiness around women rub off on you and it will.

While all this is going on you'll be better set up to objectively watch women minus all the brain chatter you most likely be suffering from, if you were too close or trying too hard to read the situation.

This should go without saying but I'm NOT asking you to become a stalker or some creep in the corner eyeing everyone. Just put yourself in more public situations where you can pay closer attention to what is going on without having to get too involved. That's all.

This is exactly what I did so I'm not asking you to do something I haven't done myself and it worked well for me.

The point of the exercise or "research" is to get you to a place where you don't have to look for this stuff anymore.

A place where you're successfully out of your head and spending more time interacting attractively and less time reacting,  making you a LEADER of women and not the unattractive FOLLOWER.

Once you're there (or close enough) you'll quickly see how women respond to what you're doing positively and even better when you get the communication part down... attractively.

Just like when you're studying guys who are good with women and how their skills, abilities, and body language rubs off on you, it will happen with women towards you.

Except in cases with women, you'll see a whole new world open up before your very eyes. You won't have to think once or twice about all these signs and signals anymore...

You'll just know it!

Where We Have Been Today and Where Are You Going Now?

Peter White Two Boat Where Go

I'm convinced you came here today because you don't feel sexually appealing to most women. At least the ones you want.

There's probably one girl in your life right now (who just replaced the last one) and once again, you're not sure if she's attracted to you.

Based on your past experiences you're just assuming it's a BIG NO! (Why would she like you? right...?)  But you got hope, don't you?

Maybe this time it will be different.

This hope you're feeling comes from the fact you're a decent guy who at least tries to keep your head up and stay positive.

Unfortunately all this supposedly wonderful hope also does something else to you...

It creates a desperate NEED to know the answer before you're willing to convince yourself it's real, that she does like you, and then, and ONLY then will give yourself permission to make some kind of move on her.

(Here's how I really feel about hope!)

Disregarding the fact that even if it's true - you probably won't do anything about it anyways... because doesn't it always feels like the time is NEVER right?

How luck is NEVER is your favor and...

How risking this kind of (way too up close and personal) REJECTION may not be worth it?

Well I think it ALWAYS is and this is why I decided to pass along the notes on escalating with women and the secret to interacting with women.

No cause and effects to worry about. No more fears.

Just pure raw confidence and a real reason to practice and perform a LEADERSHIP ROLE in your life and create powerful attractive "control" over women too.

Now that you know how to interpret the many signs and signals...

Now that you've been shown as many as a human can handle taking in...

Now that you've seen what action women take with their bodies which hint to you their level of sexual interest in you...


You've read about the REALITY behind an attraction to you and how vitally important it is to NEVER interrupt or disrupt the female process as it happens...

HOW are you going to use all this information?

What's your next step?

Are you still going to sit around WAITING for yet another sign to push things over the edge?


Are you going to start DOING something about it?

What EXACTLY are you going to do about it?

Think about it and let me know how you feel about it below, or send me a quick email about what you're going through and what you need to get you where you want to go.

My STRONG suggestion has been made clear to you:

Do NOT Wait For Her Signs - Create The Attraction - Take The Lead!

Here's a paraphrased snippet from from my homepage at DiaLteG™:

The undeniably truth about being a man and its direct relation to ALL women in the world.

Scot McKay calls it SEXUAL POLARITY and it's an absolutely brilliant concept.

There are 14 ways in which women subconsciously define your masculinity which ignites or brings out a woman's femininity.

In other words, this polarity, or somewhat opposite differences naturally creates an attraction or BOND between a man or woman as they interact with each other.

Here's the list:

14 Distinct Ways That Women's Femininity Is Ignited When They Are In The Presence Of A Man:

  1. Compassion versus Destruction.
  2. Enabling Safety versus fomenting Peril.
  3. Calculated versus Combative.
  4. Leadership versus Indecision.
  5. Planning versus Disarray.
  6. Knowledge versus Ignorance.
  7. Influential versus Domineering.
  8. Ambition versus Indifference.
  9. Purpose versus Confusion.
  10. Victory versus Failure.
  11. Choosing versus Chasing.
  12. Strength versus Weakness.
  13. Character versus Inconsistency.
  14. The BIG FOUR.

Excerpted From the BONUS audio Igniting Femininity: 14 Ways Women Define Masculinity - The Preview given exclusively to paid members of DiaLteG™.

Original bonus from The Man's Approach - Meeting Women Demystified - Meet & Attract Women Like A Boss With No Fear Of Rejection and No Fear Of Bothering Her!

The Man's Approach - Review Page is right here at DiaLteG™.

Each item on the list gives you the ability to be or become the perfect counterpart to her feminine side. Tease and flirt it out of her as much as you'd like by using the "learnable" skills of interaction and communication.

You were BORN, by design, to be a perfect counterpart to a woman so make sure you use that FACT to your advantage.

Cultivate a manly edge to enhance yourself while still maintaining some strong morally sound character traits internal to you but felt externally by everyone, including women.

Peter White - DiaLteG TM

Thanks for stopping by and giving me the opportunity to teach you a little something about women... Your friend,

Peter White

A Skill of communication which can be learned, practiced, and mastered too.

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  • Frank

    I’ve been fooled more times than I care to think about. Why do women do this shit? They act like they’re into me and then when I make a move they get that look on their face like they didn’t know I wanted them. Really? Sure, like I’m hanging out with you because I want to be your friend. Who cant have too many friends who are girls? What do they think? I want to talk about dudes and do our freaking nails? They know, they know, but yetagain, go for a kiss and a t surprised that I have a penis want to put it 8n her vagina sooner or later.!!!!

    • I get it Frank. I really do. Makes you wonder if they live in a world all their own. Well… actually, it’s because they do live in a different reality.

      This reality is different than our two worlds. Meaning you live your life, I live mine. We get that difference.

      However, when it comes to the deep-rooted differences between men and women, male and female, it often causes things like this to happen and you’ll find convincing or logic will never apply. So don’t go there trying to figure it out and let it get to you.

      If you’re being fooled often – admit this is a YOU problem. Fix that by making it clear from the beginning YOU are a FRIENDLY guy and you’d be happy to act like a decent guy would, BUT IF you’re interested in something more with her than a friendship, go there immediately by setting a tone of Fun, Flirty, A little Cocky, Sexy, Chooser, etc…

      And trust her illogical female femininity (reality) will respond accordingly.

      These deep-rooted differences in reality and interpretation of it all make it possible. Don’t fight it. Go with it.

      Thanks for Sharing Frank.

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