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Don’t Give Away Your Power To Attract Beautiful Women

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I once believed attractive women had more choices. How they were granted certain rights or privileges over the rest of us “average” guys.

How all they had to do was throw on some skimpy clothing and they could get away with anything.

This belief, as a study or theory is actually proven to be somewhat right.

Better looking people DO in fact appear to have an advantage in most cultures.

Although you might consider it’s not taken but given to them by those who feel less attractive or want to be like them.

Which in itself is not really a huge problem until it’s turned into an excuse to NOT do something.

Or used as the sole reason why we fail thus placing blame on anything or anyone but ourselves.

Crazy as it sounds trusting women have more choices will unknowingly give them the power to not choose us.

Following our actions by this belief alone also lowers our chances of getting more opportunities.

It can also lead to mistaking our attractiveness as the one reason we’re doing better with women. Which over time can easily destroy the confidence we have in ourselves.

Something strange happened to me the last decade.

I was at the peak of my physical body. I made myself as attractive as I could be and began my quest for more women. I was using my body to get looks. Teasing them with it. Sort of bartering their attention or using it as a tool to lure them in.

I know – how dastardly right?

I quickly learned that just after you experience the peak of your physical perfection there’s a sudden drop-off…

We get older.

It gets harder to maintain.

If you’re not careful to change our diet the body suffers much more easily and quicker.

You must work harder when we’re more tired making it tougher than it ever was.

As your youthful body disappears so does your mindset.

You begin to have doubts in your ability to attract “younger” women causing a serious loss of confidence.

It’s at this point in time when that old belief of thinking attractive people have certain rights becomes all too unavoidable.

As if every line on your face becomes a premonition to rejection instead of what it really means – the memory of a great adventure.

In your goal to “look better” you sometimes believe because you’re getting better haircuts, wearing attractive clothing, taking care of the details ofy our appearance, you WILL be granted those rights of the most attractive.

When you feel more attractive you may also start thinking everything’s going to change for you.

And sure it does a little but you fail to take notice that the inner game and how your self-esteem has been built up to an easy repair mode, your confidence becomes the real tool of attraction.

Studies may show that being more attractive can be used as an advantage but take a hard look around.

Let’s not confuse the media with reality.

If you want to become a famous model then yeah, you better have a good modern look about you.

But if you want to succeed with that model and attract her too then you better have more than just a look.

The greatest changes in the world have been brought about by average or less than average looking people and if you don’t believe me, take a close look at the history books.

“First of all, consider how the standard of physical beauty put forth by the media has caused many women to literally obsess over their looks-as if that’s where their entire worth lies.”

Do Only Good Looking Guys Get Women?.

A great way to overcome this and get more choices – despite your looks – is to first take responsibility that everything you do, ever action you take, will ultimately cause something else to happen.

YOU are the master of your own fate. YOU give yourself advantages. YOU make more opportunities and open up more roads to success.

Don’t get caught up in following something you have no control over.

If he or she gives another person a favor because of how he or she looks – don’t let it affect your state of being.

It happens.

In some weird distorted butterfly affect it may ripple through your world eventually…

But if you turn that ripple into a giant wave by whining, bitching, complaining, or blaming it for your own failures, then you’ll have done more damage through your actions alone.

Not theirs.

Being better looking may have it’s advantages but it also has it’s disadvantages.

It’s the end of all of everything.

To become a more attractive man, inside and out, you must also understand and admit that your looks will fade but your attractiveness can continue to grow IF you allow it happen.

“The secret to winning this game is that the CARDS DON’T MATTER. It’s how you PLAY them.”

In The Game Of Sexual Power With Women – Are You A Winner Or Loser?.

If you want to follow your eye to the hottest women you know – I’m okay with it and so is she.

But if you want the hottest women’s eyes to follow you – do NOT hand over the control only you posses just because you believe she is beautiful.

Whether they do have more choices, whether or not society and media portray them higher or post up their images hoping we’ll all bow to them…

When the core of who you are takes responsibility for your actions, and she DOES choose you – her love and devotion will NEVER be questioned.

I adore beauty just as much as you do and yes I’m guilty of handing over an advantage just because of that, but I learned something from it and the advantages others felt I had because of the way I look…

It was their choice to give it to me just as it’s our choice to give away what we naturally posses for ourselves.

NO reasonable person wants to be judged by their looks alone.

When they’re made to feel guilty or unappreciated for who they are because their looks seem the be the only thing anyone notices…

Attraction and the power to attract seems to fall to the side for something less meaningful and less powerful.

About the author: Peter White – I can help you find, meet, and attract your ideal woman for a real relationship. Live your life the way you want to with purpose and fun. Build a mindset that is free and positive. Learn the truths about attraction. When you can do that – the woman of YOUR CHOICE will gladly join you.

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