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Articles From The Experts Who Have Taught Me About Attraction

Great friends give us the balance in life we need.

Here is a list of my friends, acquaintances, and affiliated partners who I have personally learned from and have used many of thier techniques and ideas.

Yes, I DO earn a commission when you buy something from the links I supply within the articles they have allowed to use.

IF you are seriously considering getting more women in your dating circle, relationships, better sex, or if you just want to experience life a little differently, a little more fuller, please discover for yourself the respect I already have for everyone listed on this page.

Their articles have been specifically chosen by me because one, they support and have built My Nice Guy Approach, and two… they back up, support, and add to many of my original articles.

Each expert has their own dedicated page where I give a little info and also where you’ll find a their library of attraction and dating advice which are ALL posted here at DiaLteG TM.

David DeAngelo David DeAngelo Perhaps the guy who started it all by studying, analyzing, and teaching everyone you see here – the truth about attraction. David DeAngelo.

Carlos Xuma Carlos XumaA pillar in the dating and attraction community who specializes in getting your “manhood” back, discovering the bad boy inside you, and engaging a woman attraction. Carlos Xuma

Scot McKayA small man like me with a huge heart and a desire to help men and women succeed in every aspect of their dating life. Scot McKay

David WygantPowerful, confident, and charismatic. One of the easiest guys any man or woman can learn from. Years of experience and an endless supply of success stories. His title says it all – The naked truth behind dating, relationships, and sex. David Wygant

Marni Kinrys Marni KinrysA true heart of gold determined to teach you how to attract a quality woman like herself. A Dynamite look with a remarkably cool attitude even when under pressure. Marni Kynris

bobby-rio-tab Bobby Rio – Expert in attraction through communication as in texting and conversation. Bobby Rio – Text Messaging Mastery AND Bobby Rio – Conversational Approach.

Dean Cortez Solid Outer Game Tactics.

Steve Scott – Flirting Master

John AlexanderNervousness Around Women

Josh PellicerKissing Without Rejection

Do THIS When You First Meet A Woman

Pretty Woman Meet

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  • A few simple changes in your thoughts & behaviors can ignite new success with women you never dreamed possible.
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  • The BIG MISTAKE you’re making when you first meet a woman which makes her instantly REJECT you.
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