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Carlos Xuma Wants You to Succeed With Women

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“You can not walk up, approach, and for a lack of a better term, seduce a woman,with a shitty sense of your own internal value. You can’t do it. It doesn’t happen. And women do see right through it.” Visit his homepages: Carlos Xuma – Dating Dynamics – Win With Women – Meet Women Attract Women

If you just don’t feel like a “real man” until you get your relationships with women under control… I hear you.

Give Carlos a little of your time and he CAN help you finally succeed.

He won’t hold back from telling you the truth and what you NEED to hear.

He won’t sugar coat everything making the world seem like a shiny place when he knows some many guys have felt like they’ve been literally shit on by countless women.

He won’t promise you overnight success and quick “get laid” schemes which only seem to work on drunks girls at three in the morning because he, like me, understands doing that – is not really that hard anyways and honestly – he believes you’re NOT going to find your next girlfriend in some after-dark dingy bar.

That is not what Carlos Xuma stands for.

Carlos Xuma specializes in teaching men how to be MEN and quite honestly no matter what women might say or have led you to believe, a real man, better yet a real ALPHA MAN is exactly what they’re looking for.

* Carlos has developed this amazing new video and report to show you how to literally turn on any woman quickly and easily AND it’s at a price you can not ignore. Pick up The Lust Response and see for yourself on how you can get women to crave you.

He has something for every part of your life to guarantee you have the right tools, skills, and mindset to attract the type of women you’re looking for. That means you get to keep the part of you which is uniquely you.

For example:

Let’s assume you suck when it comes to your phone skills with women. In fact you feel if it wasn’t for all this calling and texting which all women seem to be obsessed with you would be much better off – well then pick up:

The Ultimate Calling & Texting Women System from Carlos and watch that problem disappear or try his BRAND NEW project: Text Her Tonight – 3 Foolproof Messages That Make Her Text You Back.

You’ll start attracting more women with the very same thing which has hurt you in the past;  and you’ll do it without fear of rejection.

How about another example:

Let’s assume you’re sick and tired of over-confident jerks and the so-called “bad boys” getting the girls you feel you deserve.

You’re fed up with your “nice guy” attitude which only gets you another woman who only “wants to be your friend” but you refuse to lower your standards just to get them to like you.

Carlos developed the  “Bad Boy Formula” to show you exactly how, step by step, to beat that jerk at his own game – without resorting to stupid mind games or lowering yourself to a person you don’t want to be.

One more example:

Your social life sucks or is not where it needs to be in order to meet incredible women.

Even when you find the time to engage both men and women the social dynamics always seem to leave you confused and more alone then when you started.

Most of the time you avoid socializing because just maybe you don’t see the point or it all OR you find it difficult meeting people you can really connect with.

No matter what you do or say it feels like if you don’t have something more to offer than some other guy (like taking her to places the guy with more time and money can) Carlos can teach you the Real Power of Social Skills and how to beat any shyness you have.

He can help you erase that timid guy inside AND to attract women at the same through your varied social life alone. It’s like magic.


You’re not meeting enough women, then throw him your email and take his 7 Question Pickup Quiz for a free 4 page analysis of why you’re failing.


You’re not sure hot to get “hotter” women… well then Carlos also has a quiz to tell you exactly how to do it Meet Hotter Women Quiz. Again give him your email so he can start teaching you how… for free.

What, when, and how you buy anything is totally up to you and your personal goals with Carlos BUT he’s going to help you along the way anyways. THAT’S the type of guy Carlos is and it’s definitely the type of ALPHA MAN you want by your side through ALL of your female problems.

Here at DiaLteG TM – Carlos has allowed me to share some of the most amazing advice on women to get you started and quite possibly more.

Carlos Xuma
(Every post is located here – use them at every step in attracting women because this is advice which works for practically any man at any place in all your relationships with women.)

Current Programs Offered by Carlos Xuma

Get Girl Cover Get a Girlfriend Fast – Alpha Male Dating Power

This entry level program is the perfect quick-start. With over 5 hours of quality MP3 audio, immense content, and a super-low price, this is the ideal way to begin learning the Art of Attraction.

This program covers the entire dating process, from start to finish with techniques and secret tips.

Girlfriend Training CoverThe Girlfriend Training Program

Finally, you can know all the secret strategies that the guys with beautiful, desirable wives know about.

These guys know that their women are hot properties and if they drop the ball for one second, she’s got options lined up around the block.

These guys have a skill for keeping their women trained to feel attraction for him – 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

This program was also shaped by the questions and suggestions from over 10,000 guys just like you.

Inner game CoverUltimate Inner GameFor the first time, Carlos Xuma reveals his complete strategy for building inner confidence, destroying nervousness and social anxiety, obliterating worry and fear, increase your masculinity, control and manage your emotions…

…and finally win your Inner Game once and for all…

Alpha Lifestyle Cover

The Alpha Lifestyle Program – Triple Threat
This is the finishing touch you need to complete your Alpha Lifestyle and become a powerful Alpha Man.

If you’ve been through all the other “pickup programs,” maybe even a bootcamp, and you want to know how to make every area of your life a success with these principles, then this is the program you need.

The Alpha Lifestyle: Triple-Threat contains 6 DVDs packed with information and inspiration, featuring Carlos Xuma and some of his special guests. Go beyond “pickup” lines and strategies… Make a life-changing transformation -NOW!

Learn the Triple-Threat Skills:

  • Motivation: The fuel for your life – The passion and purpose you need to excel
  • Inner Game: Reprogram your mindset and focus on success and fulfillment in all areas
  • Outer Game: Specific techniques and tactics – essential social success skills
Alpha Male Immersion CoverAlpha Immersion – Secrets Of The Alpha Man
The Secrets of the Alpha Man: Immersion DVD program is the most complete self-improvement, women-attraction program you’ll find — anywhere.

It consists of 4 jam-packed DVDs (over 13 HOURS) of Carlos live in his groundbreaking seminar.

Including exclusive exercises and on-screen tutorials on developing the mindset of the attractive Alpha Man.

This is the unique material men need, covering everything you to know to succeed with women.


Alpha Masculinity

The Alpha Masculinity program will get you past your “Mr. Nice Guy” problems with women, and get you on the path to discovering your true power as an Alpha Man.

With over 8 main modules and 14 bonus modules of content, this is the most complete package to transform you into the man you want to be…

Alpha Rules Cover

The Alpha Rules Signup Page

The Alpha Rules program is the first to bring together the success principles with pickup and attracting women and the skills that make a man ALPHA.

These are the bedrock principles of the Alpha Man, and how he can shape his life into the success that he desires.

Approach Women Cover

Approach Women Now

The “Approach Women – NOW!” program is the essential start to your attraction skills. With 4 CDs, it features more than 4 hours of instruction that give you clear and concise directions for creating attraction and interest in every woman you talk to. No hype. Just RESULTS.

This is the most UNIQUE and easy to use program on the market – there is no other single product that deals with this subject with this clarity and quality.

  • The Bear and The Sneakers – “You ever have one of those moments where a person is telling you a joke, and you realize you’ve heard it before, but you don’t want to spoil it for them?”
Bad Boy Formula CoverThe Bad Boy Formula

Somewhere, there’s a BAD Bad Boy waiting to steal the girl you want – or the girl you’ve already got. Are you going to let him get away with this…?

The Bad Boy Formula shows you how to take the “edge” of the Bad Boy and use it for good – to attract women and treat women the way they want.

Learn how to turn women into addicted & obsessed ‘Love Junkies’ – Beat Them At Their Own Game, Without EVER Being A Deceptive Or Manipulative Jerk…

Alpha Conversation Persuasion Cover

Alpha Man Conversation and Persuasion

The Alpha Man Conversation & Persuasion Program is your high-octane training for communication POWER.

Carlos guides the listener through 14 CDs (and over 4.5 hours of bonus material) covering ALL aspects of communication and conversation strategies. Intense focus is given to making your communication as persuasive as possible, using such techniques as NLP, rapport building, curiosity and attraction, argumentative logic, humor, verbal self-defense, and more.

Considerable weight is put on communication with women, but this program will also highlight how to converse more effectively with EVERYONE in your sphere of influence.

Once you’ve completed this program, you’ll never say “I didn’t have anything else to talk about!” EVER again… This is True Alpha Conversation POWER.

  • Writing An Online Personal Ad –  “Here’s a rule I want you guys out there to remember: Don’t be afraid to scare away the women you don’t want.”
Dating Book CoverThe Dating Black Book

This program is THE manual for guys who want to break open the Matrix and understand how to attract women, from the approach all the way to the long-term relationship.

Hundred pages of rock-solid strategies, tips – how to be successful with women and dating.

Attract women – Learn what women want, how to flirt, how to get a girlfriend, and other dating advice for men…

Talk Women Cover

How To Talk To Women

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to start or keep a conversation going with a woman, you know how frustrating it can be.

You want to say the right things at the right time to keep her interested, and get her number – or a kiss – or more… In this program, Carlos Xuma explains all the core elements of conversation, how they work, along with examples of cocky humor, texting, and his complete bag of tricks to keep her talking to you for as long as you want…

Power Social Skills CoverThe Power of Social Skills
Ever had someone play the guilt card, or play with your emotions to manipulate you?

Have you ever felt like people were “gaming” you?

By now you’ve realized that one of the core skills you need for women is good social intuition.

It’s the keystone of your own ability to attract women – as well as the foundation for just about all your successes in life – financial, career, friends, family … the list goes on and on.

My latest program is a massive self-study kit to address this area.

Learn how to handle the game players and build REAL connections with people.

  • Is Social Awkwardness Holing You Back? –  “I was always a shy kid. I was embarrassed easily, and I always wanted to avoid those situations where I was put at the center of attention.”
Alpha Day Game CoverThe Approach Women 2 – Real Alpha Daygame

The Approach Women 2 – Real Alpha Daygame program unlocks the secrets of the “naturals” who approach women anywhere – and anytime.

In this program, Carlos demonstrates his approach technique, as well as gets you past any anxiety or fear you may have about approaching women outside of bars and clubs.

He also pulls in 8 of the best approachers in the world to explain their strategies, their thinking, and their techniques.

This is the missing piece of the puzzle for guys who are ready to learn the secrets of how to approach women anywhere – with no fear and no rejection.

Alpha Male Secrets Cover

Secrets Of The Alpha Man

The “Secrets of the Alpha Man” is our flagship home-study program.

The kit consists of two e-books with over 400 pages of top-quality secrets for how to develop the kind of attitude and self-confidence that only “players” have had to ATTRACT the most-beautiful women.

Also, 6 audio CDs with 7 HOURS of additional coaching, dating advice and strategies to get you confident and successful.

Seduction Method Cover

The Seduction Method

The Seduction Method e-book is the most complete and useful seduction information you can get.

It is all the experience I’ve compiled from over twenty years of dating, as well as the latest understanding of male and female psychology and physiology.

You’ll learn the reality behind a woman’s eyes and how to read her like a book – to give her what she wants. With this book, you’ll have all the resources at your fingertips for seduction success.

Because it’s not about deceit or manipulation… it’s about ATTRACTION…

Join DiaLteG TM – Free Email Subscription

Sexy Woman Man
Women love a sexy guy and you can become one no matter how you look or how much money you have. Get “26 Proven Traits Women Find Irresistible Sexy – How ANY Guy Can Increase His Sexiness Regardless Of His Physical Appearance.” for FREE just signing up today.

  • 26 traits women find irresistibly sexy.
  • 5 areas YOU are in complete control of that women find sexy.
  • The 3 step process to achieving your goal of becoming a sexy guy.
  • 2 different types of sexy and why you need to know them both.
  • Why being sexy is not just about looks.

PLUS: You’ll get 15 Bonus Ebooks from the top dating/attraction in the world. Click here for more details and the name of each book.

No span. Your info is private and never shared or sold to anyone. Cancel anytime.
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      Unfortunately lots of guys were either not interested or didn’t like the content. Honestly I don’t understand why.

      Carlos has been more than generous and writes some amazing stuff us guys can really connect to. He also helped me personally get through many woman problems over the years.

      I can not thank him enough.

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