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How To Get Girls To Notice You – Your Words, Action, and Appearance

Attractive Girl Noticing You

“Women notice certain things on that you must take care of immediately. Start with your words, how you say them, the actions you take or make and your appearance. Women want to notice you so you must get past the filters they put up so you don’t blend into the crowd. This is an alpha male secret.”
Written by Carlos Xuma.

We want to stand out in a crowd. Every man wants to walk into a bar and have all the heads turn to look at him, and it IS possible.

You just have to learn how to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Let’s break it down into the three different ways you can make yourself noticeable:

  • Your actions
  • Your appearance
  • Your words


There’s a saying that “What you are speaks so loudly that I can’t hear you.”

This means that your actions are what will ultimately make you the most noticeable … or the least noticeable.

The guys that are passive and hang back in a crowd (usually the introverts) are those who are least appealing to women.

The men who are active in their environment stand out.

They’re leaders.

So, how can you stand out?

Take it slow.

Move slowly but deliberately.

Carry yourself like a suave man would. Watch all the old James Bond movies.

You never see James move in a jerky, hyper fashion. He knows exactly the right pace to fight, drink, walk, and make love.

He moves like a wily predator, and he always gets his prey.

The best action you can take, though, is to forget your irrational fear of rejection and simply approach women.

Just walking up and saying “Hi” is more than most men ever do.

Women will respond to a man who goes after what he wants.

Take the initiative!


Women are very visual by nature, contrary to some beliefs.

(Just because they don’t respond to porn as a turn-on doesn’t mean they aren’t visually stimulated. It’s just that they need to see more emotionally-charged images.)

So how do you use this to your advantage to get women to notice you?

First of all, you don’t have to look like a Calvin Klein model to attract women.

Just take the time to groom your appearance.

Here are a few tips:

  • Get a good haircut. Women can see when you take pride in your appearance, and a good haircut (nothing less than $25-30) will show it. Also, get rid of any unnecessary hair – nose, ears, back.
  • Buy clothes that fit well and suit you in color. If you don’t know what looks good, ask any cute salesclerk in any department store to help you out. (And don’t forget to get her number.) Also, get nice shoes and a belt to round it out. Good style isn’t very difficult.
  • Take care of your skin. Smooth skin and appealing lips will make a woman want to touch you. Why not make it easy for her?


Women are tuned into speech, and they respond to a man who can effectively use words to draw them in.

What do you say?

Well, first of all, speak slowly, the same way you move.

It shows a man of careful thought, who won’t be careless with his woman. Be sure to use words that stand out.

Use exciting words, like:

  • tingling
  • pleasure
  • sensual
  • radiant
  • passion

These words will elicit charged states with women, as they do in those sappy romance novels.

They will work for you, too.

A firm grasp of language and communication will always appeal to a woman, and your seduction abilities will increase proportionately.

Women WANT to notice men, but they put up screens to filter out the guys who don’t stand out from the rest.

Very often, a woman doesn’t even realize she’s put up these filters, since she subconsciously starts to ignore all the average guys.

Just improve your action orientation, your appearance, and your verbal ability just a little – enough to stand out – and women WILL take notice of you when you enter a room.

Becoming an Alpha Male is practically the one thing you can do to guarantee your success with women.

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Carlos Xuma
You can read more great advice from Carlos here at DiaLteG TM by going here: Carlos Xuma – A pillar in the dating and attraction community who specializes in getting your “manhood” back. A self -made Alpha Male and a desire to bring out every guys true alpha self.

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