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How Women Experience Sexual Frustration And How To Use It To Attract

Can You Create Sexual Energy In This Bad Girl?

Written by Carlos Xuma – 7 Seduction Strategies

Some of you may be familiar with some Eastern school of thought on how energies are used in the human body.

Chinese philosophies refer to it as Chi, and the energy itself can have both female and male (Yin and Yang) “flavors” to it.

The way we use our energy is indicative of our personalities and personal inclinations. Whatever you choose to call it, I think we all agree that this energy is very real, even if we’re not sure how to channel it.

Now, don’t worry, I’m not going off on a mystical California carpet ride with you.

I’m just trying to highlight a concept with you that relates to dating.

I was having a talk with a fellow webmaster, and we were discussing how men and women channel their energies in their lives.

Think about how you use your own creative energy, or your physical energy.

We sometimes put it into our exercise, such as Triathlons and weightlifting.

Or, you may be like me, a frustrated writer that needs to pour his mind out on paper as a form of mental therapy.

What about sexual energy?

Now, any guy that’s spent a couple weeks abstinent knows what I mean by this kind of energy, and you damn well know it’s real, too.

There are days of sexual frustration where you wake up and shut off your alarm with a roundhouse kick, and then you go to work and belt out about thirty pages of spreadsheets, upgrade the workstations on five floors, and it’s not even 7:30 in the morning.

For a woman, sexual energy is less about immediate and direct gratification.

Most of the women I have known never get “horny” the way a guy will.

Sure, some do, but it’s only after they’ve broken down some of their trust barriers with a man and can feel safe and secure about putting her more primal physical desires out there.

Now, think about frustration for a guy.

When a guy gets frustrated from his goal, what happens?

When you find yourself thwarted at every turn, what emotion begins to rear its head?

You get angry.

Men are hardwired by the testosterone in their bloodstream to feel aggression when they are held back from their desires.

They get pissed, and then they are prone to get very aggressive.

Now, luckily for modern civilization, we don’t always act on this feeling, but if you look around you I think you’ll agree that we still let that frustration find its natural outlet.

I get frustrated at certain things in my life, and I’ll feel the old Incredible Hulk syndrome start to kick in.

(Even if I can’t shred my shirt and kick as much behind as the Hulk can.)

How do women react to frustration?

Have you ever watched a woman when she gets flustered and teased?

Have you seen how she behaves?

I’ll be honest, it’s almost embarrassingly primitive and childish.

First, the women gets excited. It even looks amazingly like anger, but it’s not. It’s a delicious cocktail of thrilling and emotional energy.

Then, the woman gets TURNED ON.

She doesn’t even realize it, but it’s there.

You see, women have an entirely different reaction and outlet for their frustration, and it’s not like our male aggressive behavior.

It’s a form of FEMALE aggression, called sexual excitement.

She can’t get rid of the energy any other way.

Remember this. It’s why women respond to the Tease to Please so strongly. It’s why they respond to our challenges the way they do.

And it’s the secret for leading her into attraction for you.

At first, you may reject this as being too simplistic and cliche, but if you look behind the Hollywood smoke screen, you’ll see that this is what she’s looking for.

This is what many women respond to, and it’s a critical step in your building up mystery and challenge in her eyes.

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Carlos Xuma

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