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The Tease to Please Approach – Challenging Women

Challenging women is easy when you know how to tease her.

“How you can tease and get women laughing by being challenging, showing self-confidence, and being different than most other guys. This is not about making fun of women and putting them down. Make sure she’s laughing with you and you’re both having a fun flirty time. That’s the secret to the tease to please approach.”

…Written by  Carlos Xuma.

Remember, Tease to Please works because it short-circuits her usual defense mechanisms to meeting ‘strange‘ men.

You see, every woman comes with her factory-installed defense mechanism against meeting new guys. When a guy approaches her, for any reason, she assumes you’re picking up on her.

It’s what she’s gotten used to.

All women are by now, and they all have a standard routine of being a little stand-offish to you until you bust past this barrier.

Let’s continue:

Remember when you were just an eight-year-old kid on the playground?

There were all these ‘strange‘ creatures playing around the sandbox. They were called girls, and they seemed so bizarre and foreign to you.

They were delicate and interesting in a way that you couldn’t quite explain, but you knew that they were different.

How do kids treat those that are different?

They tease them.

  • “Mary, Mary, she’s so hairy!”
  • “Where’d you get that backpack? Looks like a hunchback!”
  • “Jenny’s got a CARROT top!”

Boys teased girls. Girls teased boys.

Everyone made fun of everyone else.

It was sandlot politics at its best, and you learned very quickly that you had to develop a callus to the teasing, or you’d get bruised pretty badly. (Some kids never adjusted, and grew up with their own sandbox issues.)

Ah, what fun those days were.

Well, sort of.

We learned some very primitive social interactions there, but the principles still held for many of us.

(Hey, whether or not you like it, we’re a lot closer to those kids in the playground than the adults you think we are. Everyone is still a little kid inside.)

I’ll be willing to bet you that you teased more girls because you liked them than you did because of any genuine weirdness.

Sure, there’s some cruelty, but the first social interaction most boys have with girls is when they teased them mercilessly. And what happened?

The girls stuck up for themselves.

They teased back.

And they didn’t realize it at the time, but this set in motion a whole pattern of behavior that led to them being very interested and attracted when they are CHALLENGED.

That’s right, boys. Teasing is all about raising the stakes of challenge to her, and letting her know that you don’t get all mushy inside when you get near a girl.

No confidence = no attraction from her.

Tease to Please is a simple strategy.

By teasing, you emulate a lot of the self-confidence you need to demonstrate with a woman.

That’s really the secret in a nutshell.

Call it what you want, Cocky and funny, confident and humorous, Tease to Please.

You are showing her you have the balls to not roll over and pant like a whipped dog every time a woman comes near you.

Here’s how you do it:

When we left off, you’d just delivered your introduction. Now you are in a position to continue the conversation as you see fit.

You’ve disarmed her natural defenses and opened up your opportunity to engage her attraction mechanism. You do this through Teasing.

Here’s one of the examples we used last time:

Example: She’s got bright red shoes on.

YOU: “Wow, those are … interesting shoes. My sister might like a pair like that. Where’d you get them…?

HER: “Oh, these? Uhm, I got them at Macy’s. They’re really old. I was looking to get a new pair.”

YOU: “Well, my sister is pretty young, but she’d like that style. For an OLD lady … (PAUSE) … you’re a pretty sharp dresser.” You give her a SLIGHT smile that says “That was a joke.”

Remember, “sister” can be changed to aunt, or cousin, or whatever.

You can use my standard response I gave you for now, but you’ll do better if you learn how to think on your feet and come up with more personal and customized versions.

There are a whole host of teasing responses. Here are some others (delivered with that sly smile):

Well, with heels that high, you better watch out for awnings. And low-flying planes.

How many feet have you crushed with those things? I’m wearing steel-toes, so don’t try it on me.

Let’s say it’s about a ring she’s wearing:

  • Well, my sister likes those ‘groovy’ rings, too. Do you have a mood ring? I bet you were the kind of girl to wear one of those. Was it blue all the time? You look like you have cold hands.
  • My sister likes toe rings like that. Do you wear them on your toes, too? Just don’t tell me you have a weird piercing, like your butt-cheek. That would just be TOO freaky.
  • Wow, that thing is HUGE. I bet you have to leave it off when you go swimming, huh? Or else you’d sink right to the bottom.

It goes on and on.

In fact, you could sit down and just think up a handful of these for a few different items of clothing (shoes, purse, jacket) and/or jewelry and be set for almost ANY encounter.

Doesn’t it feel great to know that you can now control your meetings and increase your ratios?

No, no, please, hold your applause…

Remember: Don’t be insulting. Be TEASING.

Teasing is done with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.

You kid with her.

If you make fun of her in a mean or malicious way, you’re out.

If you don’t let her know you’re kidding, you’re out.

The point of all this is to:

  1. Get her laughing
  2. Challenge her (by demonstrating Self-confidence and that you’re DIFFERENT.)

After you joke with her a little, make a decision if this is a woman you might be interested in. If so, you smile and start to walk away.

Then, turn right back and TELL her (don’t ask):

Hey, you know, we might like to continue this conversation sometime. Write down your number for me.” (Memorize this phrasing to use.)

An alternate approach:

Hey, you know, I might like to continue this conversation sometime. Write down your email address for me.

If she says she doesn’t have a pen, you DO, and hand it to her.

If she says she doesn’t have email, tease her some more: “No email? You didn’t just get off a desert island did you?


Here, just give me your home phone.” (As she starts writing):

Uhm, your REAL number. I’m just going to call you as soon as I get home and leave a dozen annoying messages on your answering machine.” Smile.

Take her number and leave.

Don’t tell her you’ll call. Leave her wondering.

That’s it.

  • You disarm her defenses by keeping a sense of humor.
  • You show self confidence and challenge her by teasing a little.
  • Then you ask for what you want, and then you leave. You’re a busy guy, with a busy schedule of too many women to meet.

This completes your education on the Tease to Please approach.

Now, as I said before, for such an invaluable and easy to use technique (given to you FREE, I’ll add) the least you can do is to start putting it to use.

I want to hear from guys who go out and start getting some action from the use of this.

‘Cause I’ll guarantee you one thing:

You will get more responsiveness from women with this simple approach than ANY other tactic.

More response = more practice.

More practice = more dates.

More dates = more sex.

Or more relationships, or whatever it is you want.

It all starts here.

Get more women in your life. THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS.

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