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The Bad Boy Formula – Nice Guys Need Edge To Attract Women

Good girls wanting Bad Boys

The fact is that women want to get banged by bad boys.

I know that might not sit well with you, but it’s not like this is some secret, right?

You’ve been talking to some chick for a half-hour at some bar or club, and out of nowhere this guy walks right into your set and starts hitting on her.

In 30 seconds she walks off with him, looking back at you with “I’m sorry” in her eyes.

And you just know this guy is going to hit that thang later on…

And even worse – she wasn’t apologizing TO you.

She felt sorry FOR you.

Or maybe you stay on the phone for hours and hours with some hot chick you want – and all she does is complain about her boyfriend to you – but every time you see her she’s back with him again…

OR maybe you’ve been wining and dining some girl for weeks only to find out that she jumped into bed with some guy she met at a club. Weeks of your life and money just got flushed down the toilet…

OR maybe you’re stuck in the friend’s only zone with some woman – and you find out she’s dating a married guy…


If you’re sick of this shit, I think you need a little injection of Bad Boy in your life.

Carlos Xuma

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Carlos Xuma A pillar in the dating and attraction community who specializes in getting your “manhood” back. A self -made Alpha Male and a desire to bring out every guys true alpha self.

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