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The Bear And The Sneakers…

Women love humor. Use it the right way and you attract her. Use it the wrong way and you’ve made just another friend.

(Written by Carlos Xuma – Dating Dynamics.)

You ever have one of those moments where a person is telling you a joke, and you realize you’ve heard it before, but you don’t want to spoil it for them?

I think we all have…

So you sit there and wait politely until the end, and you give them a polite laugh, too.

Well, my friend did this to me the other day. He’s known for having a joke-of-the-week, and he’s usually pretty good with them.

He told me one you might have heard.

I’ll tell the joke here for you so you can get a laugh, just in case you haven’t heard this one:

** Joke Starts here **

Two hunters are in a cabin deep in the woods. At daybreak they are awoken by a grizzly bear just out of hibernation, mad as all heck, and hasn’t eaten all winter.

The bear is hitting the door with all his weight and it’s beginning to give out.

One hunter calmly begins to put on his sneakers.

The other hunter is bewildered. “What are you doing? You can’t outrun a bear!

The other hunter says, “I don’t have to outrun the bear. I’ve just got to outrun YOU.


I always liked that one. It’s a slightly evil joke that we can all relate to.

I think we can relate to that kind of competition – especially running for your life.

Sometimes it’s every man for himself.

Survival of the fittest.

So when my friend was telling me this joke, I had a second or two to think about it – and I had a HUGE light bulb moment.

This realization I had is totally related to YOU and your dating skills.

In that joke, there’s something brutally real about the hunter who knows that “all he has to do is outrun his friend.”

And in the world of attracting and dating attractive women… YOU ONLY NEED TO OUTRUN THE NEXT GUY.

Not EVERY guy!

You see, the reality is that only 10% of guys have good skills with women. ( I’m being VERY generous here.)

I’m talking CONSISTENT success with beautiful women.

Not just guys who get a date every so often or have a girlfriend.

In fact, one of the WORST measures of success is whether or not a guy has a girlfriend. Especially when you see so many bored/miserable couples out there.

The other 90% of guys out there are STRUGGLING. Some will get better approaching and talking to women – most will NOT.

I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s true.

BUT this also works out better for YOU.

If you know how to get past your fears of approaching women, you’ll find that your potential is UNLIMITED.

You’ll surpass 90% of the guys in a heartbeat.

Remember, only about 10% of guys out there can approach a woman and generate interest CONSISTENTLY.

Well I’ve got a great tool for you to start using right away. I have put together a new report. I was going to make it part of a program, until I decided to give it to you for free.

That’s right.

In this report, I’m going to show you how to CRUSH your Approach Anxiety. COMPLETELY obliterate it. Go grab your report here: How To Take The Fear Of Approaching Women And CRUSH It Under Your Heel Like A Bug.

Leave your email there and you’ll be taking the first step to overcome approach anxiety.

This is for guys who really want to learn this stuff and become one of those 10%. Only the serious need apply.

Carlos Xuma

You can find more great advice from Carlos Xuma here at DiaLteG TM by going here: Carlos Xuma – Creator of Alpha Male power and considered a pillar in the dating and attraction community specializing in our manhood.

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