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3 Critical Steps To Finding Your “Dream Woman”

There are first steps you must take to find your dream woman.

By David DeAngelo Author of best-selling eBook and free “Dating Secrets” newsletter

No two ways about it: ask the average guy what he’s looking for in his “dream woman,” and — if he’s being brutally honest –he’ll put “physical beauty” at the top the list.

But here’s the thing… we all know deep down that extreme “physical beauty” is one quality that — at best — has nothing to do with the success of an exciting, fulfilling, long-term relationship. And, at worst, it often contributes to its failure.

We don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out why…

Sure, “hotness” works to get a man interested in a woman in the first place… even to keep him interested for a while. But the stats don’t lie: years down the road, relationships based on physical attraction do not stand the test of time.

So then. What should a man look for when it comes to finding his “perfect match” for the long term — also known as his true “dream woman”? Here are 3 key steps to finding and keeping her:



For a man, escaping his narrow, hard-wired thinking about the qualities his ultimate “dream woman” should possess is his greatest obstacle to ever finding her.

His success in meeting his dream woman — and keeping her for the long term — actually lies in seeing a much larger picture. In doing everything he can to attract a woman who contributes and enhances his life in ways that he often can’t see “up front.” (Guys are so hopelessly near-sighted when it comes to our own happiness, we should be born with glasses) .

In more specific terms, every man should envision the kind of woman who can help him achieve (and share) his “dream” life… the life that he’s always imagined for himself.

This means choosing a woman equipped with the qualities necessary to love and support him in achieving those dreams, no matter what they may be.

Which leads us directly to:


This one’s as simple as it sounds…

Before you start living your dreams, first you need to know what they are.

So get to work… as in right now… clarifying your personal “vision” of an exciting, happy, fulfilling life.

Once you do, guess what… the qualities that your “dream woman” must possess to share and help you achieve those dreams will become immediately obvious.

So go figure yourself out.

Are you an outgoing world-traveler with dreams of sailing the world?

Or an introverted screenwriter hell-bent to winning an Oscar for best screenplay?

Nail it down in no uncertain terms, because it ain’t rocket science — until you know yourself and what you want, there’s no way to find a woman who’ll love you in amazing, life-changing ways for who you are.


It’s amazing how many guys bitch and complain about cold, unsupportive, selfish women in their lives, right?

And it’s all because these guys overlook the obvious when it comes to “matching up” with their true “dream woman” in the first place.

In other words, if you’re that outgoing world-traveler with dreams of sailing the world, you must take action to match up with a woman with a genuine sense of spontaneity… a passion for nature… a fearless love of adventure… you name it.

If you’re that introverted writer looking for an Oscar one day, then arrange your life so that you cross paths with women who have a deep appreciation for thoughtful communication… an unwavering support through failure… an intelligent compassion.

Bottom line:

When it comes to finding your “dream woman”, first you must honestly, unflinchingly envision the future you really want for yourself. Only then can you go after the tangible qualities in the kind of woman who can help you achieve that future.

Otherwise, sure, a “hot” woman may rock your world for a date or two. But long-term love is sure to fail… until you take steps to help the true woman of your dreams find you.

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