4 Insights Into Approaching Women – Are Your Fears Getting In The Way?

Written by David DeAngelo - creator of Double Your Dating.

FEAR. This one word, this one FEELING, is the bottom line WALL that keeps YOU from success when it comes to approaching women.

Here are some killer insights on fear and how to re-frame it so that you can acknowledge it, then destroy it before you even make the approach, making YOU 100x more effective at approaching women.

Something's been bothering me...

I'm talking toss-and-turn, up-all-night bothering me.

It's just this:

I hear from SO many men who have SO many problems approaching attractive women.

And in the end, they all share just one thing in common...

They're AFRAID of rejection.

They EXPECT to fail, so they won't even try.

It's a "self-fulfilling prophecy" and a TOTAL DISASTER...

These guys are doomed to NEVER experience what it's like to be with a hot woman!

Just tragic.

But here's the part that REALLY has me up at night...

All of their fear is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.


I said it.

I feel better already.

Maybe now I can stop crying myself to sleep every night...

But seriously... the REAL question is...

WHY do so many men feel this way?

In reality, what do they think is going to happen if they walk up to a super-hot woman and try to start a conversation?

Do they think she'll scream and run?

Do they think she'll slam them upside the head with an Aquafina bottle?

Are they afraid she'll laugh and point and call her friends over to see the freaky "wuss" that dared to talk to her?

Well, as the famous shrink once said, the word "fear" really stands for this:





Get it?

It still holds true.

Yet every time I talk to guys about this, it's always the same...

They're SCARED TO DEATH they'll blow it if they even try to approach a woman.

In other words... most men EXPECT negative outcomes. And they don't CONSCIOUSLY REALIZE that they're sabotaging themselves for no good reason.

Don't believe me?

Let's do a little exercise to prove it...

Take a moment and imagine a smoking-hot woman.

Go all out.

Think about the kind of woman you might see in a bar or club, maybe at a coffee house or supermarket... wherever... that you INSTANTLY wish you could meet.

She has that killer look... the way she carries herself... the body... the smile that makes your heart pound and palms sweat.

Now... imagine walking toward her.

In a moment, you'll have to open your mouth. You'll have to actually SAY something to her.

Okay... now you're next to her.

And remember -- this woman is HOT. So drop-dead gorgeous, there's already a Brad-Pitt-looking dude coming this way with a big, cheesy smile.

But right now it's your turn... you have just ONE CHANCE to talk to this woman before Brad gets here.

Now FREEZE this moment.

Think about how YOU feel.

And predict, in all honesty, what's likely to happen next.

Now, I'm no mind-reader... but let me guess what you're thinking...


That you're about to BLOW IT and lose this woman (as usual) to Brad.

And you know what?

You're exactly right.

For most guys, "negative expectations" like these TAKE OVER their minds in this scenario... so much that they can't even IMAGINE a positive outcome!

And guess what...

Once upon a time... I couldn't imagine "success" either.

In fact, I spent YEARS trying to overcome my fear and shyness.

See if you can relate to this...

You see a woman you want to meet in a bar or club, maybe at a coffee house or supermarket... wherever.

She just has "that" look. A way about her that makes your heart beat faster. Your palms sweat.

Then what happens?

If you're like I used to be, you immediately go into "IF ONLY" world.

You start FANTASIZING...

IF ONLY I could meet this woman.

IF ONLY I could talk to her without sounding like a dork or wuss.

IF ONLY I could make her smile at me like she smiles at Brad-Pitt-looking dudes.

IF ONLY I could feel her hand wrap around mine and lead me back to her bedroom.

Point is... you see this woman, and you want all this, but you literally feel like there's a WALL between you and her.

One so tall and thick that you can't even get yourself to walk in her direction... let alone start a conversation with her.

This sensation sucks.

Like I said... I'VE BEEN THERE.

But after taking the time to watch and learn from the "naturals" -- the kind of men who know exactly what to say and do to SUCCEED with women

-- I discovered my biggest mistake was simply this:

I had NO IDEA how to overcome my FEAR.

I had no idea about the #1 WAY to start having IMMEDIATE, mind-blowing success with women.

And that is:

Just TRY.

Yup. You heard me.

It's so basic, it hurts.


It's kindergarten when it comes to becoming successful with women.

The ONE AND ONLY way to turbocharge your success with women RIGHT NOW is to START TRYING.

In fact, I recommend you learn much more about the GUARANTEED POWER of "just trying" right here:

 Approaching Women and Starting Conversations

But for now, what I REALLY want to talk about when it comes to "trying" is this:

What YOU'RE busy doing INSTEAD.

If you're like 99% of guys...

...you're doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

When you see a woman you'd like to meet... you WISH... and you WANT... and you FANTASIZE...

...and then DO NOTHING.

What SHOULD you be doing?

You should be looking at EVERY woman you want to meet as an opportunity... a chance to work on yourself and your "skills"... instead of looking at her as an impossible challenge.

When you teach yourself to think about things this way, you become less attached to the outcome... you become more relaxed...

...and more able to TAKE ACTION.

Look at it this way...

If you just TRY -- just go up to a woman and open your mouth and say something -- ANYTHING AT ALL -- you're already doing more than 99% of guys.

Now look... there's no doubt that starting conversations with hot women can be a nerve- racking experience.

In fact, most guys are so intimidated that they avoid them altogether... and miss out on SURE-FIRE opportunities to CHANGE THEIR LIVES almost every day.

And that's where BEING PREPARED comes in.

When I talk about "being prepared," I am NOT talking about having cheesy "pick up lines" ready to unleash at the drop of a hat.

In fact, guys don't realize that their lame attempts to get a woman's attention this way are actually TOTALLY DESTROYING their chances with them.

They don't realize what they're saying and doing give women an INSTANT NEGATIVE IMPRESSION.

Even worse... these guys are making it IMPOSSIBLE for these women to feel ATTRACTION.

And, as you know, it's the basis of everything I teach... ATTRACTION IS THE WHOLE BALLGAME.

That's why, if the first impression you make on a woman is that you're a WUSSY... then it doesn't MATTER what you say and do next.

She's NEVER going to feel any ATTRACTION for you.

And then it's GAME OVER.

So... how do you create the RIGHT first impression immediately -- and trigger INSTANT ATTRACTION?

I can tell you this:

It takes a whole lot more than cheesy "pick-up" lines.

The fact is, it takes a PROVEN SYSTEM for approaching women in EXACTLY the right way and starting conversations.

It requires making the whole PROCESS so "second nature" to you that you don't even have think about it.

And once you can do that, I GUARANTEE IT:

You'll NEVER feel that sickening "IF ONLY" feeling when you see a hot woman you'd like to meet.

You'll always have the confidence you need to TAKE ACTION instead of "wishing" and "wanting."

Most importantly -- as you approach her, you'll ALWAYS come across as calm, cool, and in-control.

And all of this ADDS UP to ONE THING:



So what's the bottom line here?

It's this:

The BEST WAY to get this part of your life handled for good is to stop making excuses.

Stop the "She'll never go for me" and the "She'll think I'm a loser" and the "I don't want to bother her"...


That in mind, I have a few questions for you...

  • Do YOU want to kick your fears of approaching women to the curb forever?
  • Do YOU want carry the SKILLS you need (to approach ANY woman you want) right in your back pocket?
  • Do YOU want to know EXACTLY what to say and do to spark attraction INSTANTLY?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above, then there's no two ways about it... You're ready to stop the "IF ONLY's"... and START getting results with amazing women.

Here's how I want to help you make it happen... I want to teach you 4 things:

  1. How to read a woman's signals to know EXACTLY when to approach her.
  2. How to come off BETTER than every other guy who's ever done it.
  3. How to do it at EXACTLY the right time.
  4. What you must SAY and DO to GUARANTEE SUCCESS.

And in my acclaimed "Approaching Women And Starting Conversations" program, all of this is *exactly* what I'm going to teach you.

Best of all, you'll learn it all (and much, much more) so QUICKLY and EASILY you'll be kicking yourself for waiting so long to do it.

This complete home-study course is designed to CHANGE EVERYTHING you think and feel about approaching women.

It's designed to ELIMINATE YOUR FEARS for good -- and replace them with the FAIL-PROOF SKILLS you need to make SUCCESS WITH WOMEN a permanent part of your life.

Once you do just that much, I GUARANTEE IT:

Like magic, instead of women INSTANTLY REJECTING YOU... they'll BEG to spend more time with you.

Ready to make this one happen?

Excellent. Then click here:

Approaching Women and Starting Conversations

Your friend,

David D.

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