5 Fail-Proof Tips For Getting A Great Girlfriend

Written by David DeAngelo - creator of The Man Transformation.

Okay, time to turn things up a notch around here...

After watching so many guys FAIL MISERABLY when it comes to getting a great girlfriend (while seeing a few "chosen ones" succeed BIG TIME) I finally realized something:

The whole ballgame boils down to 5 things that a man MUST do to experience a great, life-changing RELATIONSHIP with a woman... in other words, to GET A GREAT GIRLFRIEND.

In fact, these 5 tips are all so SIMPLE and absolutely *GUARANTEED* to work for just 1 reason:

It's the fact that EVERY woman has a set of "emotional triggers" inside her that spark feelings of "attraction" toward a man... THEN compel her to want to be with him for the longer term.

And this is exactly why I want *YOU* to take away just one thing from all this today if you take away nothing else:

It's that MOST MEN HAVE NO CLUE what these emotional triggers are (let alone how to actually trigger them inside a woman)... so this is a HUGE advantage for YOU!

What do I mean by that?

Thought you'd never ask...

Hard, cold, reality is, when it comes to getting a great girlfriend, most guys end up doing 1 of 2 things:

1) They focus on doing the usual "nice guy" things to win a woman over, like buying her dinners, gifts, and flowers... giving her lots of compliments... calling her all the time...

... all of which KILL any chance of creating genuine ATTRACTION.


2) Guys moan and complain about the stuff they can't control about themselves (and that women don't really care about anyway...) like their looks, or how much money they have...

... so they end up DOING NOTHING to get the girlfriend of their dreams.


Either way, these mistakes make me want to jump out the window...

It's why you *MUST* get this through YOUR HEAD...

Women feel ATTRACTION for a different set of reasons than men do.

UNDERSTAND these reasons, and you can succeed with almost ANY woman you want.

More specifically...

Where men tend to focus more on looks, women focus more on "intangible" qualities... a combination of emotional and physical feelings that's NEVER really about a man's looks... or his money... or a woman's rational logic.


Women DO often "rationalize" their decisions about who their next boyfriend will be... "He's got to be like this" or "he has to do that for me" or whatever...

But, in the end, they actually HAVE NO CONTROL over who they're actually going to feel ATTRACTION for!

This is precisely why I want you to FORGET EVERYTHING you THINK you know about the traits women "notice" in their next boyfriend.

In fact, after talking with as many 'off-the- hook' beautiful women as I have, 1 shocking truth became clear fast:

When it comes to the qualities that great women are looking for in their next boyfriend, "looks" and "money" don't even make it into the top 5!

Truth is, everything I teach is based on learning EXACTLY what to say and do to create irresistible feelings of attraction in a woman...

... feelings that then make her HELPLESS to do anything but want to be with you.


Once you have the fail-proof tools and techniques you need to make it happen...

... you can get almost ANY WOMAN YOU WANT as a girlfriend!

Make sense?


Then, all of this in mind... without further delay, let's get to it:

Here come my 5 FAIL-PROOF TIPS for getting a great girlfriend FAST:


When it comes to their love lives, most guys tend to ignore the easy path every time.

So let me lay it out for you in plain black and white:

All you really need to do to succeed is make sure a woman feels that you are trying to UNDERSTAND her... really trying to connect with her deepest feelings in a way that 99.9% of men never will...and a MAGICAL thing will instantly happen:

She'll start to see you as "boyfriend material"!

Now, this doesn't happen on a conscious level - but if you make a powerful, genuine, heart-felt effort to find out why a woman's feeling sad about something... or happy... or fearful.... or whatever... she'll receive the message loud and clear:

You're the one-in-a-million potential "Mr. Right" that actually CARES about her and actually GETS HER.

This is VERY powerful.

It creates attraction in a way that goes WAY beyond the whole "prince on a white horse' routine...

Basically, learn how to come across as the kind of man who knows how to connect with a woman in this way, and you'll be UNSTOPPABLE.

Here's how to start doing it:

Stop looking at just the surface of a woman... learn how to look within her to find the beautiful parts that aren't so obvious to everyone else.

Then, use your imagination and creativity to see opportunities for poetic comments... interesting stories... fascinating history.. an emotional interpretation to everything that's going on...and you'll sweep her right off her feet.

Also, be sure to let her know that you're spending the time to think about all this stuff... women LOVE to know that a man's thinking about them.

Even if you just tell a woman that you don't like it that she's going out with another guy, she'll love it, because it PROVES you were thinking about her, but in an indirect way.

Even better: try connecting with her emotionally by showing that you also spend your time thinking about the welfare of OTHERS.

This kind of unselfish compassion goes a LONG way toward helping a woman see you as "boyfriend" material."

So volunteer in a shelter. Help out folks who are less fortunate.

If it's REALLY in your heart to do all of this, it will send her heart to fluttering.

And like I say - much more importantly, you'll be doing good for the world, too.


Want to learn a LOT more about my Fail-Proof Tip #1 for getting a great girlfriend FAST?

Then learn EXACTLY what it takes to CONNECT EMOTIONALLY with the woman you want... quickly... deeply... passionately... and then take things to the NEXT LEVEL with her.

It's all RIGHT HERE.

Meanwhile, onto:


Listen, it's no big secret... humor and confidence are PROVEN biological aphrodisiacs to women.

In other words, if you can show a woman that you're in control and keep her laughing while you do it, everything will go your way no matter how you screw up otherwise... all because women are helplessly, magnetically drawn to men with a great confidence and a sense of humor.

No, naturally, this is tough to explain to some guys...

Lots of men take this advice and immediately start coming across as ‘overly arrogant', which is not what I mean at all.

The formula for how to do RIGHT it is actually very simple:

  1. Speak in a highly confident way.
  2. Add humor to make it funny instead of just arrogant and obnoxious.

Here's one of my most famous examples how to put this formula into action...

Let's say you're walking down the street with a woman and she says, "Hey, I like those shoes in the window."

You might answer, "You would".

Or, if you're talking to a woman who's wearing four inch heels, you could say, "What, are you four feet tall without the shoes?"

Basically, you're saying things that are funny while being arrogant at the same time.

Best of all, while it's obvious that you're making fun of her, it's not exactly clear what you mean.

This creates interest and intrigue as she tries to "figure you out."

But naturally, 99% of guys wouldn't dare to say things like this right away to a woman they LACK CONFIDENCE.

And I can totally understand it, because I used to be that way, too... that is, until I saw guys doing Cocky & Funny CORRECTLY with women, and therefore getting all the opportunities that I (and 99% of other guys) never got.

To get you started on the right path, I recommend that you watch Chevy Chase in "Caddyshack" or "Fletch". Pierce Brosnan was AWESOME at this in "The Thomas Crown Affair". Clarke Gable, of course, in "Gone With The Wind". Even Tom Cruise in "Top Gun" showed the kind of humor I'm talking about.

Want more SPECIFICS on how to cultivate the skill of being Cocky & Funny, including WORD-FOR- WORD responses and FAIL-PROOF IMPROVE techniques that WORK EVERY TIME?

Here you can get the INSTANT, 100% RISK- FREE crash course.

In the meantime, start trying to be Cocky & Funny on your own... you'll notice a mind-blowing difference in the way that women respond to you!


Let's face it... characters like those just mentioned usually make the rest of us feel like "cool" is something we don't have enough of... can't get more of... and are doomed to fail with women because of our lack of.

Much worse:

Our attempts to fake "being cool" ruin any chance we actually have to build a long-lasting relationships with a great woman.

But here's the question:

Jason Bourne and James Bond aside, what exactly does it mean to "be cool" in the REAL world?

Well, despite what TV and movies have us believe, the only "cool" that really matters to women isn't about swagger, looks or money.

Genuine COOL is all about one thing only:

A man's INNER STRENGTH. Also know as the kind of strength that translates into personal confidence, control, and leadership.

It basically means being unaffected by the opinions of others.

It means seeing situations for what they really are without bitterness or paranoia.

It means being able to evaluate challenging situations in life, and then being quick to take mature, decisive action.

It means having the strength to do your own thing while encouraging others to do theirs as well.

But okay... how do you go about getting this kind of cool for YOURSELF?

First off, it's critical that you start PUSHING YOURSELF and TRYING NEW THINGS.

Because, fact is, the only way to TRULY be cool in ANY situation is to have faced a SIMILAR SITUATION at some time in the past.

The more experiences you can gather in your life, the greater the chances that you'll come across as cool in a FUTURE situation.

And -- most importantly -- you'll automatically "be cool" in situations that present themselves while you're with that great woman you want as a girlfriend!

So get out there and start experiencing new stuff IMMEDIATELY...

Maybe you want to learn more about different types of wine. Or maybe foreign movies.

Maybe you can start playing ice hockey instead of just shooting hoops all the time.

Do you understand ANYTHING about fashion? Have you ever even HEARD of Frank Sinatra?

I think you get the message.

If you'd like more SPECIFICS on how to become the kind of cool, in-control man you thought only existed in movies and TV, I suggest that you check this out.

Oh, and one more thing:

Remember that one of the MOST CRITICAL parts of coming across as "cool" is NEVER CHASING A WOMAN.

I can't say this enough...

Women who are true "girlfriend material" have guys chasing them all the time.

Calling them. Texting them. Constantly checking in.

Ugh. It's not pretty.

Like I said -- what YOU have to do to be successful is stand out from THAT pathetic, Wussy crowd.

Yet most guys sabotage themselves with their overwhelming impulse to chase a woman...

They try so hard to say "cool" things.

They act so nervous during a simple, casual conversation.

Worst of all, they act like a "wussy"... not daring to tease or bust on a woman because they're so scared they'll upset her.

All of this positively MURDERS any chance of ATTRACTION.

So STOP doing all that CHASING.

Which, conveniently, takes us to...


Okay, listen up:

It's another scientific fact that most women have an unconscious, helpless attraction to so- called "dominant" men...

Did you know that the dominant males in some primate groups account 75% of all matings (while the Wussiest of the hairy knuckle-draggers go home and watch Skin-A-Max all alone)?

Same goes for humans...

When a high-quality woman is looking for "boyfriend material," she's most likely to notice the kind of man who knows what he wants and goes after it.

In other words, one who comes across as "in charge" of his life.


I'm NOT talking about the kind of "in charge" that makes a woman feel intimidated or uncomfortable. I AM talking about an assertiveness that's about setting goals and then going after them with passion.

Most women, particularly women looking for a BOYFRIEND, are magnetically drawn to this kind of assertiveness.


It's because desirable women are accustomed to being held up on pedestals.

Like I said above -- they're used to being CHASED by men all day long.

So... want an EASY way stand out from the other apes who hit on a woman all day long?

Then show her that you're IN CHARGE.


Act indifferent and aloof.

Make her think that you're only calling because you're bored.

Act disinterested sexually in her.

These behaviors drive a high-quality woman crazy! It practically makes them obsess over you (even though they'll NEVER, EVER admit it.)

Bottom line on this one:

If YOU need to amp-up your assertiveness level and "in-charge" inner confidence, I want to help.

I've discovered there's only 1 way to do it... and it involves totally "overhauling" what I call your "Inner Game."

Learn about it here.

Finally, on to:


Time to talk about your ULTIMATE WEAPON for creating INSTANT ATTRACTION (and therefore having your pick of great girlfriends)...

I'm talking about being just plain FUN.

I can't say it enough. In fact, I recently wrote a whole newsletter about this being the #1 way to "close the deal" with a woman...

No two ways about it, this is the big one:

Absolutely nothing is a bigger turn-off to a great woman than a guy who's a total buzz-kill.

All women -- especially the ones who make a great girlfriend -- are looking for a man who likes to have fun and do adventurous, unusual, even dangerous things.

It's instantly intriguing to a woman. It's immediately enticing. It's an escape from the hum- drum of every day.

Women absolutely go out of their way to spend time with a genuinely "fun" guy who makes their whole life more enjoyable.

So remember...

One of the biggest mistakes men make to blow it with a woman is being completely boring and predictable.

And that instantly kills the two things that all women are desperately searching for in longer- term relationships:

A) EXCITEMENT here and now.

B) ANTICIPATION of a FUN FUTURE. Deliver them both, and you're GOLDEN.

So mix things up and keep her guessing. Don't always call when you say you will. Go here instead of there. Do this instead of that.

Get the picture? Keep her guessing and you'll have no problem ramping up the fun and keeping her attention.

This is absolutely crucial because boring predictability is LETHAL to ANY relationship...

Let alone when you're looking for that perfect GIRLFRIEND!

Okay, that about wraps things up for now.

Sorry if I went on and on, but it's because I never stop hearing it:

Too many of you guys still think that it takes movie-star looks and rock-star money to get a great girlfriend...


And I don't want YOU to waste your life NOT experiencing what it's like to have a great girlfriend because of it.

So listen to your Zen-Yogi-Jedi Master David D., on this one...

Start SAYING and DOING the simple things that create UNSTOPPABLE ATTRACTION inside a woman... the things that set you apart from 99% of all other guys...

... and YOUR dream of getting a great girlfriend will finally COME TRUE.

I'll talk to you again soon.

Your friend,

David DeAngelo

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Man Transformation - Easy Steps To Getting Your Dream Woman

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How many times have you watched OTHER guys go home with the HOTTEST WOMEN in the room and wondered...

"What it would take for ME to get a woman like that, too?"

Well, I'm here to tell you that you *CAN* do it... and it's MUCH EASIER THAN YOU THINK.

Let's be brutally honest here...

If you're like 99% of guys, you haven't experienced what it's like to be with your "DREAM WOMAN" yet.

In fact, you haven't even come close. You've never even TRIED.

You've never dared to start a conversation with the kind of woman I like to call a Total 10"...let alone actually gotten a DATE with one.

Now make no mistake...I'm not talking about "regular" women here.

I'm talking about the kind of woman who's so smoking hot, she literally drops jaws and turns heads when she walks by.

I'm talking about the kind of woman who's so in-demand, a dozen guys hit on her EVERY DAY.

I'm talking about the kind of woman who's the TOTAL PACKAGE -- also so sweet and intelligent that you don't just think of her as "dating material"...

...you think of her as RELATIONSHIP MATERIAL.

So let me say it again...

If you're like MOST guys...


But here's the thing...

That's cool.

I totally understand it.

Just IMAGINING talking to a woman like this makes most guys so nervous they feel sick.

Their palms sweat.

Their hearts race.

Not a pretty picture.

And because of it, 99% of men will never get a woman like this.

I want you to really THINK about that for a moment...

Think about the REAL reason that you've never even TRIED to get the kind of sexy, in-demand woman that drops jaws and turns heads every time she walks by...

If you're like these other guys who sit home FANTASIZING about "Total 10" women, odds are, this is what's going on:


You tell yourself things like,

"That kind of woman only goes for guys with movie-star looks and money."


"That kind of woman will immediately blow me off the moment I approach her."


"I'll hem and haw and get tongue-tied if I even try to start a conversation with her."

Or best of all...

"That's the kind of woman who has so many guys trying to hook up with her all day long that I don't stand a chance."

Any of this sound familiar?

I could go on and on listing the excuses I hear from guys, and believe me, I've heard them all.

But again...

What's the REAL reason that you've never even TRIED to get the kind of women you constantly FANTASIZE about?

Why do you keep DOING NOTHING...

...except watching OTHER guys leave bars and parties with these amazing women on their arms?

Before I blow your mind with the REAL
answer... guess what:


That's right...your old pal Dave used to do nothing but sit and watch...wish and want...

But one night, as I sat there wallowing in my own wussyness... something started to happen...

The more I watched the success of OTHER MEN, the more and more AMAZED I became.

The truth soon became clear, and it was like a slap to the face.

The truth was this:

The guys who were getting these women did NOT look like Brad Pitt. And they weren't Donald- Trump rich, either -- if they were, they wouldn't be hanging out at the bars and parties that I could afford.

So I watched and observed...and the REALITY of the situation became clear...

These guys weren't super handsome or filthy rich -- yet here they were, getting the hottest women in the room.

I mean, they made it look so easy.

Effortless and painless.

Almost like they had some kind of "magic power" to make it happen.

As soon as one of these guys would start a conversation with one of these hot women, she'd start to smile at him.

And I mean SMILE.... that kind of super-sweet, sexy smile that made me realize it all over again:

I must be doing something very WRONG in my life....because women like that NEVER smile at me that way.

But still... there I sat.

Doing nothing.

Just watching and wishing.

And as I did, realizing it:

Since these guys weren't rich or handsome, their success with women MUST come from some other place.

Logically... if it wasn't coming from the "outside" (how they looked or what they had in the bank) then their success must be coming from somewhere INSIDE them.

It must be coming from what I call their "inner game"...the way they THINK, and how those thoughts and feelings come across in what they SAY and DO with women.

And logically...

... IF THESE GUYS could master their inner game so that they naturally knew what to say and do with women...


And the more I got to thinking about all this, the more it became clear to me...

I knew it all along -- and, at some deep level, YOU probably know it, too...

You always knew that there were steps you could take in your life...things that you could DO RIGHT NOW... that would make it possible to have success with amazing women.

Which leads us back to the big question:

You KNOW there are things you can do to become MUCH, MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL with women...



1) You don't know what those steps are.


2) You think taking those steps will be "too hard."

Either way, I wish I could SLAP you right now.

Because, in REALITY, there's nothing more than your "inner game" -- THE WAY YOU THINK AND FEEL -- standing between you and off-the-hook success with women.

In other words... there's nothing but MENTAL BLOCKS AND OBSTACLES keeping you from escaping your current life of "wishing" and "wanting"...

...and finally GETTING the woman of your dreams.

All you really need to do is this:

BLOW UP your fears and misconceptions for good.

Eliminate the FALSE mental blocks and IMAGINARY obstacles that have stood between you and success with women for so long.

Do just that much, and you can CHANGE EVERYTHING in your life.


That's why, without further delay, I want to dig into 4 STEPS you can take RIGHT NOW to overcome the fears and mental obstacles preventing you from getting YOUR DREAM WOMAN.

Buckle in, because here we go...


I want you to look around yourself right now.

That's right. Do it.

Right now.

See any chains holding you to that chair?

Probably not...unless you're into some very kinky stuff I don't even want to get into here.

In other words, the REALITY of your situation is this:

The ONLY thing stopping you from getting out of that chair and TOTALLY CHANGING YOUR LIFE right now is *YOU*.

It's your own THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS that are holding you back. Making you miss out on every opportunity you SHOULD be having to enjoy life by now.

But let's go even deeper. Hope you brought your scuba gear....

Specifically: it's your personal "baggage" -- all your past failures and bad experiences -- that have robbed you of the "inner game" you need to experience REAL SUCCESS with women.

And that's all there is to it.

There are no chains.

There are no force fields.

There's only you... and everything you're NOT doing to change your life.

But here's today's NEWSFLASH:

A few simple techniques can help you to drop that loser "baggage" forever and move FORWARD... get you actually DOING the things you know you should be doing instead of just "dreaming".

That in mind, we move on to...


There's no doubt about it...our past memories and experiences totally run (and RUIN) our lives.

They lurk in the dark background of your mind and CONSTANTLY SABOTAGE you.

For example...

Ever been in a situation with a woman where you really wanted to do or say something to her...

...but you suddenly remembered something bad that happened in the past in a similar situation?

Maybe your mind went blank and you couldn't think of anything to say.

Maybe you hemmed and hawed and tripped over your words.

Maybe you just turned around and walked away because you couldn't get the courage together to talk to her in the first place.


All you remember NOW is how EMBARRASSING and PAINFUL the experience was.

And guess what:

NOW you're practically PROGRAMMED FOR FAILURE because of it.

Just REMEMBERING past experiences like this cause you to FAIL...or worse, NOT EVEN TRY... again and again for the rest of your life.

So... how do you leave that kind of crippling failure, anxiety, and self-doubt behind?


You RE-PROGRAM yourself for success.


By minimizing -- or even completely ERASING -- all those memories of past pain and failure that are ruining your "inner game" today.

In fact, once you can perform just this one life-changing "trick", you'll be blown away...

It'll be like you suddenly have SUPER POWERS... not just with women... but in EVERY area of your life!

You'll always feel strong, cool, and calm... whether you're approaching the hottest woman in the room or just trying to ace a job interview.

And like I said, you won't believe it... before you know it, you won't recognize your old "loser" self anymore... or YOUR NEW LIFE.

But like I said, this all gets very deep...

If you'd like to get more details, encourage you to drill down about all this right here:

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But in the meantime, here's the short version...

Maybe this all sounds too good to be true.

I once thought so, too.

But then I put this idea to work for myself... and totally TRANSFORMED myself.

I shook off the chains of believing that people (women in particular) would react to me in negative ways...

...and suddenly I COULD DO ANYTHING.

Without fear.

Without doubt.

And the rest is HISTORY.

I could suddenly approach mind-blowing "Total 10" women anywhere...any time... and start conversations with them like it was nothing.

I could make these women smile at me in that special way.

I could make them laugh and twirl their hair for me... suddenly THEY seemed like the nervous ones!

I could get women's numbers FAST without missing a beat. I could get more dates with them than I had time for.

Most amazing of all...

If I really liked a girl, I could choose to enter into amazing long-term RELATIONSHIPS with her... and then keep it going for as long as *I* wanted.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Let's reel it in a bit, and get back to the 4 STEPS...

Once you've reprogrammed your thinking and broken the chains that have been holding you back... it's time to move on to:


You see, everything I told you about in steps #1 and #2 is about that "inner game"... rewiring your brain so that it stops sabotaging you before
you even get started.

But Step #3 is about putting all that stuff to work for you in the real, "exterior" world.

And the truth is, once you've eliminated the fears and failures that you carry with you because of your past...

...it's EASIER THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED to say and do EXACTLY the right things (without even THINKING about it) to succeed with amazing women.


Because you won't feel "nervous" or "wuss- like" with women anymore.

You'll think and act in a calm, clear way that shows women you don't need to beg them to like you or seek their approval.

Your body language will suddenly reflect new confidence and control, INSTANTLY making ANY woman respond to you (...even if they don't know

You'll know EXACTLY what to say and do in EVERY SITUATION to ramp up sexual tension and take things to a PHYSICAL level FAST.

In other words, once you have NO FEAR, you have what it takes to make the woman of your dreams feel **ATTRACTION** for you.

And once you can make a woman feel ATTRACTION...she literally can't help herself. No matter how "smoking-hot" or "super-smart" she is.

Which takes us to...


Gasp...I know.

Hardly sounds like me, right?

But here's the thing:

Once you've met a woman that you REALLY like, if you want to keep it going with her, you must know how to change your behavior as your interactions progress.

You see, it's a long journey from "clueless wussbag" to the kind of man who can get his dream woman... and KEEP HER... for as long as he wants.

Yet even guys who have it all "dialed in" when it comes to getting dates run into SERIOUS trouble when they go for something more substantial for the longer term.

They have no clue how to graduate from the "approaching women" phase... to the "getting laid" phase... to the "casual dating" phase... to the "relationship" phase.


Because, truth is, there's a LOT MORE you need to know about CREATING INTIMACY before it can happen for you but this is all getting pretty damn long itself.

Since I've hardly scratched the surface, here's what I want to do:

If you're serious about all this... from admitting you need to take action... to learning the "real world" techniques that will make it happen... to having the kind of LONG-TERM success with women you've always dreamed of then you probably feel like you've already wasted enough time.

That's why I decided to pull out all the stops on this one...and create an epic home-study course designed SPECIFICALLY to help YOU.

And help you **ASAP**.

I've named this emergency, step-by-step home- training "Man Transformation", and I have to tell you, I'm incredibly proud of this program.

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And much, much more.

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I'm talking about my most powerful and advanced program EVER here...a total guide to personal "reprogramming" that's 100%-guaranteed to change your life.

So make no mistake...

I'll be with you every step of the way as you learn EXACTLY what it takes to become the kind of man who sees what he wants in life...


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His advice is unique, ethical, smart, and cleverly intuitive as he progresses from matter-of-fact to counter intuitive techniques and tips he practiced himself first, before ever releasing them to the public.

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How To Attract And Keep The Most Amazing Woman!

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In this free video you’ll find everything you need to know about meeting, attracting, and KEEPING the super-high-quality woman of your dreams including a critical shift in strategy that you *must* make to have her fall in love with you.

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  • The ultra-rare quality that sets a “real man” apart from all other guys in a great woman’s eyes. (HINT: it’s a quality you can start showing off to ALL women before the day is over.)
  • Although most guys think they want a smoking-hot woman on their arm and in their bed, here’s why they’re dead wrong… and the crucial implications this has for YOU.
  • The 4 specific ways that your own “most amazing woman in the world” will identify herself to you when you meet her – and the actions you MUST take when she does.

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