7 Ways To Speak The Secret Language Of Attraction

Written by David DeAngelo - creator of the 77 Laws Of Success Women and Dating.

Did you know that ALL men who are successful with women... I'm talking about 100% of them... use a "language" that most men have no clue exists, let alone know how to speak?

Now you know...

And guess what else?

This is a "secret" language that, until I learned how to recognize and speak it myself, left me clueless - not to mention lonely and desperate - about how I was EVER going to succeed with women. Now let's hit fast forward...

After spending YEARS studying men who were naturally successful with women because they knew how to speak this secret language (usually without even thinking about it), I realized that there was "good news" and "bad news" that came along with this fact:

THE BAD NEWS... This "language" is universally unknown to guys who haven't learned how to succeed with women yet.

In other words, if only YOU *could* speak this language, you'd be getting more women than you knew what to do with.

THE WORSE NEWS: It's VERY obvious to a woman (literally from the moment you meet her) that you can't speak this language.

It's like walking up to someone in a faraway country and asking for directions.

They won't "get" you, no matter how you ask, beg and plead for them to understand.

You feeling me?

But okay, enough gloom and doom.

Let's get to THE GOOD NEWS...

Once you know about it, this "secret language" is very simple - ANY guy can LEARN how to "speak" it quickly, easily, and with amazing results.

In other words:

No matter how hopeless you may feel right now about your lack of success with women, simply learning how to "speak" the language of attraction (much the same way that you would learn to speak ANY "new" language) will start to change everything for you.


This doesn't mean that you shouldn't ALSO be working on how you feel on the INSIDE about yourself ... also known as your "inner game."

But that’s a whole other topic... If you have a feeling you need to drill deeper into how to become the kind of man who can walk up and start speaking to women in the first place - DON'T WAIT.

I've put together some amazing, truly life- changing information for you on the subject here.

But right now, I'm talking about learning how to begin speaking this secret language IMMEDIATELY and start seeing changes in how women begin reacting to you because of it.

And here’s the whole key to doing it:

Like I've said a bazillion times, women get approached all the time. Therefore: they look for a quick, easy way to figure out if you're "dating material"...

... As opposed to an insecure WUSS who will add nothing to her life but annoyance, drama, neediness, and pain.

This is why learning to speak the "secret language of attraction" is ACTUALLY about learning how to communicate instant, undeniable SELF- CONFIDENCE to a woman.

Broadcasting self-confidence is simply the fastest, most powerful way to prove your potential as amazing dating material (even great RELATIONSHIP material) the moment you meet a woman.

This in mind, let’s get to it...

Here come 7 easy ways to begin speaking this secret language IMMEDIATELY to every woman you meet:

1. Be Unflappable

Simply put... don't let women use their looks or sexual power to take advantage or surprise you, and always make sure that you behave in ways that give them no special privileges.

Basically, learn how to deal with any test a woman throws at you without being phased in the slightest.

Even better: Become so aware that you find these tests obvious and are quick to point them out when a woman uses them. Make fun of her for it. Call her out and bust her balls for it.

In a nutshell, communicating "unflappability" is all about what you DON'T do... stop responding to women like they're a boss from whom you need approval!

Don't say "I'm tired", "I don't feel good", or "I'm worried about the future" in a whiny, unmotivated, "I need sympathy" way.

No hemming and hawing. Don't withdraw from an accidental touch.

These moments scream insecurity and reveal nothing but your feelings of shyness as nervousness about yourself.

When you act unflappable by what you DON'T do, you communicate the secret message that, "Hey, I'm in control and don't let outside events destabilize me. I can control myself and can wait patiently". You "say" to a woman, "At all costs, I won't be a wuss and kiss up to you."

2. Show Indifference

This one’s all about taking the "I don't need this and can walk away at any time" attitude.

Always behave as if you're not self-conscious and could care less what others think about you (no matter how you REALLY feel inside).

I know... it can be VERY hard to do sometimes... but you need to act like you live in YOUR reality, and everyone else is just a guest.

This means always knowing what to do with a woman, where to go next, and not caring if she doesn't agree with you.

Another simple step you can take toward communicating your mastery of indifference is to never give a woman ego-strokes for her looks, job, income, whatever.

Just be quiet and act like "Oh come on, tell me something interesting."

Act this way, and the secret message you're sending is: "I'm not needy... I keep my power for me, so do what you want... I couldn't care less."

This attitude drives a woman wild. Trust me.

3. Get Serious

The next simple step you can take toward communicating your mastery of the secret language of ATTRACTION is to be serious about something in life -- and SHOW IT.

Whether it’s an activity... your family... your career... it’s a subject that you discuss with power and passion.

Act this way, and the secret message you're sending to a woman is: "I VALUE important things in life... and I don't tolerate disrespect of myself, my time, or my passions."

I really LOVE this one because it can begin changing your life in so many different ways.

It's all about coming across as a "real man" who knows what he wants out of life and always behaves in the ways that 99.9% of men DON'T.

In other words, when done correctly, it's an AUTOMATIC SHORTCUT to creating attraction that instantly puts you ahead of almost every other guy.

More on that right here.

In the meantime, onto the #4 best way to start speaking the "secret" language of Attraction...

4. Be Mysterious


Women spend more time thinking about mysterious things they can't figure out than anything else.

And that should be YOU.

A few simple ways that you can take toward communicating your "mastery of mystery" is to make a woman keep guessing about your age... your favorite movie... what your plans are for the weekend.

I can tell you, I've had girls spend literally HOURS begging me to tell them this stuff when I've deliberately kept it from them... and this includes women offering me all sorts of VERY fun incentives to make me spill my guts.

Act this way, and the secret message you're sending is: "You never know what I'm going to do from one moment to the next, but you can know this for sure: It'll be interesting."

5. Ratchet Up The Tension

Let's say you've started holding her hand... and you can tell that she likes it... and you suddenly STOP.

Take your hand away for a few minutes, and then talk about something else.

Just when she doesn't know if you're going to do it again, take her hand again.

Act this way, and the secret message you're sending is: "Even if I like a woman, I don't tell her early on, and I definitely won't act like it directly."

This communicates attraction-turbo charging confidence like there's no tomorrow.

If you do nothing else that I'm recommending in this newsletter, DO THIS.

I'm not kidding.

6. Challenge Her

One of the easiest steps that you can take toward speaking the secret language of attraction is to communicate to a woman that you're a "challenge."

This can be as simple as, when a woman says, "Pick me up at 7", you say "No, I think I'll pick you up at 7:30."

Or, if a woman wants you to buy her some flowers, don't buy them right then, but surprise her sometime when YOU feel like it.

If a woman wants a kiss, say "What am I going to get in return? ...Hmmm... No, I'm going to think about it..."

The key is to stay cool and calm and just decide to do something a little different than what she wants.

Now... once you're with a woman, it's REMAINING a challenge that's key - and this can be as simple as walking away from her in a store to look at other items for a few minutes so that she has to come follow you.

Or, it could be as major as not calling her when you said you would.

Or cancelling a date because you're suddenly "unavailable" on a night you normally hang out with her.

Man, I love this stuff...

Act this way, and the secret message you're sending is clear:

"I'm a catch, so you're the one who’s going to do all the hard work to chase me... to win ME over, not the other way around."

Okay, last but not least...

7. Show Your Comfort

Ah yes, one of my favorites.

Using your sense of "comfort" to speak the secret language of Attraction is all about going through life acting like you KNOW that YOU are the cause of what happens in your world.

You are not a leaf in the wind.

You are not always reacting to what OTHER people do.

In other words, you know that you're in CONTROL, you never worry... don't get clingy... you don't try too hard...

... All because you're totally COMFORTABLE in the here and now, who you are, and whatever the future may bring.

Acting comfortable in life shows that you KNOW you deserve, and can hold, an exceptional woman.

Act this way, and the secret message you're sending is: "I'm confident, and comfortable in my own skin -- I won't change or bend for anyone else, and I can take or leave whatever you have to offer."


So what do these 7 ways to speak the "secret language" of attraction-building self-confidence all come down to?

They all come down to one thing:

They are all "Laws" that you need to fully understand and master before you can begin succeeding quickly and easily with women.

In other words, you must 100% "own" this stuff to change the way things have been going for you up until now.

And, until you actually learn and start using these ideas, you won't EVER be able to do the right things with a woman (and therefore start creating ATTRACTION) through any other means.

Make sense?

If so, awesome.

Here’s what’s next:

I want you to take just 1 simple step today to make this knowledge a life-changing part of who you are.

Once you do, the results you start getting with women... and in LIFE... will blow your mind.

I personally guarantee it.

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In the meantime, that’s all for now. Until next time...

Your friend,

David DeAngelo

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