Are You Shy or Quiet? How To Make Your Personality Attractive to Women

Written by David DeAngelo, Creator of Double Your Dating.

If you're a "shy" or quiet guy, I have important news for you today. Did you know there's a way to make your so-called "introverted" personality work for you, making new success with women start happening almost AUTOMATICALLY?

Listen to me, there's a REASON the leading main so many movies is the mysterious, "silent type"...

Learn how to make your NATURAL personality work like a magnet to attract great women (especially if you're incredibly "shy") right HERE.

I love this part of my day.

It's when I dive into questions that I received from my students and share answers to them that, quite frankly, will start to CHANGE LIVES.

I'm excited. Can't you tell?

So without further delay, let's get into it...


"Dear Dave,

I bought your book and study it very closely, needless to say Like all your other customers I've been experiencing far more than double my normal

But now I've got serious problem that YOUR BOOK DOES NOT TOUCH ON WHATSOEVER. What I need to know is how do I turn them away from woman after they start getting obsessed.

I'm now dating my boss' daughter and cannot break her little heart and she (9.5) is completely into me. With her I'm always cocky\funny and she is obsessed with trying to make me nice, always trying to get me to hug her or make me say something nice.

Don't get me wrong, I do say nice things but I make it tough for her just like you said.

Anyway, I feel that if I start acting like a wuss now (which I cannot do naturally anymore or I get disgusted with myself) she still won't leave me.

Is it possible to find another way to shutdown her attraction response without hurting her feelings and without me looking like a complete wuss????

Your apprentice.

ML Canada

P.S I'm saving up for your programs, I heard the samples on the net that was some deep stuff."


Wow, ML, we all feel your pain.

What a problem to have. Half the guys reading this would sell their grandma to have the same problems as you.

Listen. You (and every guy out there) needs to think about situations like this *before* you use the material in my "Double Your Dating" eBook.

Sure... if you want a girl to fall MADLY, OBSESSIVELY in love with you, then do all the things I teach -- but BE CAREFUL about talking to her or seeing her almost every day... it only adds "fuel" to the fire.

You see, if you *DON'T* want a woman to go off the deep end for you, but instead just want to keep things casual and fun, then MAKE SURE you
only call her a couple of times a week, and only see her once a week (maybe twice on occasion).

Here's what I'm getting at:

Seeing a woman too much (especially after using the stuff I teach) almost ALWAYS leads to those obsessed "love feelings" in a woman.

Basically, the levels of ATTRACTION that you create between using the tools and techniques in my eBook and then allowing a woman easy access to
you create TOO much of a good thing.

Geez. Maybe I should write a book called "Cut Your Dating In Half" for situations like this.

I'll give it some thought.


"Dear Dave:

First and foremost I love the free news letter. Very insightful to say the least. It has help me regain some lost confidence after a recent break up.

The success stories give me hope. Like one of your last subscribers I also have been addicted to chivalry and being the nicest guy any woman has ever meet.

I have had much success with this approach, but sooner or later I get cast into the friendship zone. It happen once again to me and I am done with it.

No more Mr. Nice guy. C&F all the way from this point out. With respect to my break up she is still wallowing in and out of the relationship.

Started being C&F and she appears to like it. No more wuss ass shit for me!!!!! Get a lot of laughs from her now. I am playing the wait and see game.

She even called me up and said lets get back together. What do I do? please I need help now.

Thank you

JP Long Island New York"


You're asking me what to do, JP?

You stopped acting like a WUSSY... your girlfriend started to really dig you again... and you're asking me what to do?

Do whatever you want!

You're back in control now, so just make sure you don't turn back into a huge Wuss Bag, okay?

If you really like this girl, then start dating her again.

Just remember that if you start acting like a girly-man again, things will probably get bad again.

That in mind, here's what I want to tell EVERY guy out there who's reading this right now:

To achieve CONSISTENT, EASY SUCCESS with women, it's absolutely CRITICAL that you replace the "Wuss Psychology" that governs the actions of so many guys with "Real Man Psychology."

Now I'm not talking about going out and acting like a Neanderthal. Or even like Charlie Sheen.

What I *am* talking about is always understanding what it is that a REAL MAN would do in tough situations... without even thinking about it... with both women and in life in general.

Way more than "looks" and money, it's this "auto- pilot" sense of how a REAL MAN handles situations that leads to the fastest, easiest, most mind- blowing success with women.

That means knowing what to do WITHOUT EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT... whether it's passing a woman's "tests"... or knowing exactly what to say on the phone... or knowing when and how to make your move and "get physical."

If you'd like to drill deeper into how to make this happen for YOU, I recorded a famous, standing-room LIVE seminar / home-study course on all this:

Click Right Here, This Very Second to Get Your Man Transformation Home-Study Program Started Today!

But back to my point, JP...

It's clear to me that you're doing everything right... finally coming across as a confident "real man"... and that's why you're seeing this reaction from your girlfriend.

Nothing's broke, so don't fix it.

You feeling me on this?



Gotta tell you that you're right on the mark. I'm a straight female and I read some of your other advice that was passed on to me by some friends with a commentary that they thought you were totally off-base.

Gotta tell ya that there is nothing more impressive than a confident and funny man. I swear I must have run into one of your trainees - on e- mail he was cocky as can be - and funny!

Went out with him once - thought I might date himnagain - until he called - every day - twice withnsort of pleading messages....not a chance!

Dave, you're the man! Can I have your number?



Thanks for the validation, C. Love to hear from the ladies on this.

And by the way -- if THAT guy started calling you twice a day like some kind of needy, over- eager Wussy-boy, then guess what... he wasn't one of MY students.

I'd verbally bitch slap him ten ways from Sunday if he told me such a story! lol...

In any event, I'd give you my number, but I'm VERY happy in an AMAZING relationship with an AMAZING woman...

... thanks to practicing what I preach to thousands of men every day.



I just want to give Double your Dating 5 stars for the excellent writing and research put into it.

I have read just as many books as David on the same subjects but I have not put all into practice.

David you hit it right on the dot of what one needs to do in order to reach the ultimate outcome. 1 million thumbs up and now it is time to implement.

Hey put this in there for future reference for everyone CARPE DIEM - JUST DO IT TEMNET NOSCE - KNOW THY SELF Two maxims one needs in order to
accomplish the accomplishable or mission impossible.

Thanks A"


Thanks for the testimonial.

By the way, "Carpe Diem" translates into "Seize The Day," and while you have the translation correct on the second, it's actually spelled
"Temet Nosce".

I'm not sure that it's polite to correct someone who has just given you a compliment, but hey, I'm not always polite.

Thanks again.




I've been getting your letters for quite a while, and I was always kinda skeptical about the stuff you were suggesting because it sounded to good to be true. So I decided to test it out for myself.

Being shy I tried some of the stuff from the online personals e-mail you sent, and man does it work!

I sent out 5 messages, and less than 24 hours later I've received 3 replies, 2 of which want to meet me already. This stuff is amazing!

I do have a question though about the one that didn't want to meet right away. She said she's a little nervous about meeting people off the net
until she really knows them well.

How can I bust her (and girls like her) balls about this? I know that another C+F message would change her mind in a hurry.


Your humble Padawan



First of all, J., congratulations on actually taking action and getting RESULTS with my advice.

If more guys would just TRY some of this stuff, they'd kick themselves for the rest of the year for waiting so long to start having a life.

Second, as for the girl who is a "little nervous" about meeting people off the net until she really knows them, just email her and say...

"OK, why don't we hook up in Vegas and get married, this way we'll know each other well enough for you to want to meet me.

Or, we could just get together in a public place in the middle of the day in broad daylight with a hundred people around and talk over a cup of tea.

I personally like the Vegas idea..."

...or something equally funny. Then get her phone number and call her up.

This has a soothing effect in these types of situations.

Make sure when you talk to her to say things like "Let's meet for a cup of tea for 20 minutes... this way if you're really freaky I can escape with minimal time wasted."

This kind of thing is funny, and puts the idea in her head that YOU'RE the one who's picky and selective.

Great job!


"Hi Dave,

I had downloaded your e-book and had been for months i start practicing what you had taught.

Phone numbers start rolling in by the dozen and every day i got soo many girls calling me for dates that my phone nearly explode of miss calls.

Now, i got to the stage where this girl got physical with me and i use your bridge tactic and got the kiss then went to the petting stage...

Then she ask me whether i am doing all this for sex... I didn't answer her and played the lay back tactic and say i wanted to sleep.

She wake me up a few times to force me to answer her and i say nothing... and tell her that if she can't make up her mind she can leave.

In the end she left.

Now, the question is... What should i answer her? if she ask the million dollar question (AM i doing it all for sex)?

R. Part of South East Asia Conservative Region"


Interesting question, R.

I'll tell you what... there's a lot of power in delivering the truth in a brutal way.

I would probably answer something like:

"No, I was thinking that since we were kissing passionately and feeling each other's bodies, that this was probably going to lead to pure friendship."

If she pushed the issue and asked something like "Do you just want sex or do you want to have a relationship?" I'd probably answer:

"You're right. Let's just go get married tonight..."

My point is... by using a very direct, sarcastic, Cocky & Funny attitude, you can address the issue and basically say,

"Look, it's obvious that we both want to have sex, and it's OK if we do. It doesn't have to mean anything in particular, and if things work out between us, then they do."

As you know, I do NOT like the idea of being dishonest or misleading people.

But in this case it might be a good idea to address the situation and her comments from a different perspective...

... a Cocky & Funny perspective!

Otherwise, roll with something like I suggested above.

I think you'll like the results you get.


"Hi Dave,

I am living proof that a guy cannot get girls based on looks alone.

A few weeks ago, my buddy took me to a keg party when I knew absolutely no one.

I noticed a very attractive girl checking me out, and later one of her friends introduced me to her, band she was obviously nervous and interested.

So I decided to keep my sights on her for the night. At first she would offer to go get me another beer, she would sit on my lap, etc. and I totally blew it.

I acted who you would describe "wussy". I complimented her way too much, thinking that this would get me further. It didn't. By the end of the night, she was not at all interested in me.

I had no idea what I did wrong until I started getting your newsletters.

A few days ago, I had a blind date with a very cute girl who had a boyfriend at the time, and wanted something new.

I decided to take your advice and drop the wussy persona, and go with something new...the cocky/funny gimmick.

I kept it up throughout the night, ribbed her, teased her, I did slow movements, talked slowly, paused between sentences, and acted like I owned
the place (we were at a restaurant).

When I dropped her off at her apartment, I walked her to the door, and she invited me inside!

I went in, and we started to kiss. At first I teased her, not letting her have any, and that drove her even more wild!

She then asked me to hold on a second, she went to the phone, called her boyfriend, dumped him, hung up, and then she came back over to me!

I ended up spending the night, and I'm seeing her again tonight.

Thank you Dave! My payment for your ebook is in the mail right now!

J from Barrie, Ontario, Canada"


Ah, insight from the front lines.

This one insight that you've described will literally change your success with women forever.

It's hard to "logically" get the concept of how acting like a WUSSY will drive women away, while acting like a "masculine man," busting on a woman, teasing her, playing "hard to get" and other such things can work so well.

But it does.

Thanks for the story.


"Dear David,

For starters I just want to say your work is amazing and I really give you a lot of credit for really figuring this stuff out and not just trying to sell a magic cure for losers.


I've listened to your Advanced series and read your ebook and I'm actually starting to figure this stuff out, slowly.

I went over to this girls house I met online (cocky and funny all the way) and I can tell that she totally likes me, I haven't closed the deal yet, but this is not the point of my letter to you.

After I left the girls house, I met a friend of mine for a drink and realized something about him that has been elusive to me for many years.

He understands this deeper level of communication that you talk about.

I leaned back and observed him over the course of the evening. All he did was be himself, but he managed to ATTRACT two different women in the same night by just being totally cool and comfortable with himself and treating them like his "bratty little sister".

He is one of my best friends and I never realized he had this ability because it's not really what he lives for.

It's just a part of him and he knows exactly when to bring it out. He dresses funny and is in many respects, kind of "a dork".

But that doesn't matter, he has slept with many girls, many of them very gorgeous.

I could never figure out what was so special about him that the girls were attracted to.

I brought it up to him later in the night and he had no idea what I was talking about. He said to me that he basically just treats women (hot or not) the way he would anyone else.

This may seem simple, but it really struck me as profound.

As for my situation, I'm currently in a slow learning curve. I seem to be making gains all the time, but then it seems like I'm taking one step forward and two steps back.

I realized after tonight that I need a lot of work and need to constantly REFRAME my inner thoughts because of some self-esteem issues.

I'm on track though. I've made a commitment to figure this out, no matter what.

Your appreciative and loyal student



Isn't it amazing, C., how you can watch someone who you've known for years interacting with women...and see things that you've never seen before?

Anyway, it's always mind-blowing to me to see a guy interacting with a woman in front of a group of people and seeing him tease, bust balls, and be Cocky & Funny, etc. while all the others look on, amazed.

The woman is obviously very into the guy who is doing this stuff... but the magical part is that THE REST OF THE PEOPLE WATCHING HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON.

The other men in the group often think that he's making all kinds of huge mistakes and that he's being a jerk.

But now YOU are starting to "get it."


"I am not sure what freakin' world that these guys live on but some of these ludicrous stories that they are making up are B.S.

I do not care how much game you have some of these stories are should be in the B.S. hall of shame.

Some of these stories I buy, but the one about the gas station and how she checks his oil; then waits for him to get done paying for his gas and walks  with him arm and arm.

I have as much game as the next guy and most of these techniques/tips I have used or have considered, but in all honesty try and print "real" stories.

I have been "around the block" and have been very successful with the ladies, but the whole oil story is "greased".


OK, here's the deal...

Every single one of the emails that I put in my newsletters is real.

I do NOT make any of this stuff up.

Of course, I delete all the names and personal data from all these emails to protect privacy, but I keep every email that I get on file to prove that they're all real.

Individual emails. From real, individual people.

And let me tell you, I've personally seen (as in, witnessed with my own two eyes) AND personally experienced stories that make the oil checking girl look like an after-school special, OK?



I just finished listening to your program from the recent seminar. Thank you for including SO MUCH interesting and varied material in there! I loved it, and its food for thought for both the 'inside game' and the 'outside game.'

I want to read some of the books you recommended and listen to the whole thing again, and maybe again.

You were serious about tossing in everything you had, plus the kitchen sink. So it's a great thing to have in a format that one can listen to again and again.

I am going to try to distill it into 10 or 20 maxims or catch phrases (just cause that's how I think best) and if I get that far I will share it back with you. (Attraction is Not a Choice, Women can't control attraction if they feel it and you can't change it if they don't; Cocky and Funny in equal proportions, Words are only 7%, etc.).

Clearly this 'stuff' is not really about 'getting' women, but about each of our lives, learning, maximizing, full(er) potential and becoming who  you want to become, and the women thing is part of it, but the tools are broader.

So I am writing just to thank you for DELIVERING MORE than promised in your 'ads' for the program.

Thanks for going 'full-out'!

(And your ass does look fat in those pants).



You're welcome, MD... for everything except the "ass" comment.

But seriously, I appreciate the feedback.

I've put so much time into making my programs as complete and understandable as possible, and it's great to get emails like yours from guys who are enjoying LIFE-CHANGING NEW SUCCESS.

While we're on the subject...



I've just finished the Advanced Series program.

For the first time in my life (33), I "get it".

I really had no idea how comprehensive it would be. You've changed my thinking entirely.

It's like all these years I've been living a lie and wondering why things haven't been working out with women. It becomes so clear when you see it.

I emailed you about a year ago and you called me a "wuss". That was a shock for me. No-one has ever said anything like that to me before.

It's hard to admit now but I was a "wuss" with women. I really hate that word - but it's perfect for "wusses".

What you've produced is more than a dating program, it's a system for men on how to live.


S. NZ."


Know what? Sometimes we all need a little "tough love," S. When I called you a Wuss, that's what I was dealing out to you.

I'm glad you're finally "getting it" after "all these years"... I know it took me awhile to figure out all this stuff for myself.

Now, what I'm about to say might sound a little weird, but go with me here...

One of the problems I think we guys are facing is that we don't have good "role models" or good "mature guy friends" to help us learn how to be
better MEN.

I think that most of us grow up, but never learn how to be MATURE.

One of the qualities that women are intensely attracted to is MATURITY in men.

If you ask a beautiful young woman what her biggest frustration is with men her age, she'll almost always respond with something like "Guys my age are so IMMATURE" or "Guys my age are just STUPID."

Attractive young women who can have any guy they want are attracted to a particular set of QUALITIES that are usually present in MATURE men.

Here's the challenge:

  • What if you're a regular guy who never had a dad who was a good role model... who taught you how to be a strong, confident, attractive man?
  • What if you've made it to "adulthood," but you still have tons of baggage from childhood, a bunch of insecurities, and massive FEAR around women?
  • What if you want to overcome your "past" and build a new future for yourself? One that involves success attracting women in your life?

And I'll tell you something, it's a HUGE challenge.

It might be the BIGGEST challenge single adult men face today.

I know that I had to face it.

And I know that it sucked, because I couldn't find an "easy answer" to this stuff.

For me, it took literally YEARS of research, trial-and-error (mostly error - from which I learned a lot)... and learning.

And now that I "get it," and understand how to attract women, I want to help YOU get it.

The best and fastest way I can help YOU to "get it" in the area of "becoming a man that women are NATURALLY attracted to" is my Man Transformation Program

This program will help you shed that "old you" that is limiting your success with women... and put on a "new you" that KNOWS how to confidently
approach, meet, and date the women you want.

Oh, and I'd like to extend a very special offer to you, I'll send it to you to try out, Risk- Free!

Try it Risk-Free, and if you don't like it, just let me know... that's how confident I am that you're going to get RESULTS.

All the details, plus some great video clips of the program are right here:

Click Right Here, This Very Second to Get Your Man Transformation Home-Study Program Started Today!

I feel *very* good about the info we got out there... but I have a feeling that I'll have a whole lot MORE talk to you about in a couple of days!

Look for it...

Your Friend,

David D.

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