Don’t Pay For Her Attention! Fun Date Ideas & Better Dating Techniques

It's no secret that if we're first approaching and meeting women the end result or goals is to get more dates.

The problem with all this dating is where and how to do it which can lead to better results, better conversations, more fun, memorable experiences, and it has to do all that without spending a ton of money.

My friend, mentor, and the guy who changed my life with women was David DeAngelo and if you didn't know it, knows what he is talking about when it comes to attraction and women.

He has done his research, come up with his own theories, and found the woman of his dreams because of them.

If you're thinking about your next date please take a few minutes and read this PRICELESS little piece of advice from him on what to do instead of taking her to dinner...

Make sure you read the entire thing because I've added a great bonus on where to take a date which won't cost much money at all AND will achieve what he's asking us to do.

Here's David:

Written by David DeAngelo - creator of Double Your Dating.

Let’s talk about a 3 basic things I believe about how things work when it comes to women and dating...

  1. A woman intuitively know when she is being “pursued”. And as soon as she knows she has something you want, her price starts to go up. It’s Economics 101.
  2. When her price starts going up – translation: she realizes you like her – she starts playing hard to get… and YOU start to LOSE CONTROL.
  3. Once you lose control, you must respond by either by pursuing her harder – — which gives her even MORE control – or by giving up altogether. And neither of these options sounds very good to me.

Of course, the solution is to NEVER GIVE UP CONTROL IN THE FIRST PLACE…

… and NEVER paying for dates is the BEST way to keep control.

It keeps a woman out of what I call the “courting” mode of thinking and behavior. It keeps a woman from thinking she is being “pursued.”

By the way, I’m not opposed to the idea of buying dinner for a woman…

What I’m opposed to is the MINDSET that you put her in by doing it.

But before I tell you what to do instead of paying for dates, let me share what I’m thinking when I first meet an attractive woman.

It usually goes something like this:

“She seems nice, but I can’t know for sure until I know her better. I’m willing to invest just the amount of time and money it takes to have a cup of tea with her to find out more.”

Get it?

So take a moment to...

Think of 10 things you could do with a woman that cost little or no money but that include possibilities of all kinds of interesting conversation, adventure, excitement.

Then do some of those things – without advertising the fact you’re not paying for dates.


…without having to pay for a full-blown date.

I never think for a second that I need to buy her dinner so she’ll sit and talk to me. No way.

And incidentally, having the attitude that you must pay for a date to make a woman like you is actually VERY UNATTRACTIVE to her. She can smell this kind of attitude and lack of self-worth a mile away.

Bad, bad, bad.

So what should you do instead?

First off, if you ABSOLUTELY CAN’T HELP YOURSELF and you just HAVE to pay for a date, frame it as “I want to go out to this favorite restaurant of mine, and if you’d like to go, too, you’re welcome to join me.”

Then if you decide to pay, it can be something you made clear you were doing for YOURSELF and not her.

But a MUCH better idea is to get creative and avoid all things that scream “I’m willing to spend money to get your attention!!!”

Try a walk in the park.

Go to an art show.

Go window shopping in an interesting part of town.

Take her to a party that friends are throwing.

In other words:


Sitting at a dinner table alone with someone you don’t know does NOT fit the bill.

So take a moment to think of 10 things you could do with a woman that cost little or no money but that include possibilities of all kinds of interesting conversation, adventure, excitement.

Then do some of those things – without advertising the fact you’re not paying for dates.

You’ll get to have fun without putting her in “courting” mode, and you’ll have interesting conversation built right in.

Plus, as an added bonus: You save $$$.


What I’m really trying to say here is, don’t set up the idea that you’re paying for her attention by paying for dates. Just don’t do it, because it works against everything I teach about what it takes to get women in the first place…


Feel like you need to learn more about the basics of creating attraction?

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Your friend,

David D

Date ideas that cost little or no money but that include all kinds of interesting conversation, adventure, excitement.

Pete here again. I felt this article wouldn't be complete unless I first added my list and hopefully you can add your own below too.

Remember we want low-cost AND  interesting conversation, adventure, and excitement.

Make sure you add your own below and please, make sure you pick up Double Your Dating. It changed "the game" for me and I'm sure it will do the same for you.

  • Local Events and/or free concerts. We have the Tulip Fest around here. Firework displays. Tug Boat Parties. Parades. Canal Fests. Carnivals. Concerts where are free and full of happy people eager to meet you.
  • Take a walk on the boardwalk or visit the beach. Preferably the board walk. Good for a quick walk, lots of people to see and talk about, cheap entertainment, gives her a child-like experience.
  • Museums or Art Museums. Great places to show off your new conversational skills David can teach you. 🙂 I would suggest to check out these places before hand and learning a little about what you’re going to see.
  • Roller Blading or Roller Skating.  Obviously this is not for everyone but if you’re athletic it can be a refreshing break from the typical dinner and a movie.
  • A local Mall. Yes, I understand it can be expensive but it does not have to be. Cool little shops and kiosks when you're looking for something unique and out-of-the-way to buy for yourself.
  • Pool or Billiards. Healthy competition. Whether you're good or bad at it.
  • The Park. Green grass. Frisbee. Catch. Bring your dog. Have her bring hers. Again great place to attract her through conversation alone AND you can always do something after.
  • The Zoo. Cute fun animals. Not to expensive either.
  • Cheap Boat tour. Little bit of alcohol. Music. Great sights and sounds.
  • Flea markets. Think of something unique you're looking for and have her help you find it. You don't have to buy it, just the thought counts.
  • Apple picking, strawberry picking. Cheap and can lead to dessert after.
  • Wine tasting.  Not sure on the cost but if you or her have not tried it before, should be lots of fun and a great learning experience you can both share.
  • Local Sporting Events which keep the cost down.
  • Outside Barbecue. Get dirty and have fun.
  • Laser Tag or paint ball. More competition. More fun.
  • Skeet Shooting or Shooting Range. Not everyone is into this but definitely high energy fun and from my experience, women love the power. 😉
  • Karaoke. Yeah, not for everyone but if it's you, it's normally not experience at all.
  • Go Kart rides. Definitely cheap fun around here. Quick date which can lead somewhere else.
  • Bowling. Not my best but for me, it shows women I'm not afraid to lose or look like an ass in good fun.
  • Charity event. Sometimes expensive but there are cheap ones you can find to give a little. Every bit helps.

That's not my entire list and if you're really interested in learning more about each one you can check out my full article.

Again, make sure you pick up the ebook first so you know what to do ON THE DATES and ... and check out these two posts I wrote to help you even further:

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His Double Your Dating ebook set up a series of programs that help men in any part of their game they need it in from approaching women, inner game work, all the way to meeting, finding, and entering a relationship with the woman of their dreams.

His advice is unique, ethical, smart, and cleverly intuitive as he progresses from matter-of-fact to counter intuitive techniques and tips he practiced himself first, before ever releasing them to the public.

He and I share many things in common as we both went from practically being a loser with women and dating to marrying the woman of our dreams.

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